Three more parallel texts of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde from ms. LI in St. John's college, Cambridge; ms. no. 61 in Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, and the Harleian ms. 1239 in the British museum; put forth by F.J. Furnivall ... with a note on Chaucer's borrowings from Benoît de Sainte-More by G.C. Macaulay ....
Chaucer, Geoffrey, -1400., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910., Macaulay, G. C. (George Campbell), 1852-1915., Benoît, de Sainte-More, active 12th century.

[St. John's College, Cambridge, L. 1.]

(1) (Proem.)
THe dowble sorowe of Troilus to tellen. [fol. 1a] [ 1]
That was the kyng Priamus son of Troye.
In lowynge how his auentures fellen.
ffro wo to wele and after out of Ioye. [ 4]
My purpos is / or that I parte fro ye.
Theisphone thow help me for tendite.
Thise woful vers that wepen as I write. [ 7]
(2) (Invocation.)
To the clepe I thow goddesse of torment. [ 8]
Thow cruel furye sorwynge euere in peyne.
Help me þat am the sorwful Instrument.
That helpith louers as I kan to pleyne. [ 11]
ffor wel it sit the sothe for to seyne.
A woful wight to han a drery fere.
And to a sorwful tale a sory chere. [ 14]
ffor I þat god of loues seruantȝ serue. [ 15]
Ne dar to loue for myn vnliklynesse.
Preien for sped al sholde .I. ther for sterue.
Se fer am I from his help in dirknesse. [ 18]
But natheles yif this may don gladnesse.
Vn to any louer and his cause auaile.
Haue he my thonk / and myn be this trauaile. [ 21]
Page  2(4)
But ye louers þat bathen in gladnesse. [ 22]
yif any drope of pite in yow be.
Remembreth yow on passed heuynesse.
That ye han felt / and on the aduersite. [ 25]
Of other folk / and thinketh how þat ye.
Han felt þat loue dorste yow displese.
Or ye han wonne hym with to gret an ese. [ 28]
And preyeth for hem þat ben in the cas. [ 29]
Of Troilus. as ye may after heere.
That loue hem brynge in heuenne to solas.
And eke for me preyeth to god so deere. [ 32]
That I haue myght to schewe in som manere.
Swich peyne and wo as loues folk endure.
In Troilus vnsely auenture. [ 35]
And biddeth ek for hem þat ben desespeyred. [fol. 1b] [ 36]
In loue / þat neuer nil recouered be.
And ek for hem þat falsly ben apeyred.
Thorw wikkyd tonges / be it he or she. [ 39]
Thus biddeth god for his benygnete.
So graunte hem soone out of þis world to pace.
That ben despeyred out of loues grace. [ 42]
And biddeth ek for hem þat ben at ese. [ 43]
That god hem graunte ay good perseueraunce.
And sende hem myght hir ladys so to plese.
That it to loue be worschipp and plesaunce. [ 46]
ffor so hope I my soule best auaunce.
To preye for hem þat loues seruantȝ be.
And write hir wo and lyue in charite. [ 49]
Page  3(8)
And for to haue of hem compassioun. [ 50]
As thogh I weere hir owne brother deere.
Now herkneth with a good entencioun.
ffor now wol I gon streyght to my matere. [ 53]
In which ye may the double sorwes heere.
Of Troilus in louynge of Criseide.
And how þat she for sook hym or she deyde. [ 56]
(9) (Story.)
IT is wel wist how þat the grekys stronge. [ 57]
In armes with a thowsand shipes wente.
To Troyewardes and the cite longe.
Assegeden / wel x yer or they stente. [ 60]
And in diuerse wyse and oon entente.
The Rauyssynge to wreken of Eleyne.
By Parys don / they wroughten al hir peyne. [ 63]
Now fil it so þat in the town ther was. [ 64]
Dwellynge a lord of gret auctorite.
A gret deuyn þat cleped was calcas.
That in science so expert was þat he. [ 67]
Knew wel þat Troye sholde destroied be.
By answere of his god þat hight thus.
Dann phebus or Appollo delphicus. [ 70]
So when þat kalcas knew by calculynge. [fol. 2a] [ 71]
And ek by answere of this Appollo.
That grekys sholden swich a poeple brynge.
Thorw which þat Troye most be for do. [ 74]
He caste onon out of the town to go.
ffor wel wist he by sort þat Troye sholde.
Destroyed ben / ye wolde who so nolde. [ 77]
Page  4(12)
ffor which for to departen softely. [ 78]
Took purpos ful this for knowynge wyse.
And to þe grekys oost ful pryuyly.
He stal anon and they in curteys wyse. [ 81]
Hym deden bothen worschipe and seruyse.
In trust þat he hath konnynge hem to reede.
In euery peril which þat is to drede. [ 84]
The noyse vp ros whan it was first espied. [ 85]
Thorw al the town / and generaly was spoken.
That kalcas traytour fled was and alied.
Wyth hem of grece and casten to ben wroken. [ 88]
On hym þat falsly hadde his feyth so broken.
And seyden he and al his kyn at ones.
Ben worthi for to brennen fel and bones. [ 91]
Now hadde calcas left in þis meschaunce. [ 92]
Al vnwist of this fals and wykked dede.
His dowghtir which þat was in grete penaunce.
ffor of hir lif sho was ful soore in drede. [ 95]
As sho þat nyste what was beste to rede.
ffor bothe a wydewe was she and alone.
Of any frende to whome she dorste hire mone. [ 98]
Criseide was this lady name al ryght. [ 99]
As to my dom in al Troyes Citee.
Nas non so fair for passyng euery wyght.
So angelik was hire natif beaute. [ 102]
That lik a thyng inmortale semed she.
As is an heuenyssh parfite creature.
That down were sent in scornynge of nature. [ 105]
Page  5(16)
This lady which þat herde al day at ere. [fol. 2b] [ 106]
Hir fadris shame / his falsnesse and treson.
wel neygh out of hir wit for sorwe and fere.
In widewis habit blak of samyt broun. [ 109]
On knees she fil biforn Ector adown.
with pitous vois / and tendirly wepynge.
Hys mercy bad hir siluen excusynge. [ 112]
Now was this Ector pitous of nature. [ 113]
And saw þat she was sorwfully bigone.
And þat she was so fair a creature.
Of his goodnesse he gladede hir anone. [ 116]
And seide / lat yowre fadres treison agone.
fforth with meschaunce / and ye yowre self in Ioye.
Dwelleth with vs whil ȝow good list in Troye. [ 119]
And al thonour þat men may don yow haue. [ 120]
As ferforth as yowr fadir dwelled heere.
Ye shol han / and yowr body shal men saue.
As fer as I may aught enquere and heere. [ 123]
And she hym thanked with ful humble cheere.
And oftir wolde and it had ben his wille.
And tooke hire leue and hom and held hir stille. [ 126]
And in hir hous she abood wyth swich meyne. [ 127]
As til hir honour nede was to holde.
And whil she was dwellynge in þat Cite.
