Sammlung altenglischer legenden, grösstentheils zum ersten male hrsg. von C. Horstmann.
Horstmann, Carl, b. 1851., Jacobus, de Voragine, ca. 1229-1298.
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II. Einzellegenden.
6. Cristine,
von Willam Paris.
*. [So nennt sich der Dichter v. 515, Dienstmann des Sir Thomas Brawchaump, dem er mit rüh|render Treue in den Kerker gefolgt ist, wo er diese Legende dichtet, vgl. V. 497 ff.]

aus Ms. Arundel 168 fol. 2*. [Dass. Ms. enthält ausser Cristine: Dorothe, Capgrave's Catharine (bereits edirt) u. Lydgate's Marienleben.] (15. Jhdt.).

Seynte Cristyne was a maide bryghte,
As clerkis in bokes hathe rede & seene,
Sche seruede gode bothe daye ande nyghte,
As martyr shulde ande virgyne clene.
In Itayle she was borne, y wene,
Ande come of kynne, were grete of myghte;
Bute she forsoke theme alle bedene
And holle hire herte to Criste she highte.
She was so faire, thate maidene mylde,
That euery wighte that ones hire see,
If it were mane, womane or childe,
She wane theire lofe with hire beaute.
Suche grace of gode forsothe hade shee
To flee alle vice and werkes wilde,
Ande fully purposede hire to be
Goddes owne seruaunte & maide vnfylde.
Vrbane highte hire fadere ywisse,
A wykkede tyrande & a wode —
It was of hyme as of moo is:
A sherew may gete a childe righte goode;
Ande so dide Vrbane, be the rode:
If he were mane that dide amysse,
Yit gate he Cristyne mylde of mode
That is with Criste in heuene blysse.
Many mene desirede that may
Ande wolde hafe weddede hire, if þei myghte —
Whan thei mighte se hire one a daie,
Thei ferde þe better a fulle seuennyghte;
Hir chere was suche in alle mens sighte:
It made ylke mane to other saye:
"Truly, this is þe gentileste wighte
That euer we see — this is no naye".
Hir kynne wolde gife hire to righte none,
For she shulde lyfe in mawmentrye;
But in a toure ofe lyme & stone
Hyre fader ordeyne hire to lye,
Ande twelfe maydens to be hire bye,
Of whiche she myghte triste neuer one:
For theie were ordeyne for to aspie
How that she lyuede & made hyr mone.
Goddes of golde & siluer brighte
That may hade with hire in hire toure,
That she shulde wurchipe daie & nyghte,
Ande whene hire liste to do theme hon|oure.
But sodenly ther come socoure
Fro gode, that is moste of myghte:
He made that maye to haue sauoure
To brynge hire soule to heuene lyghte.
The holy goste in Cristyne is,
And he hathe tawghte hire to forsake
Hire fals goddes ilkone, ywisse,
That are but stonys & stokkes blake: Page  184
Ande fulle purpose now wille she take
To drede no dede, but thinke of blysse.
Thus gode cane of vncrystyne make
Right holy martirs to be his.
Thus some haue grace or thei borne be,
As hade þe baptiste goode seint Johne;
Ande somme in tendre age, parde,
As Cristyne hade, that faire womane;
Ande some in elde whene youghte is gone,
As in Poules lyfe we may see;
Ande some whene thei shalle die anone,
As Barabas thefe, that honge so hye.
Encens she hade, and sho it hyde
Vp in a wyndowe preuely:*. [Ms. prenely.]
Ande with goode herte she it dyde,
For she thoughte neuer to sacrifie
To no fals goddes of mawmentrie,
For drede of none that wolde hire byde;
She preyede to Criste þat she myghte dye
And martire be, or that betyde.
To ite befelle vpone a daie*. [To = till.]
That Vrbane wolde his doughter se.
Ande Cristyne maydyns alle thei saie:
"Vrbane sire, we telle the:
Thi doughter, & oure lady free,
Dispice oure goddes & þaire araie
Ande sais truly þat she wille be
A cristene womane, if þat she maye".
Vrbane saide: "late me alone,
For I wille to my dougthire goo:
With faire wordes y shalle anone
Make hire to lefe, if she saie soo.
Ande truly, but she sacrifice doo,
She shalle be wrouthe, or I, þe tone —
For it wille breke myne herte in too
To witte my doughter so begoone".
