The pilgrimage of the life of man, English by John Lydgate, A. D. 1426, from the French of Guillaume de Deguileville, A. D. 1330, 1335. The text ed. by F. J. Furnivall ... With introduction, notes, glossary and indexes by Katharine B. Locock ...
Guillaume, de Deguileville, 14th cent.
The Thrydde Consolacion
Off A Troublyd Sowle
The Thrydde Comfort and Consolacion, O blyssed
lady, that I have, ys this, That I se that ffolkys,
oppressyd with werynesse off ther owne thoughtys,
ffynden a Shadwyng place and an holsomme Refuge
whan they fflen to the ffor socour and helpe // wherfore,
lady, yiff I seye and beholde thatt the ffoxys off the
Erthe hadden holys to putte Inne ther heedes, And
bryddes off the heyre, nestys to breden Inne, and a
Sparwe koude ffynden out an hevese off an hous to
bredyn Inne / And a Tortyl a place to make hym Inne
a Neste to ffostren hys bryddes ther-Inne // And that
I say also this hygh hylles, ordeyned ffor hertys to
pasturen Inne, And in kavyd stones ffounde an hoole,
an yrchoun to haue his Reffuge ther-Inne; And amonge
al thys, I seye the Childeren off men Dysconsolat
and Destytuyt off ther loggyng // As whilom thy
blyssed sonne hadde no place wher to putte Inne his Page  450
heede // Trewly, lady, and I seye mankynde thus
dyswarre off ther herberwe, that they hadde no place,
in ther grete necessyte off Reffuge, to Dyverte to / yt
were but lytyll [Stowe folio 296a] Wondre though I were dyspurveyed
off hope In my sowle, wher I shulde eny Consolacion
or Comfort ffynde // But, ffor-as-mych as thow allone,
And al Only, art yoven ffor a Synguler Reffuge vn-to
Wrechchys, and Art made ther protectour and dyffence,
And, Affter the grete oppressioun off her, art made ther
Restynge place, to abyden Inne in Equyte / wherby I
ffynde a Path and a weye, to whom, in al mescheff and
necessyte, I shall fflen and dyuerte vn-to // ffor thow
art, as I sayde Rathe, Thylke Arche off Noe, vn-to the
which, and in the which, in tyme off grete Deluge, alle
the worlde ffley vnto, and were savyd ther-Inne, alle
they that by grace myght Entren, as wel thes Rude
beestes, as Men that were Resounable / Right so,
blyssed lady, thow art de verray Arke Off Mankyndes
savacion, vnto the which, Rightful and vnrightful fflen
to ffor helpe // And thow art ffygured also by thylke
Tree which that Danyel spak off, vnder which alle
the beestes off the Erthe hadde here dwellynge place,
and vp-on whos branchys Restyde alle the bryddes off
the heyr. And vender this Tree was the pasture and
the ffoode off alle levynge Creatures / Trewly, O blyssed
lady, me semyth verrayly Thow art the sylue same
Tree, vnto which alle Resonable Creaturys fflen vnto
ffor to ffynde socour and helpe. And sothly, Lady,
with supportacion off thy mercy, me semyth that
amonge so manye I shulde nat ben Excludyd // ffor all|
be-yt-so that I be nat hable nor worthy to be Reknyd
amonge the Clene bryddes off hevene, which sytten
vpon the hyh braunchys of Contemplacion / yett, goode
blyssed lady / [Stowe folio 296b] Dysdeyne nat, thouh I be Rude And
Bestyall thurgh Synne, that I may Sytten lowe vp-on
the Erthe, by mekenesse and humylyte to amende me
vnder the agreable Bowes and braunchys off thy Cus|
tommable grace, ther to be shadwyd and shrowdyd
with thy mercy // And sythyn that euery Creature
ffynt ffoode and spyrytual Reffeccion in the // Lady, Page  451
yiff yt be nat lefful to me, ffor my grete synnes, ffor to
Tasten and to Etyn off thyn hooly plentevous ffruyt,
yett suffre, blyssed lady, that at the leste that I may
Saltem ibi ffenum vt bos Comedam. / Haue my pasture
ther with Rude Oxys, and walkyn as a man deiect
with Nabugodonoser / Ther, amonge thys wylde beestys,
to han my habitacion, to take ther party off the Remys|
saylles leffte off hem that be gostly and Spyrytual
Repast, to my Sowle helpe // ffor trewly, lady, and
thow lyst pacyently to suffre me thus, why shulde
nat my Sowle be Comfortyd? why shulde I thanne
be dysespeyred off thy grace // why shulde my wofull
Eyen be dyrked with longe abydynge in the salte
Terys off bytternesse // ffor Certys, thouh the mul|
tytude off my Synnes passe in noumbre the Sotyl
smale Sandys and gravell off the See, And though
I were nat worthy, ffor my wykkydnessys, to lyfften
vp myn Eyen towarde the bryghte hevene, yett, nat|
with-standyng alle this // 'Te tamen, a ffacie ffuroris
Domini, Refugium habeo // I have the, my Synguler
Refuge, ffor the fface of the woodnesse off my Lorde
God' // & yiff that oure fferme ffader [Stowe folio 297a] Adam, affter
hys grete Offence, hadde had swych a shadewyng place
to have tournyd vn-to, ffor to haue hydde hys nakyd|
nesse, I suppose the lorde hadde nat seyde vn-to hym /
'Adam, vbi Es? Adam, wher Artow?' // But the goode
lorde, seyng so mych peple perysshe ffor the Synne off
the seyde Adam, ordeygned thè to ben a Synguler
Mene ffor mannys saluacion, off Entent, that who-so|
euere ffledde vn-to the ffor helpe and ffor Reffuge,
shulde nat perysshen, But Restyn vnder the Shadwe
off thy proteccion, to be Conservyd ffro dampnacion
vnder the large off thy Charyte // Seyynge vnto thè,
thylke wordys that be wretyn In ysaye / the prophete,
xvjo Capitulo: "Absconde fugientes, & vagos ne prodas;
habitabunt apud te profugi mei, & cetera / Esto Lati|
bulum eorum a Facie vastatoris" // This to seyne, "O
thow blyssed Lady, hyde hem that fflen vnto thè ffor
helpe, and they that be vagabonde, dys[c]oure hem nat,
ffor synfull ffolkys that be ffugytyff shalle ffleen vn-to Page  452
thè ffor socour and helpe; and be thow her dyffence
and her proteccion to-ffore the fface off the Enmy" //
And whan I ha this in my Remembraunce, yt ys the
Thrydde Consolacion, which that I ffynde Only in thè,
In euery Trybulacion.