Kepte hir astate / and bothe of yonge and olde. [ 130]
fful wel beloued / and wel men of hir tolde.
But wheithir þat sche children hadde or non.
I rede it nat / ther for I late it gon. [ 133]
Page  6(20)
The thinges fellen as they don of were. [ 134]
By twixen hem of Troye and grekes ofte.
ffor som day boghten thei of Troye it dere.
And eft þe grekes fownden no thing softe. [ 137]
The folk of Troye / and thus fortune on lofte.
And wonder ofte 1. [The original words erased, under eft is written by a later hand.] gan hem whielen bothe.
Aftir hir cours / ay whil þat thei were wrothe.
But how this town com to destruccion. [fol. 3a] [ 141]
Ne falleth naught to purpos me to telle.
ffor it were heere a long disgression.
ffro my matere and yow to long to dwelle. [ 144]
But the troian gestes as they felle.
In omer / or in dares / or in dite.
who so þat kan may rede hem as they write. [ 147]
But though þat grekes hem of Troye shetten. [ 148]
And hir Cite bysegede al a boute.
Hir olde vsage nolde they nat letten.
As for to honoure hir goddes ful deuoute. [ 151]
But aldermost in honour out of doute.
They hadde a relik / het palladion.
That was hire trust a bouen euerychon. [ 154]
And so bifil whan comen was þe tyme. [ 155]
Of aperil / when clothed is þe mede.
with newe grene of lusty veer the pryme.
And swote smellen floures whyte and reede. [ 158]
In sondry wises shewed as I reede.
The folk of Troye hir obseruaunces olde.
Palladions feste for to holde. [ 161]
Page  7(24)
And to þe temple in al hire beste wise. [ 162]
In general ther wente mony a wyght.
To herknen of Palladion seruyse.
And namely so mony a lusty knyght. [ 165]
So mony a lady fressh and mayden bryght.
fful wel arayed bothe þe meste and þe leste.
Ye bothe for the seson and the feeste. [ 168]
A mong this oother folk was Criseida. [ 169]
In widwes habit blak / but natheles.
Right as our first letter is now an .a.
In beaute first so stood she makeles. [ 172]
Hir goodly lokynge gladede al þe prees.
Nas neuir yit seyn thing / to ben preysed derre.
Nor vnder kloude blake / so bright a sterre. [ 175]
As was Criseyde as folk seyde euerychone. [fol. 3b] [ 176]
That hir beholden in hir blake wede.
And yit she stood ful lowe and stil alone.
Byhyndyn oother folk in litel brede. [ 179]
And ney þe dore. ay vndir shames drede.
Symple of atir and debonar of chere.
with ful assured lokynge and manere. [ 182]
This Troilus as he was wont to gide. [ 183]
His yonge knyghtees ladde hem vp and down.
In thilke large temple on euery syde.
Biholdyng ay the ladyes of þe town. [ 186]
Now her now ther for no deuocion.
Hadde he to non / to reuen hym his reste.
But gan to preyse and lakken whom him leste. [ 189]
Page  8(28)
And in his walke full faste he gan to wayten. [ 190]
yif knyght or squier of his compaygnye.
Gan for to sike / or lete hise eyen bayten.
On any woman þat he koude espye. [ 193]
He wolde smyle and holden it folie.
And seye hym thus / god wote she slepth ful softe.
ffor loue of the / whan thow tornest ful ofte. [ 196]
I haue herd told pardieux of yowr lyuynge. [ 197]
Ye loueris / and yowr lewed obseruaunces.
And which a labour folk han in wynnynge.
Of loue / and in the kepynge which doutaunces. [ 200]
And whan yowr praye is lost wo and penanaunces.
O. verray fooles nyce and blynde ben ye.
Ther nys nat oon kan war by oother be. [ 203]
And with þat word he gan caste vp the browe. [ 204]
Ascances lo / is this nat wisly spoken.
At which the god of loue gan loken rowe.
Right for despite / and shop for to ben wroken. [ 207]
And kidde anon his bowe nas nat broken.
ffor sodeynly he hitte hym at the fulle.
And yit as proud a pecok kan he pulle. [ 210]
O blynde world .o. blynde entencion. [fol. 4a] [ 211]
How often falleth alle theffect contraire.
Of surquidrie and foule presumpcion.
ffor kaught is proud and kaught is debonaire. [ 214]
This Troilus is cloumben on the staire.
And litil weneth þat he mot descenden.
But alday faileth thing þat fooles wenden. [ 217]
Page  9(32)
As proud bayard gynneth for to skippe. [ 218]
Out of the wey so priketh him his corn.
Til he a lassh haue of þe longe whippe.
Than thinketh he thought I praunce al beforn. [ 221]
ffirst in the trais ful fat and newe shorn.
Yit am I but an hors and horses lawe.
I mot endure and with my feeres drawe. [ 224]
So ferde it by this fierse and proud knyght. [ 225]
Thought he a worthi kynges sone were.
And wende no thing hadde had swich myght.
Ayein his wil þat sholde his herte stiere [ 228]
yit with a look his herte wax a feere.
That he þat now was most in pride aboue.
wax sodeynly most subget vn to loue. [ 231]
ffor thi ensaumple taketh of this man. [ 232]
Ye wise / proude / and worthy folkes alle.
To scornen loue / which that so sone kan.
The fredom of yowre hertes to hym thralle. [ 235]
ffor euere it was / and euere it shal be falle
That loue is he þat al thynge may byndde.
ffor may no man for do þe lawe of kynde. [ 238]
That this be sothe hath prouede and doth yit. [ 239]
ffor this trow I ye knowen al or some.
Men reden nat þat folk han gretter wit.
Than they þat kan ben meste with loue Inome. [ 242]
And strangest folk ben ther with ouercome.
The worthyeste and gretteeste of degree.
This was and is and yit men shal it se. [ 245]
Page  10(36)
And treweliche it sit wel to ben so. [fol. 4b] [ 246]
ffor alderwiseste han therwith ben plesed.
And they þat haue ben aldermoste in wo.
with loue haue ben conforted most and esed. [ 249]
And oft it hath þe cruel herte apesed.
And worthi folk / maad worthier of name.
And causeth most to dreden vice and shame. [ 252]
Now sith it may nat goodly ben withstonde. [ 253]
And is a thing so vertuous in kynde.
Refuseth nat to loue for to be bonde.
Syn as hym seluen list he may yow bynde. [ 256]
The yerde is bet þat bowen wol and wynde.
Than that þat brest / and therfor .I. yow reede.
To folwen loue / þat yow so wel kan leede. [ 259]
But for to tellen forth in special. [ 260]
As of this kynges sone of which I tolde.
And leten oother thing collaterall.
Of hym thenke I my tale forth to holde. [ 263]
Bothe of his Ioyes / and of his cares coolde.
And al his werk / as touchyng this matere.
ffor I it gan I wil ther to refere. [ 266]
With in þe temple he wente hym forth pleyinge. [ 267]
This Troilus of euery wyght aboute.
