Alphabet of tales : an English 15th century translation of the Alphabetum narrationum of Etienne de Besançon, from Additional MS. 25,719 of the British Museum
Etienne de Besançon
Mary Macleod Banks
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Iustitia eciam in proprio filio debet excerceri.

We rede how on̛ a tyme, when̛ a son̛ o Traiane rade prowdlie þurgℏ þe cetie, hym̛ happend̛ or racklesnes with his hors to kyƚƚ a wedow son̛; and þe wedow with mekiƚƚ sorow [com̛] & tellid̛ Traian̛ þe Emperour. And he gaff þe wedow in-stede of hur son̛ his son̛, þat had done hur þe trispas, and magnified̛ hur with riche giftis.

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