The Brut, or The chronicles of England. Edited from Ms. Raw. B171, Bodleian Library, &c., by Friedrich W. D. Brie, with introduction, notes, and glossary ...
Brie, Friedrich W. D., b. 1880.

[MS Rawlinson B 171 38a] How Arthure ouercome Guyllomer þat was Kyng of Irland & how þe Scottes bicomen his men. Capitulo lxxvjto.

WHen Guillomer, þat was Kyng of Irlande, hade tidynges þat Kyng [Arthur] was entrede at Glastenbery, he ordeynede a grete power of Irisshemen, & come to þe see wiþ his Yrisshe peple, and so come into Scotteland ouer þe see, and arryuede faste by þere þat Kyng Arthure was wiþ his hoste. and anone as he herde þerof, he went towarde him & ȝaf him bataile, and ouercome him anone ryȝt; and Guillomer fledde wiþ his men aȝeyne into Irland, and when þis scomfiture was done, Arthure turnede him aȝeyne þere þat he was, into þe place þat he hade lefte þe Scottes, & wolde haue ham al slayne. But þe bisshoppes, Abbotes, & oþere folc of þe contre, and Ladies, openheuedede, comen bifore Kyng Arthure, and criede him mercy, & saide:Page  77 "sire, gentil kyng & myȝty, haue mercy & pitee of vs! and as ȝoure-self is of þe riȝt lawe, to holde and mayntene cristendome, ful grete dishonour it shulde be to quelle ham þat leueþ in almyȝty Gode as ȝe done. & for Godes loue haue mercy and pitee of vs, and suffren vs forto lyuen, for we haue hade michel sorwe and pyne; for þe Saxones hauen meny tymes þrouȝ oure lande passede; but þat is nouȝt ynouȝt to ȝow; for often-tymes þai haue done vs miche sorwe & disese. ¶ ffor oure castelles þai hauen taken, & oure bestes slayne & eten, & mich harme þai hauen vs done; and if ȝe wolde vs now quelle, hit were [MS Rawlinson B 171 38b] none Honoure to a Kyng to quelle ham þat crien him mercy; for ynow ȝe haue y-done vs, & vs ouercomen euerycheon; &, for þe ¶ loue of God, soffre vs forto lyue, & haueþ mercy of Cristen peple þat bileueþ in God as ȝe done!" ¶ when Kyng Arthure herde þis sorwe, he hade pite of ham, and ȝaf ham lif and lyme; and alle þai felle adoune to his feete, and bicome his lege men, and he toke of ham homages. ¶ And after þat, Kyng Arthure turnede aȝeyne wiþ his host, and come aȝeyne to Ȝorke, and þere he abode duryng þat Viage. ¶ And þo ȝaf he al Loegers to Loth, þat hade spousede his sustre, and oþere ȝiftes grete plente. and þo was Gaweyn, his cosyn, but ȝong of age; and to alle his oþere men þat him hade seruede in his werr, he ȝaf riche ȝiftes, & he þankede ham miche of here gode seruise.