On this lady / and now on that lokynge.
wher so she were of towne or of with oute. [ 270]
And vp on cas byfil þat thorw a route.
His eye percede / and so depe it wente.
Til on Criseyde it smot / and ther it stente. [ 273]
Page  11(40)
And sodeynly he wax ther with astoned. [ 274]
And gan hir bet beholde in thrifty wyse.
O mercy god thoughte he wher hastow woned.
That art so fair and goodly to deuyse. [ 277]
Ther with his herte gan to sprede and ryse.
And softe siked lest men myght hym heere.
And caughte ayein his first pleying cheere. [ 280]
She nas nat with the leeste of hir stature [fol. 5a] [ 281]
But al hir lymes so wele answerynge.
weeren to wommanhod / þat creature.
Nas neuere lasse mannyssh in semynge. [ 284]
And ek the pure wise of hir mouynge.
Shewed wel þat men myght in hir gesse.
Honour / estat and wommanly noblesse. [ 287]
To Troilus right wonder wele with alle. [ 288]
Gan for to lyke hir moeuynge and hir cheere.
which somdel deignous was / for she let falle.
Hir look / a lite aside / in swiche manere. [ 291]
Ascaunces what may I nat stonden heere.
And after þat hir lokynge gan she lyghte.
That neuere thought hym sen so good a syghte. [ 294]
And of hir look in hym ther gan to quyken. [ 295]
So gret desire / and swiche affeccioun.
That in his hertes botine gan to stiken.
Of hir / his fix and dep inpressioun. [ 298]
And though he erst had poured vp and downe.
He was tho glade hise hornes in to shrynke.
Vnnethes wiste he how to loke or wynke. [ 301]
Page  12(44)
Lo he þat leet hym seluen so konnynge. [ 302]
And scorned hem þat loues peynes dryen.
was ful vnwar þat loue hadde his dwellynge.
with in the subtil stremes of hir eyne. [ 305]
That sodeynly hym thought he felte deyen.
Right with hir look the spirit of his herte.
Blissed be loue þat kan thus folk conuerte. [ 308]
She this in blak likynge to troilus. [ 309]
Ouer al thing / he stood for to biholde.
Ne his desir / ne wher for he stood thus.
He neyther chere made ne word tolde. [ 312]
But fram a fer his manere for to holde.
On oother thing som tyme his look he caste.
And eft on hir / whil þat seruyse laste. [ 315]
And aftir this nat fullische al a whaped. [fol. 5b] [ 316]
Out of the temple al esiliche he wente.
Repentyng hym þat he hadde euere I Iaped.
Of loues folk. lest fully the descente. [ 319]
Of scorn / fille on hym self. but whate he mente.
Lest it weere wist on ony maner side.
Hys wo he gan dissimulen and hide. [ 322]
Whan he was fro the temple thus departed. [ 323]
He streyght anon vnto the paleys torneth.
Right with hir look thorw shoten and thorw darted.
Al feyneth he in lust þat he soiorneth. [ 326]
And al hys cheere and speche also he borneth.
And ay of loues seruantȝ euery while.
Hym selfe to wrye at hem he gan to smyle. [ 329]
Page  13(48)
And seyde lord so ye lyue al in leste. [ 330]
Ye loueris / for the konnyngeste of yow.
That seruyth most ententiflische and best.
Hym tit as often harme ther of as prow. [ 333]
Yowr hire is quyt ageyn / ye god woot how.
Naught wel / for wel / but scorn for good seruyse.
In fayth yowre ordre is ruled in good wyse. [ 336]
In noun certeyne ben alle yowre obseruaunces. [ 337]
But it a fewe sely poyntes be.
Ne no thing axketh so gret attendaunces.
As doth youre lay and that knowe alle ye. [ 340]
But þat is nat the worste as mote .I. the.
But tolde I yow the werste poynte I leeue.
Al seyde I sothe ye wolden at me greue. [ 343]
But tak this þat the loueris ofte escue. [ 344]
Or elles don of good entencioun.
fful ofte thy lady wol it mys construe.
And deme it harm by hir opynioun. [ 347]
And yit yif she for oother enchesoun.
Be wrothe than shaltow han a groyn anon.
Lorde wel is hym that may ben of yow oon. [ 350]
But for al this whan þat he say his tyme. [fol. 6a] [ 351]
He helde his pees / non oother boot hym gaynede.
ffor loue be gan hise fetheres so to lyme.
That wel vnnethe vntil his folk he faynede. [ 354]
That oother bisie nedes hym destreynede.
ffor wo was hym that what to don he nyste.
But bad his folk to gon wher þat hem liste. [ 357]
Page  14(52)
And whan that he in chaumbre was allone. [ 358]
He down vp on his beddes feet hym sette.
And first he gan to sike and efte to grone.
And thought ay so on hir with outen lette. [ 361]
That as he sat and wook his spirit mette.
That he hir saugh / and temple / and al the wise.
Right of hir looke / and gan it newe auyse. [ 364]
Thus gan he make a mirrour of his mynde. [ 365]
In which he say al holly hir figure.
And þat he wel koude in his herte fynde.
It was to hym a right good auenture. [ 368]
To loue swich oon / and yif he dede his cure.
To seruen hir / yit myght he falle in grace.
Or ellis for oon of hir seruantȝ pace. [ 371]
Imaginynge that trauaylle nor grame. [ 372]
Ne myght for so goodly oon be lorne.
As she / ne hym for his desir no shame.
Al weere it wist / but in pris and vp borne. [ 375]
Of al loueris wel moore than byforne.
Thus argumented he in begynnynge.
Ful vnauysed of his wo commynge. [ 378]
Thus tooke he purpos loues craft to suwe. [ 379]
And thought he wolde wirkyn pryuyly.
ffirste to hiden his desir in muwe.
ffrom euery wight I born al outerly. [ 382]
But he myghte oght recouered ben ther by.
Remembryng hym / þat loue to wide I blowe.
Yelt bitter fruyt / though swete seed be sowe. [ 385]
Page  15(56)
And ouere al this muchel moore he thought. [fol. 6b] [ 386]
what for to speke / and what to holden inne.
And what to arten hir to loue he soghte.
And on a song anon ryght to begynne. [ 389]
And gan loud on his sorwe for to wynne.
For with good hope he gan fullysche assente.
Criscide for to loue and naught repente. [ 392]
And of his song nat only the sentence. [ 393]
As writ myn auctour called lollius.
But pleynly saue our tonges difference.
I dar wel say in al þat Troilus. [ 396]
Seyde in his song / loo euery worde right thus.
As .I. shal seyn / and who so list it heere.
Lo next this verse ye may it fynden heere. [ 399]
(58) (Troilus's Song, from Petrarch's 88th Sonnet.)
Yif no loue is o god what fele .I. so. [ 400]
And yif loue is / what thing and which is he.
yif loue be good / from whennes comth my wo.
yif it be wilke a wonder thinketh me. [ 403]
whenne euery torment and aduersite.
