Alphabet of tales : an English 15th century translation of the Alphabetum narrationum of Etienne de Besançon, from Additional MS. 25,719 of the British Museum
Etienne de Besançon
Mary Macleod Banks
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Annunciacio Dominica.

The feste of þe annunciacion̛ of our ladie aght to be had in grete reuerens, & to be wurshuppid with grete devocion̛; and opon̛ þat day aght þe Ave Maria → ofte to be said̛, as we rede of a knyght þat was a passand̛ ryche man̛, notwithstondyng he went & made hym̛ a monke in þe Ceustos ordur. And þuf aƚƚ he cuthe no lettre on̛ þe buke, yit for his hy burthe *. [MS. here repeats, yit.] he was taken̛ in & putt emang monkis. And a maister was delyverd̛ vnto hym̛ to lern̛ hym̛ on̛ þe buke; and he cuthe lern̛ hym̛ no thyng bod þies ij wordys, Ave Maria. And þat he was evur harpand on̛, to so mekiƚƚ þat whider as euer he went, or what thyng som̛ evur he did̛, he was evur sayand Ave Maria. So at þe laste hym̛ happynd̛ to dye, & was berid̛ with other monkis; and þer sprang oute of his grafe a fayr lelie, and on̛ evur-ilk a lefe þeroff was wreten̛, Ave Maria, with golde lettres. And þe monkis ran̛ þerto & grufe down̛ in his grafe to þai *. [MS. þe.] fande þe rute of þe lelie, & þai fand̛ how it sprang furtℏ of his mouthe. And be þat þai vnderstude þat he said̛ þase ij wurdis, Ave Maria, with grete deuocion̛. And perfor̛ our ladie wold̛ lat þaim hafe knowlege.

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