The Brut, or The chronicles of England. Edited from Ms. Raw. B171, Bodleian Library, &c., by Friedrich W. D. Brie, with introduction, notes, and glossary ...
Brie, Friedrich W. D., b. 1880.

How Arthure ȝaf bataile to þe Saxones when þai comen aȝeyne, and bisegede þe toune of Baþe, & ham ouercome. ¶ Capitulo lxxiiijto.

WHen Arthure herde þis tydynges, he lete honge anone þe hostages, & lefte Hoel of Britaigne, his nevew, forto kepe þe Marche toward Scotland wiþ half his peple, and him-self went helpe rescue þe toune of Bathe. And when he come þider, he ȝaf a strong batail to Cheldrik, and quelde almost al þe peple þat he hade; for no man myȝt him wiþstande, ne endure vnder þe stroke of his swerde; and þere boþe were slayn, Colegrin and Bladud his broþer. ¶ And Cheldrik fledde þens, and wolde haue gone to his shippis; but when Arthure hit wist, he tok xv Ml knyȝtes to Cador, þat was erl of Cornewaile, forto lette and stoppe his commyng; and Arthure him-self went aȝeyne towarde þe Marche of Scotland, ffor messagers tolde him þat þe Scottes hade bisegede Hoel of Britaign þere þat he lay sike; and þerfore he hastede þiderward; & Cador pursuede after Cheldrik, & toke him or þat he myȝt come to his shippis, & quellede Cheldrik & his peple. And when Cador hade done þis viage, he hastede him aȝeyne, as faste as he myȝt, towardes Arthure, and founde him in Scotland þere þat he hade res [MS Rawlinson B 171 34b] cuede Hoel of Britaigne. But þe Scottes were al feire wiþin Mounref, and þere þai helde ham awhile; but Arthure ham pursuede, and þai fledde þens fourþ into Lymoigne, þat were in þat contre lx Iles, & grete plente of briddes, & grete plente of Egles, þat were wont to crie and feiȝten to-gederes, and make grete noise when folc come to robbe þat lande, and weren as miche as þai miȝt; and so þai deden, for þe Scottes were so grete rauenours þat þai token al þat þai myȝt fynde in þe lande of Lymoigne wiþ-outen eny sparyng; and þerwiþ þai chargede aȝeyne ȝe folc, into Scotland forto wende.