That comth of hym may to me sauory thinke.
ffor ay thurst I the moore þat ich it drynke. [ 406]
(59) (From Petrarch.)
And yif þat at myn owne lust I brenne. [ 407]
ffrom whennes comyth my waylynge and my pleynte.
yif harme agree me I wher to pleyne I thenne.
I noot. / ne whi vnwery þat I feynte. [ 410]
O quyke deth / o swete harm so queynte.
How may of the in me swich quantite.
But yif that I consente þat it be. [ 413]
Page  16(60) (From Petrarch.)
And yif þat I consente .I. wrongfully. [ 414]
Compleyne .I.-wis thus possed to and fro.
Al steereles with Inne a boot am .I.
A mydde the see betwixen wyndes two. [ 417]
That in contrarie stonden euer mo.
Allas what is this wondir maladie.
ffor hete of cold / for colde of hete I dye. [ 420]
(End of Troilus's Song from Petrarch's 88th Sonnet.)
And to the god of loue thus seyde he. [fol. 7a] [ 421]
with pitous vois / .a. lord now yowres is.
Mi spirit which þat aught youres be.
Yow thanke I lord þat han me brought to this. [ 424]
But wheither goddesse or womman .I.-wis.
She be I not / which þat ye do me serue.
But as hir man .I. wol ay lyue and sterue. [ 427]
ye stonden in hir eyen myghtyly. [ 428]
As in a plase vnto your vertu digne.
wherfore lorde yif my seruyse or .I.
May liken yow / so beth to me benyngne. [ 431]
ffor myn estat roial here I resigne.
In to hir hand / and with ful humble cheere.
By come hir man as to my lady deere. [ 434]
In hym ne deynede sparen blood real. [ 435]
The fir of loue / the wher fro god me blesse.
Ne hym forbar in no degree for al.
Hys vertu or his excellent prowesse. [ 438]
But held hym als his thral lowe in destresse.
And brende hym so in sondry wisse ay newe.
That sexty tyme a day he lost his hewe. [ 441]
Page  17(64)
So mochel day fro day his owne thought. [ 442]
ffor lust to hir / gan quyken and encresce.
That euerych oother charge he sette at nought.
fforthy ful ofte his hoote fir to cesse. [ 445]
To sen hir goodly look / he gan to preese.
ffor ther by to ben esed wel he wende.
And ay the neer he was the moore he brende. [ 448]
ffor ay the neer the fir the hotter is. [ 449]
This trow I knoweth al this compaignye.
But wer he fer or neer I dar say this.
By nyght or day for wisdom or folye. [ 452]
His herte which þat is his brestes ye.
Was ay on hir þat fayrer was to seene.
Than euere weere Eleyne or Polyxene. [ 455]
Ek of the day ther passed naught an houre. [fol. 7b] [ 456]
That to hym self a thousande tyme he seyde.
Good goodly to whom serue I laboure.
As I best kan. now wold god Criseyde. [ 459]
Ye wolden on me rewe or þat I deyde.
My dere herte allas myn heele and hewe.
And lif is lost but ye wol on me rewe. [ 462]
Alle oothre dredes weeryn from hym fleedde. [ 463]
Bothe of thassege and hys sauacioun.
Ne in his desir non oothre fownes bredde.
But argumentȝ to his conclusioun. [ 466]
That she on hym wold han compassioun.
And he to ben hir man whil he may dure.
Lo here is lif and from the deth his cure. [ 469]
Page  18(68)
The sharpe shoures felle of armes proue. [ 470]
That Ector or hise oother brethren deden.
Ne maade hym oonly ther for oonys moeue.
And yit was he wher so men wente or ryden. [ 473]
ffownde on the beste / and langest tyme abyden.
Ther peril was / and dede ek swich trauaile.
In armes that to thynk it was maruayle. [ 476]
But for non hate he to the grekys hadde. [ 477]
Ne also for the rescous of the town.
Ne made hym thus in armes for to madde.
But oonly lo / for this conclusioun. [ 480]
To liken hir the bet for his renoun.
ffro day to day in armes so he spedde.
That the grekys as the deth hym dredde. [ 483]
And fro this forth tho refte hym loue hys slepe. [ 484]
And made his mete his foo / and ek hys sorwe.
Gan multiplie / þat wo so took kepe.
It shewede in his hewe on eue and morwe. [ 487]
Therfore a title he gan hym for to borwe.
Of oother siknesse / list men of hym wende.
That the hoote fir of loue hym brende. [ 490]
And seyde he hadde a feuer and ferde amys. [fol. 8a] [ 491]
But how it was certeyne I kan nat seye.
yif þat his lady vnderstood nat this.
Or feynede hir she nyst / oon of the tweye. [ 494]
But wele rede I þat by no maner weye.
Ne semede it as þat she of hym roughte.
Or of his peyne. or what so euere he thoughte. [ 497]
Page  19(72)
But than felte this Troilus swich wo. [ 498]
That he was wele ney wode / for ay his drede.
was this. þat she som wight hadde loued so.
That neuer of hym she wolde haue taken hede. [ 501]
ffor þat cause hym thought he felte his herte bleede.
Ne of his wo ne durste he nat bygynne.
To tellen hir / for al this worlde to wynne. [ 504]
But when he hadde a space from his care. [ 505]
Thus to hym self ful ofte he gan to pleyne.
He seyde o fool now artow in the snare.
That whilom Iapedest at loues peyne. [ 508]
Now artow hente now gnawgh thy owne cheyne.
Thow weere ay wont ich louer to reprehende.
Of thing fro which thow kanst the naught defende. [ 511]
What wol now euery louer seyne of the. [ 512]
Yif this be wist / but euere in thyn absence.
Laughen in scorn and seyn lo ther goth he.
That is the man of the gret sapience. [ 515]
That held vs loueris lest in reuerence.
Now thonked god he may gon in the daunce.
Of hem that loue list febly for tauaunce. [ 518]
But .o. thow woful Troilus god wolde. [ 519]
Sith thow most louen thorw thy destyne.
That thow byset weere on swich on þat sholde.
Know al thy wo al lakked hir pite. [ 522]
But also cold in loue towardes the.
Thy lady is as frost in wynter moone.
And thow for don / as snowgh in fir is soone. [ 525]
Page  20(76)
God wold I weere aryued in the port. [fol. 8b] [ 526]
Of deth / to which my sorwe wol me leede.
A lord to me it weere a gret confort.
Than weere I quyt of languyssynge in drede. [ 529]
ffor be my hidde sorwe I blowe on breede.
I shal be Iaped ben a thousand tyme.
More than þat fool of whos folye men ryme. [ 532]
But now help god / and þe swete for whom. [ 533]
In pleyne kaught / þe neuer wyght so faste.
O mercy der herte / and help me from.
The deth / for I whil þat my lif may laste. [ 536]
More than my self wol loue yow to my laste.
And with som frendly look / gladdeth me sweete.
Thogh neuere no thing more ye me byhete. [ 539]
Thise wordes and ful mony another to. [ 540]
He spak and callede euere in his compleynte.
