The Brut, or The chronicles of England. Edited from Ms. Raw. B171, Bodleian Library, &c., by Friedrich W. D. Brie, with introduction, notes, and glossary ...
Brie, Friedrich W. D., b. 1880.

How Arthure, þat was þe sone of Vter, was cronede after his faderes deþ; & how he drof Colegryn & þe Saxoynes, and Chelduc of Almayne, out of þis lande. Capitulo lxxiijo.

WHen Arthure was made kyng of þe lande, he was but ȝonge, of xv ȝere age, but he was faire, and bolde, & douȝti of body, & to meke folc he was gode & curteise, & to prout folc he was stout & sterne; & also he was gentil and curteise, and large of spendyng, & made him wel bilouede of al men þere þat it was nede. And when he biganne to regne, he swore þat Saxones neuer shulde haue pees ne reste til þat he hade drif ham out of his lande. & he lete assemble a grete host, & fauȝt wiþ Colegrin, þat, after tyme þat Octa was dede, þe Saxones mayntenede. And þis Colegryne was descomfitede, & fley to Ȝork, & tok þe tone, & þere helde him. And þe Kyng bisegede þe tone; but he miȝt noþing spede, for þe toune was so strong, & þai wiþinPage  70 kepte þe toune wel & horpedly. ¶ And in þe mene tyme Colegryne lete þe toune to Bladulf, & fley him-self to Cheldrik, þat was Kyng of Almaigne, forto haue of him socour. and þe Kyng assemblede a grete power, and come & arryuede in Scotland wiþ v. C.. shippis. & when Arthure wist of þis tydyngus, þat he hade nouȝt power ne strengþ ynow to feiȝt aȝeyne Sheldrik, he lete bene þe sege, and went to London, and sent anone his lettres to þe Kyng of Litil Britaigne, þat me callede Hoel, his neveu, his sustres sone, þat he shulde come to him wiþ [MS Rawlinson B 171 33b] al þe power þat he myȝt. And he assemblede a grete hoste, & arryuede at Southampton. ¶ And when Kyng Ar[t]hure hit wiste, he was glade ynow, & went aȝeynes ham, & ham resceyuede wiþ michel honour, so þat þo ij hostes ham assemblede, and toke her way euen to Nichole, þat Cheldrik hade bisegede but nouȝt ȝitte taken. And þai comen vppon Cheldrik & vppon his peple or þai hit wiste, þere þat þai werre, and ham egrely assailede. Þe Kyng Cheldrik and his meny defendede ham manly by here power, but Kyng Arthure and his men quellede so meny Saxones, þat neuer er was seyne soche a slauȝter; and his men þat were lefte alif, fledden away, and Arthure ham pursuede, and drof ham into a wode þat þai miȝt no ferþer passe. ¶ Cheldrik and his men saw wel þat þai were brouȝt into miche disesse, & ham ȝolden to Arthure in þis maner wise, þat he shulde take here horse and Here armure, & al þat þai hadde, þat þai most oneliche gone on fote to here shippes, and so þai wolde gone into here owen lande, & neuer come aȝeyne into þis lande. And vppon assuraunce of þis þing, þai ȝeuen him gode hostages; and Arthure, þrouȝ conseile of his men, grauntede þis þing, and resceyuede þe hostages. & oppon þis, þise oþer went vnto here shippes: and when þai werne in þe hye see, hir wille chaungede, as þe deuel it wolde, & þai retournede hire nauye, & come aȝeyne into þis land, & arryuede at Tottenesse, & went out of here shippis, & toke þe lande, & clene robbede hit, & michel peple slouȝ, & token [MS Rawlinson B 171 34a] al þe Armure þat þai myȝt fynde; & so þai wenten forthe til þai comen to Bathe; but þe men ofPage  71 þe toune shitten faste here ȝates, and wolde nouȝt suffren ham come þer in þe toune, and þai defendede ham wel and horpedly aȝeynȝ ham.