Vrbane went with sobere schere
To Cristyne chambire alle one hye,
Ande saide: "Cristyne, my doughter dere!
Se, I ame comme to sitte the bye,
Ande als, to se the sacrifie
To alle oure goddes of grete powere:
That was þe cause, sekyrly,
My faire doughter, þat I sitte here".
"Thi doughter, Vrbane, clepe me noghte,
For fadere wille y neuer clepe the:
For one Jhesu is alle my thoughte,
Ande his childe, sire, wille y be.
Ande þerfore speke nomore to me
Of maumentrie, of metalle wroughte,
But speke of gode in mageste,
For he alone me made & boughte!"
"My faire doughter", Vrbane saide,
"Wurchupe noghte one gode alone:
Vnehappe the oþer be euylle paide,*. [Ms. vn happe.]
For þou wille do theme wurchupe none;
But gete thank of theme ilkone:
Thane nedes the noghte be afrayed;
Ande think how alle thi kinne has done.
Do þou thus, as I hafe þe prayede!"
"þou wenes þou speke righte welle ywisse,
But as a fole þou spekes me to
That knew no truethe nere thought of blysse.
But here, Vrbane, how I wille do:
The fadire in heuyne, þe sone also,
The holy goste — the thirde he is —,
To this y wille, & to no moo,
With alle myne herte do sacrifice".
"Sene þou wille wurchipe goddes three,
Whi wurchups þou noȝt oþer also?"
Cristyne saide: "fole, I telle it the:
Thies three are one gode & nomoo".
Thus Vrbane wente away hire froo
Als wrothe as he myghte be;
Hyme thoughte his hert wilde breke in too
For Cristyns lofe, his doughter free.
Anone after wene he was gone,
Seinte Cristyne went þe mawmentes to
Ande caste theme downe euerylkone,
Ande byrste þer legges & armys in too; Page  185
The plates of siluer & golde also
She pekyde alle of, þat was þeme one,
Ande caste it oute away hire froo
To pore goddes-mene that hade righte none.
Vrbane come anoþer daie
Ande wolde have wurchupe his goddes alle:
He fonde righte none — thei were awaye.
One Cristyns maydyns he dyde calle:
"What hathe Cristyne, my doughter smalle,
Done with oure goddes? telle me, I saye!"
Thei sai: "þi doughter made theme falle,
Oute at þe wyndow alle are thei".
Vrbane saide: "so myghte I thee,
My doughter is a cursyd wyghte.
Maidons, said Vrbane, how durste she
Thus breke oure goddes so myche of myghte?"
Thei answerde alle with wordes one highte:
"She auntrede hire, as ye may see.
Now are thei alle in peces dyghte.
Sire, make theme hole! late se, cane ye?"
"Have of hire clothes", quad Vrbane thoo,
"Ande bringe hire faste me here before!
Ande ye twelfe mene shalle to hire goo*. [ye st. yet?]
Ande bete hire, nakyd as she was bore!"
Thei bete hire, to thei myghte nomore,
Thei stent as mene that myghte noȝt do.
It semyde bi hire she felt no sore,
For thus she saide hire fadire to:
"Withoutyne honour & shame, I say,
Abhomynabille to gode arte þou!
Se, thi mens myghte es alle away,
þer strenghte is gone, thei wot noȝt how.
Aske helpe to theme of thi goddes now!
If thei may do owghte, now assay!
More betynge þane þou ordeyne now
For my goddes lofe abyde I may".
Bowndene in cheynes þat maydene swete,
Cristyne, was in depe prisone.
Hire modire herde telle þat, where she sete:
She tere hire clothes ande felle in swone,
Ande after she hyede to þat dongione —
She hade so weppede: hire chekes were wete.
Whane she se Cristyne, she felle downe
Anone to hire doughter fete.
She saide: "Crystyne, my doughter dere,
Of bothe myne yene þou arte the lighte,
Alas, that euyre I se the here
In suche disease as þou arte dyghte!
þou wote þou may make vs lighte,
Vrbane thi fader, & me in fere:
Have mercy one me, gentille wighte,
Ande, faire doughter, amende our chere!"
Seinte Cristyne saide hire modere to:
"Wherto thi doughter clepes þou me?
Wote þou note wele þat I hate soo
After my gode in magestie?
Criste, godes sone, forsothe highte he —
For the ande me he suffirde woo:
Therfore his seruaunte wille I be —
Iwisse, I wille none other do".