Hir name / for to tellen hir his wo.
Til noy that he in salte teeris dreynte. [ 543]
Al was for naught she harde nat his pleynte.
And whan þat he bethought on þat folye.
A thousand fold his wo gan to multiplye. [ 546]
By waylynge in his chaumbre thus allone. [ 547]
A frende of his þat called was Pandare.
Come oonys in vnwar and herde hym grone.
And saw his frende in swiche destresse and care. [ 550]
Allas quod he who causeth al this fare.
O mercy god what vnhap may this meene.
Han now thus sone grekys made yow leene. [ 553]
Page  21(80)
Or hastow som remors of conscience. [ 554]
And art now falle in som deuocioun.
And waylest for thy synne and thyn offence.
And hast for ferde kaught attricioun. [ 557]
God saue hem þat byseged han oure town.
That so konne leye oure Iolyte on presse.
And brynge oure lusty folk to holynesse. [ 560]
Thise wordes seyde he for the nones alle. [fol. 9a] [ 561]
That with swich thing / he myght hym angry maken.
And with an angir don his sorwe falle.
As for the tyme / and his corage awaken. [ 564]
But wel wist he as fer as tonges spaken.
Ther nas no man of gretter hardynesse.
Than he / no more desirede worthynesse. [ 567]
That cas quod Troilus or what auenture. [ 568]
Hath gyded the to sen me languyssynge.
That am refus of euery creture.
But for the loue of god at my preyinge. [ 571]
Go henne away / for certes my deyinge.
wol the disese and I mot nedes deye.
Therfor go wey / ther nys no more to seye. [ 574]
But yif thow weene I be thus sik for drede. [ 575]
It is naught so / and therfor scorn nought.
Ther is a nother thing / .I. take of hede.
wel more than aught þat grekys han yit wroght. [ 578]
which cause is of my deth for sorwe and thought.
But thogh þat I now telle it the ne leste.
Be thow naught wrothe I hide it for the beste. [ 581]
Page  22(84)
This pandar þat wel neyght malt for wo and routhe. [ 582]
fful often seyde allas what may this be.
Now frende quod he if euere loue or trouthe.
Hath ben or this / bytwix the and me. [ 585]
Ne do thow neuer swich a cruelte.
To hiden fro thi frende so gret a care.
wostow nat wel þat it am I Pandare. [ 588]
I wol parten with the al thi peyne. [ 589]
Yif it be so I do the no dyscomforte. *. [[Over erasure.]]
As it is frendes ryght soth for to seyne.
To entreparten wo as glad desporte. [ 592]
I haue and shal for trewe or fals report.
In wrong / and ryght I loued the al my lyue
Hyd nat thy wo fro me but tel it blyue. [ 595]
Than gan this sorwful Troilus to sike. [fol. 9b] [ 596]
And seide hym thus / god leeue it be my beste.
To telle it the / for sith it may the like.
Yit wol I telle it the thought myn herte breste. [ 599]
And wel wot I thow mayst do me no reste.
But list thow deme / I triste naught to the.
Now herke frende for thus it stant with me. [ 602]
Loue ayeins the which who so defendeth. [ 603]
Hym seluen most hym alderlest auayleth.
with desespeire so sorwfull me offendeth.
That streyght vnto the deth myn herte fayleth. [ 606]
Therto desire so brennyngly me assayleth.
That to be slayne it weere a grettere Ioye.
To me / than kyng of grece ben and Troye. [ 609]
Page  23(88)
Suffiseth this my ful frende pandare. [ 610]
That I haue seyde for now wostow my wo.
And for the loue of god my coold care.
So hid it wel / .I. told neuere to mo. [ 613]
ffor harmys myghten folwen mo than two.
Yif it weere wist / but be thow in gladnesse.
And lat me sterue vnknowe of my destresse. [ 616]
How hastow thus vnkyndlisch and longe. [ 617]
Hid this fro me / thow fool quod Pandarus.
Paraunter thow mayst aftir swich oon longe.
That myn auys anon may helpen vs. [ 620]
This weere a wonder thing quod Troilus.
Thow koudest neuere in loue thi seluen wisse.
How deuel maystow bryngen me to blisse.' [ 623]
Ye Troilus now herke quod Pandare. [ 624]
Though .I. be nyce it happeth often so.
That oon þat exces doth ful Iuele fare.
By good conseil kan kepe his frende therfro. [ 627]
I haue my seluen seyne a blynd man go.
Ther as he fel þat koude loken wyde.
A fool may ek a wisman kyde. [ 630]
A wheston is no keruynge Instrument. [fol. 10a] [ 631]
But yet it maketh sharpe keruynge toolis.
And ther thow wost þat I haue aught myswente.
Eschew thow þat / for swich thing / to the scole is. [ 634]
Thus often wise men ben war be foolis.
Yif thow so do thy wite is wele by wared.
By his contrarie is euery thyng declared. [ 637]
Page  24(92)
ffor how myght euer swettnesse han ben knowe. [ 638]
To hym þat neuere tastede bitternesse.
Ne no man wote what gladnesse is I trowe.
That neuere was in sorwe / or som destresse. [ 641]
Ek white be blak / by shame ek worthynesse.
Ech set by oother / mor for oother semyth.
As men may sen and so the wise it demyth. [ 644]
Syn thus of two contraries is oo loore. [ 645]
I þat haue in loue so ofte assayed.
Greuaunces oughte konne / and wel the moore.
Conseylen the of þat thow art amayed. [ 648]
And ek the noughte nat ben yuele apayed.
Though I desire / with the for to bere.
Thyn heuy charge / it shal the lasse dere. [ 651]
I wot wel þat it fareth thus by me. [ 652]
As to thy brother Parys an hierdesse,
which þat Icleped was Oenone.
wrot in a compleynte of hir heuynesse. [ 655]
Ye say the lettre þat she wrot I gesse.
Nay neuere yit I-wys quod Troilus.
Now quod Pandare herkeneth it was thus. [ 658]
(95) (Oenone's Letter to Paris. 1 st.)
Phebus þat first fonde art of medycyne. [ 659]
Quod she / and kouth in euery wightes care.
Remede and reed / by herbes he knewgh fyne.
Yit to hym self / his konnyng was ful bare. [ 662]
ffor loue hadde hym so bounden in the snare.
Al for the doughter of kyng Amete.
That al hys craft ne koude hise sorwes beete. [ 665]
Page  25(96)
Ryght so far .I. vnhappely for me. [fol. 10b] [ 666]
I loue oon best / and þat me smerteth soore.
And yit paraunter kan I reden the.
And nat my self / reprocue me na moore. [ 669]
I haue no cause I woot wel for to soore.
As doth a hauk / þat listeth for to pley.
But to thyn help yit som what kan I seye. [ 672]
And of o thing right siker maystow be. [ 673]
That certein for to deyen in the peyne.
That I shal neuere mo discoueren the.
Ne by my trouthe I kepe nat restreyne. [ 676]
The fro thi loue / theygh þat it weere Eleyne.
