Alphabet of tales : an English 15th century translation of the Alphabetum narrationum of Etienne de Besançon, from Additional MS. 25,719 of the British Museum
Etienne de Besançon
Mary Macleod Banks

Katerine Virginis.

Som tyme þer come a monk of Rothomagence vnto þe monkes & þe abbay þat is on̛ þe Mownte of Synay, and þer he abade in serves of God & Saynt Katryn̛ vij yere. And he was a passand devoute man̛; and he prayed evur vnto Saynt Katryn̛ at he mott hafe som̛ relykk̘ of hur bonys. And sodanlie, as he satt at his prayers, þer was putt in his hand̛, at he wiste nevur how come, hur little fynger; and he thankid̛ God þerof, & Saynt Katryn̛, & had it home vnto his monasterie, and þer it is wurshuppid̛ vnto þis day.