That is thy brother wif / if ich it wiste.
Be what she be and loue hir as the liste. [ 679]
Therfor as frende fullich in me assure. [ 680]
And tel me plat now what is tenchesoun.
And fynaly cause of wo / þat ye endure.
ffor douteth no thing myn entencoun. [ 683]
Nis nat to yow of reprehensioun.
To speke as now / for no wight may byreue.
A man to loue / til that hym list to leue. [ 686]
And witeth wele þat bothe two ben vices. [ 687]
Mistrusten alle / or elles alle leue.
But wele I wote / ye (sic) mene of it no vice is.
ffor for to trusten som wight is a preue. [ 690]
Of trouthe / and forthi wold I fayn remeue.
Thy wronge conceyte. and do þe som wight triste.
Thy wo to telle / and tel me yif the liste. [ 693]
Page  26(100)
The wise seith wo hym þat is allone. [ 694]
ffor and he falle / he hath non helpe to ryse.
And sith thow hast a felowe tel thy moone.
ffor this nys nat certeyne the nexte wyse. [ 697]
To wynnen loue / as techen vs the wyse.
To wolow and wepe as Niobe the quyene.
whos teeris yit in marbel ben Iseene. [ 700]
Lat be thi wepyng and thi drerynesse. [fol. 11a] [ 701]
And lat vs lissen wo with oother speche.
So may thi woful tyme seme lesse.
Delite nat in wo thi wo to seche. [ 704]
As don thise fooles þat hir sorwes eche.
with sorwe / whan they han mysauenture.
And listen naught / to seche hem oother cure. [ 707]
Men seyne to wrecche is consolacioun. [ 708]
To haue another felawe in his peyne.
That oughte wel ben oure opynioun.
ffor bothen thow and I of loue we pleyne. [ 711]
So ful of sorow am I soth for to seyne.
That certeynly no moore harde grace.
May sitte on me / for whi ther is no spase. [ 714]
Yif god wile thow art nat agast of me. [ 715]
List I wolde of thy lady the bygile.
Thow woost thy self whome þat I loue parde.
As I best kan / gon sithen longe while. [ 718]
And sith thow wost I do it for no gile.
And seist I am he that thow trustest moost.
Tel me somewhat sith al my wo thow woost. [ 721]
Page  27(104)
Yit Troilus for al this no worde seyde. [ 722]
But longe he lay as stille as he ded were.
And aftir this with sikynge he abreyde.
And to Pandarus vois he lente his ere. [ 725]
And vp hys eyen caste he þat in feere.
was Pandarus. list þat in frenesye.
He sholde falle / or ellis soone dye. [ 728]
And cryde awake ful wonderlisch and sharpe. [ 729]
what slombrestow as in a litargie.
Or artow like an asse to the harpe.
That herith sown whan men the strenghes plye. [ 732]
But in his mynde of þat no melodye.
May synken / hym to gladen for that he.
So dul is / of his bestialite. [ 735]
And with that Pandare of his wordes stente. [fol. 11b] [ 736]
And Trolus yit hym no worde answerde.
ffor why to tellen was nat his entente.
To neuer no man / for whom þat he so ferde. [ 739]
ffor it is seyde men maketh ofte a yerde.
with which the maker is hym self Ibeeten.
In sondry manere as thise wise treten. [ 742]
And namelisch in his conseil tellynge. [ 743]
That toucheth loue / þat ought ben secree.
ffor of hym self / it wole Inought out sprynge.
But yif þat it the bet gouerned be. [ 746]
Ek som tyme it is a craft to seme flee.
ffor thing / which in effect men honten faste.
Al this gan Troilus in his herte caste. [ 749]
Page  28(108)
But neuertheles / whan he hadde herd hym crye. [ 750]
Awake / he gan to siken wonder soore.
And seyde / frende thought þat I stille lye.
I nam nat deef / now pees and crye no moore. [ 753]
ffor I haue herde thy wordes and thy loore.
But suffre me my meschief to bywalen.
ffor thy prouerbes / may me naught auaylen. [ 756]
ffor oother cure kanstow non for me. [ 757]
Ek I nil nat be cured I wol deye.
what knowe I of the queene Niobe.
Lat be thyne olde ensaumples I the preye. [ 760]
No quod Pandarus ther for I saye.
Swich is delite of folis to beweepe.
Hir wo / but seken boote they ne kepe. [ 763]
Now knowe I yt (sic) ther resoun in the faylleth. [ 764]
But tel me if I wist what she weere.
ffor whom þat the al this mysaunter ayleth.
Dorst thow þat I tolde in hir ere. [ 767]
Thy wo / sith thow darst naught for feere.
And hir bysought / on the to han som routhe.
why nay quod he by god and bi my trouthe. [ 770]
What nat as bisily quod Pandarus. [fol. 12a] [ 771]
As though myn owne lif laye on this nede.
No certes brother quod this Troilus.
And why / for that thow sholdest neuer spede. [ 774]
wostow þat wel / ye þat is out of drede.
Quod Troilus / for al þat euere þe konne.
She nyl to no swich wrechche as I ben wonne. [ 777]
Page  29(112)
Quod Pandarus allas what may this be. [ 778]
That thow dispeirede art thus causeles.
what lyueth naught thi lady bendiste.
How wostow so þat thow art graceles. [ 781]
Swich euyl is nat alwey bootoles.
why put nat inpossible thus thy cure.
Sith thing / to come is ofte in auenture. [ 784]
I graunte wel þat thow endurest woo. [ 785]
As sharp as doth he ticius in helle.
whos stomak fowghles tyren euere mo.
That heghten voltouris as bookes telle. [ 788]
But I may nat endure that thow dwelle.
In so vnskylful an opynyoun.
That of thy wo is no curacioun. [ 791]
But oones nyltow for thy cowarde herte. [ 792]
And for thyn Ire and foolissħ willfulnesse.
ffor wantrust / tellen of thy sorwes smerte.
Ne to thyn owen help don bysynesse. [ 795]
As moche as speke a resoun moore or lesse.
Bot list as he þat lest of nothing reche.
what womman koude loue swiche a wrechche. [ 798]
What may she demen oother of thy deth. [ 799]
Yif thow thus deye / and she not whi it is.
But þat for feere is yolden vp thi brethe.
For grekys han byseged vs I wis. [ 802]
Lorde which a thonk shaltow han of this.
Thus wol she seyn and al the town at onys.
The wrechch is ded / the deuyl haue his bonys. [ 805]
Page  30(116)
Thow mayst allone here wepe and crye and knele. [fol. 12b] [ 806]
But loue a womman that she woot it noughte.
And she wol quyte it that thow shalt nat feele.
Vnknowe vnkist / and lost þat is vnsought. [ 809]
what many a man hath loue ful deere Ibought.
Twenty wynter þat his lady wiste.
That neuere yit his lady mouth he kiste. [ 812]
What sholde he therfor falle in despayre. [ 813]
Or be recreaunte for his owne teene.
Or slen hym self / al be his lady faire.
Nay. nay. but euere in oon be fressch and grene. [ 816]
To serue and loue his deere hertees queene.
And think it is a guerdoun hir to serue.
A thousand fold moor than he kan desserue. [ 819]
And of that word / took hede Troilus. [ 820]
And thoughte anon what folye he was Inne.
And how that soth hym seide Pandarus.
That for to sleyne hym self myght he nat wynne. [ 823]
But bothe don vnmanhed and a synne.
And of his deth his lady naught to wite.
ffor of his wo god woot she knewgh ful lite. [ 826]
And with that thought he gan ful soore sike. [ 827]
And seide allas what is me best to do.
To whom Pandare answerde yif the like.
The best is þat thow telle me thi woo. [ 830]
And haue my trouthe but thow fynde it so.
I be thi boote / or þat I be ful longe.
To pieces do me drawe and sithen honge. [ 833]
Page  31(120)
Ye so seystow quod Troilus tho allas. [ 834]
But god woot it is naught þe rather so.
fful hard weere it to helpen in this cas.
ffor wel fynde I þat fortune is my foo. [ 837]
Ne alle the men þat ryden konne or go.
May of hir cruel whiel the harm withstonde.
ffor as hir list she pleyth with fre and bonde. [ 840]
Quod Pandarus than blamestow fortune. [fol. 13a] [ 841]
ffor thow art wroth / ye now at erst I se.
wostow nat wel þat fortune ys comune.
To euery manere wight in som degree. [ 844]
And yit thow hast this confort lo parde.
That as hir Ioyes moten ouer gone.
So mote hir sorwes passen euerychone. [ 847]
ffor yif hir whiel stynt any thing to torne. [ 848]
Than cessed she fortune anon to be.
Now sith hir whel be no wey may soiorne.
what wostow yif hir mutabilite. [ 851]
Right as thy seluen list wil don be the.
Or that she be nat fer fro thyn helpynge.
Paraunter thow hast cause for to synge. [ 854]
And therfore wostow what I the byseche. [ 855]
Lat be thy wo and tornynge to the gronde.
ffor who so list haue helpyng of his leche.
To hym byhoueth first vnwre his wonde. [ 858]
To Cerberus in helle / ay be I bownde.
were it for my suster al thy sorwe.
By my wil she sholde al be thyne to morwe. [ 861]
Page  32(124)
Look vp I seye and telle me what sche is. [ 862]
Anon / that I may gon aboute thy nede.
Knowe ich hir ought / for my loue tel me this.
Than wolde I hopen rather for to spede. [ 865]
Tho gan the veyne of Troilus to blede.
ffor he was hit / and wex al rede for shame.
A ha quod Pandare her bygynneth game. [ 868]
And with that word he gan hym for to shake. [ 869]
And seyde thef / thow shalt hir name telle.
But tho gan sely Troilus for to quake.
As thowgh men sholde han lad hym in to helle. [ 872]
And seyde allas of al my wo the welle.
Than is my sweete foo called Criseyde.
And wel ney with the word for fere he deyde. [ 875]
And whan that Pandare harde hir name neuene. [fol. 13b] [ 876]
Lord he was glad / and seyde frende so dere.
Now fare aright for Ioues name in heuene.
Loue hath byset the wel / be of good chere. [ 879]
ffor of good name wisdom and manere.
She hath Inought / and ek of gentilesse.
Yf she be fayre thow wost thy self I gesse. [ 882]
Ny neuere say a moore bountenous. [ 883]
Of hir astat / ne gladdere ne of speche.
A frendlier / na moore gracious.
ffor to do wel / ne lasse hadde nede to seche. [ 886]
what for to don / and al this bet to eche.
In honour to as fayr as she may strechche.
A kynges herte semyth by hirs a wrechche. [ 889]
Page  33(128)
[*. [[This stanza is scritten in the margin in a later hand.]] And for thy look of good comfort thou be
for certainly þe first poynt is this
of noble courage, and well ordaine the
to han peace within himself Iwis
so oughtest þou for nought but good it is
to loven well and in a worthy place
men ought not clepe it happe but grace]
And also think / and therwith glade the. [ 897]
That sith thy lady vertuous is al.
So folweth it þat ther is som pite.
Amonges al this oothre in general. [ 900]
And forthi / see þat thow in special.
Requere nat / þat is ayein hir name.
ffor vertu strechchet nat hym self to shame. [ 903]
But wel is me þat euere I was born. [ 904]
That thow byset art in so good a place.
ffor by my trouthe in loue I durst haue sworn.
The sholde neuere in loue han tid thus fayre a grace. [ 907]
And wostowe whi / for thow was wont to chace.
At loue in scorn./ and for despit hym calle.
Seint ydiot lord of this fooles alle. [ 910]
How often hase thow made thy nyce Iapes. [ 911]
And seyde þat loues seruantz euerychone.
Of nycete ben verray goddes apes.
And som wolden muchche hir mete allone. [ 914]
Ligging a bedde and make hem for to grone.
And som thow seydest hadde a blaunche feuere.
And preidest god he sholde neuer keuere. [ 917]
Page  34(132)
And som of hem toke on hem for the colde. [fol. 14a] [ 918]
More than Inogh / so seidestow ful ofte.
And som han feyned ofte tyme and tolde.
How þat they waken whan they slepen softe. [ 921]
And thus they wolde han brought hem self alofte.
And natheles weere vndir at the laste.
Thus seidestow and Iapedest ful faste. [ 924]
Yit seidestow þat for the more part. [ 925]
Thise loueris wolde speke in general.
And thoughten þat it was a sekir art.
ffor faylyng / for tasayen ouer al. [ 928]
Now may I Iape of the if þat I shale.
But natheles thowgh þat I sholde deye.
That thow art non of tho I durste seye. [ 931]
Now bet thy breste and say to god of loue. [ 932]
Thy grace lord / for now I me repente.
Yif I mysspak / for now my self I loue.
Thus seye with alle thy herte in good entente. [ 935]
Quod Troilus a lord I me consente.
And preye to the my Iapes thow foryiue.
And I shal neuere more whil I leue. [ 938]
Thow seyst wel quod Pandarus and now I hope. [ 939]
That thow thi goddes wrathe hast al apesed.
And sithen thow hast wopen mony a drope.
And seyd swich thing wherwith thy god is plesed. [ 942]
Now wold neuere god but thow weere esed.
And think wele she of whome rist al thy wo.
Herafter may thy confort ben also. [ 945]
Page  35(136)
ffor thilke grownde þat berth the wiedes wikke. [ 946]
Berth ek thise holsom herbes / as ful ofte.
Next the foule nethel rough and thikke.
The rose wexeth / swete / and smothe and softe. [ 949]
And next the valeye is the hil olofte.
And next the dirke nyght the gladde morwe.
And also Ioye is next the fyn of sorwe. [ 952]
Now look þat a tempre be thy bridell. [fol. 14b] [ 953]
And for the beste ay suffre to the tide.
Or ellis al oure labour is in ydell.
He hasteth wel þat wisly kan abide. [ 956]
Be diligent and trewe and ay wel hide.
Be lusty / fre perseuere / in thy seruyse.
And al is wel yif thow worke in this wyse. [ 959]
But he that parted is in euery plase. [ 960]
Is nowher hool / as writen clerkes wyse.
what wonder is though swich oon hafe no grace.
Ek wostow how it fareth of som seruyse. [ 963]
As plaunte a tre / or herbe in sondry wyse.
And on the morwen pulle it vp as blyue.
No wonder is though it may neuer thryue. [ 966]
And sith þat god of loue hath the bistowed. [ 967]
In place digne / vnto thy worthynesse.
Stonde faste / for to good port hastow rowed.
And of thy self for any heuynesse. [ 970]
Hope alwey wele / for but yif drerynesse.
Or ouer haste / oure bothe labour shende.
I hope of this to maken a good ende. [ 973]
Page  36(140)
And wostow why I am the lasse afered. [ 974]
Of this matere with my nece trete.
ffor this haue I herd seyd of wyse lered.
was neuer man nor womman yit bygete. [ 977]
That was vnapt to suffre loues hete.
Celestial / or ellis loue of kynde.
ffor thi som grace I hope in hir to fynde. [ 980]
And for to spek of hir in special. [ 981]
Hir beaute to bythynken and hir yowthe.
It sit hir naught to ben celestial.
As yit / yif þat hir liste bothe and kouthe. [ 984]
But trewely it sate hir wel right nowthe.
A worthy knyght to louen and cherice.
And but she do I holde it for a vice. [ 987]
Wherfor I am and wol be ay redy. [fol. 15a] [ 988]
To peyne me to don yow this seruyse.
ffor bothe yow to plese this hope I.
Hereaftirwarde / for ye ben bothe wyse. [ 991]
And konne a conseil kepe in swich a wyse.
That no man shal the wiser of it be.
And so we may ben gladed al thre. [ 994]
Now by my trouthe I haue right now of the. [ 995]
A good conceyte / in my wit as I gesse.
And what it is I wol now þat thow se.
I thenke. sith þat loue of his goodnesse. [ 998]
Hath þe conuerted / out of wikkednesse.
That thow shalt ben / the best post I leeue.
Of al his lay / and moost his foos ay greue. [ 1001]
Page  37(144)
Ensaumple whi / se now yhe grete clerkes. [ 1002]
That erren aldermoost ayein a lawe.
And ben conuerted from hir wikked werkys.
Thorwe grace of god / þat list hem to hym drawe. [ 1005]
Thanne ern they folk / þat han most god in awe.
And strengest feithed ben I vndirstonnde.
And konne an errour alderbest withstonde. [ 1008]
Whan Troilus had herde Pandare assented. [ 1009]
To ben his help in louynge of Cryseide.
wax of his wo / as who sey vnturmented.
But hotter wex his loue / and thanne he seyde. [ 1012]
with sobre chere / although his herte pleyde.
Now blisful venus helpe or that I sterue.
Of the Pandare I nowe som thank deserue. [ 1015]
But deere frende how shal my wo be lesse. [ 1016]
Til this be don / and good ek telle me this.
How woltow seyne of me and my destresse.
Lest she be wroth / this drede I moost Iwys. [ 1019]
Or nil nat heere / or trowen how it is.
Al this drede I / and ek for the manere.
Of the hir em she nyl no swich thyng heere. [ 1022]
Quod Pandarus / thow hast a ful grete care. [fol. 15b] [ 1023]
Lest þat the cherl may falle out of the moone.
why lorde I hate of the / the nyce fare.
why entermette of that thow hast to doone. [ 1026]
ffor goddes loue I bidde the a boone.
So lat malone. and it shal be thy beste.
whi frende quod he now do right as the leste. [ 1029]
Page  38(148)
But herke Pandare o worde for I nolde. [ 1030]
That thow in me wendest so gret folye.
That to my lady I desiren sholde.
That toucheth harm / or any vilenye. [ 1033]
ffor dredeles me weere leuere dye.
Than she of me aught ellis vndirstoode.
But þat that myghte sownen into goode. [ 1036]
Tho lowgh this Pandare and anon answerde. [ 1037]
And I thi borugh / for no wight doth but so.
I roughte nat thought þat she stoode and herde.
How þat thow seyst / but farwel I wol go. [ 1040]
A dieu / be glad / god spede vs bothe two.
yif me þis labour and this besynesse.
And of my spede be thyne al þat swetneesse. [ 1043]
Tho troilus gan down on knees to falle. [ 1044]
And Pandarus in his armes hente faste.
And seyde / now fy on the grekis alle.
yit parde god shal helpe vs at the laste. [ 1047]
And dredeles yif þat my lif may laste.
And god to forn lo som of hem shal smerte.
And yit mathinketh this auaunt masterte. [ 1050]
Now Pandarus I kan no moore seye. [ 1051]
But thow wis / thow woost / thow maist / thow art al.
My lif my deth / hool in thyn honde I leye.
Help now quod he / yis by my trouth I shal. [ 1054]
God yelde the frende / and this in special.
Quod Troilus þat thow me recomaunde.
Til hir that may me to the deth comaunde. [ 1057]
Page  39(152)
This Pandarus tho desirous to serue. [fol. 16a] [ 1058]
His ful frende / tho seyde in this manere.
ffarwel / and thenk I wol thi thonk deserue.
Haue her my trouth / and þat thow shalt wel heere. [ 1061]
And wente his wey thinkyng on this matere.
And how he best myght hir beseche of grace.
And fynde a tyme therto and a place. [ 1064]
ffor euery wight þat hath a hous to fownde. [ 1065]
Ne renneth naught the werke for to begynne.
with rakel honde but he wol bide a stonde.
And sende his hertes lyne out for withInne. [ 1068]
Aldirfirst his purpos for to wynne.
Al this Pandare in his herte thought.
And caste his werke wel wisly or he wrought. [ 1071]
But Troilus lay tho no lenger downe. [ 1072]
But vp anon vpon his steede bay.
And in the felde he pleyed the lyon.
who was that greke that with hym mette a day. [ 1075]
And in town his maner tho forth ay.
So goodly was / and gat hym so in grace.
That ech hym loued that loked on his face. [ 1078]
ffor he bycome the frendliest wight. [ 1079]
The gentileste / and ek the moost fre.
The thriftiest / and oon the best knyght.
That in his tyme was or myght be. [ 1082]
Dede were his Iapes and his cruelte.
His hye port / and his manere estraunge.
And ech of tho gan for a vertu chaunge. [ 1085]
Page  40(156)
Now let vs stynte of Troilus a stownde. [ 1086]
That fareth lik a man þat hurt is soore.
And is somdel of akyng of his wowde.
Ilessed wel / but heled no del moore. [ 1089]
And as an esy pacient the loore.
Abit / of hym that goth aboute his cure.
And thus he drieth forth his auenture. [ 1092]
Explicit liber primus.