Hire moder se she hade no myghte,
With no faire speche, to turne hire mode:
She wente oute as a sorye wighte,
That mete ner drynke myght do hire goode.
Thane Vrbane aste hire woo it stoode:*. [aste = asked. woo = how.]
Ande Cristyne answers she tolde righte;
Therfore he farede as he were wode,
Ande for his doughter sore he sighte.
"Do feche hire forthe, saide Vrbane,
Before þe barre that she were brouth:
Ande I shalle assay, ife I cane,
To make hire turne hire wikkede thoughte.
She saide my doughter was she noghte,
Thus coppide the kene, one me begane;*. [coppyd = disputed, fought.]
She braste my goddes so richely wrouthe:
What wondur ife I were worthe þane?" Page  186
Before þe barre now Cristyne is —
Gode graunte hire grace righte wele to saie!
Vrbane bade hire: "do sacrifice
To oure goddes, that moste may!
For truly, ife þou ous say nay,
Grete peyne shalle make þe leue þi mysse.
Ne clepe þe doughter neuer I may,
Ne neuer wille do, but þou do thus".*. [thus st. this.]
Thane saide Cristyne, þat maydyne bryght,
To hire fadire, that sate so hye:
"Se, suche grete grace þou has me highte
The devels doughter nomore to be.
What childe commes of þe devele, saide she,
The devele may be his name oryght;
Thou arte, fadir, y telle it the,
Of Satane fende, þat cursyde wyghte".
Vrbane commaundede thane anone:
Hire flesche, þat was so white & shene,
It sulde be scrapede of bi the bone
With hokyde nayles, sharpe & kene;
He bade that alle hire lymmes bedene
Thei shulde be brokyne, one be one.
It was grete pete, wo hade it seene,
Of suche a mayde, be seinte Johne!
Whene seinte Cristyne hire flesche se,
She toke a pece that was of kytte,
And euene she caste at Vrbans eye;
& he hade not blenchyde, she hade hyme hitte.
Thus saide þe maydyne, fulle of wytte,
To hyme þat shulde hire fadir be:
"Haue here a morcelle, teraunte! take ite!
Of þe flesche was getyne of the".
Thane Vrbane fulle of ire so wode
Vpone a whele he layd þat maye;
Fulle grete fyer, to chaunge hire mode,
He bade make vnder, as she lay;
Fulle of oile þe fier powrede thei.
Fro hire it wente — she felyde but goode.
Ite brent of mene to dede þat day
Fyftene hundrithe, aboute þat stode.
Hire fadire wende þat she had wroughte
By wichecrafte or so (r) cerrie;*. [Ms. socerrie.]
Therfore had he myche thoughte —
He couthe note sytte ner stande ner lye,
Bute bade his mene agayne in hye
That she shulde be to presone broughte.
Now Criste hire help, & our ladie,
As he one rode that maydene boughte!
Whane daie was gone, & comme was nyghte,
Aboute hire neke þi honge a stone —*. [Ms. þi st. þei.]
It was righte heuy & nothinge lighte,
Thai caste hire in þe see anone.
Whene þei that dulfulle dede hade done,
Ther come angels fro heuyne so bryghte
Ande helde hire vp þe water anone,
Thoroughe goddes grace & his grete myghte.
Than Criste come downe hyme self Iwysse
Ande baptyste Cristyne in the see,
Ande in hire lyfe writene is
That thies same wordes to hire saide he:
"In my fadir, & als in me,
Jhesu Criste, goddes sone of blisse,
Ande in þe holy goste, vs three,
I baptise the in watire this".
Criste cristynde Cristyne with his honde—
He was godfadir & preste þat nyghte,
Ande after Criste, I vnderstonde,
Cristyne may be hire name orighte:
Thane after hir godfadir so she highte,
Criste, that in þe see hire fonde.
Hir muste nedis be one holy wighte
Thate Criste thus baptiste in þe stronde.
Criste hire betaughte seint Mighelle to:
Ande he to londe broughte hire anone. Page  187
Hire fadir herde telle þat ite was soo:
He wiste in worlde what he myghte done;*. [he wiste in worlde, auch 482.]
For ire he smote him selfe righte sone
In mydis the fronte — he was so woo.
Whene he hire se, he lokyde hire one
Ande thus he spake þat may dene to:
"What whichecrafte is this þat þou cane,
Thate see ne londe may make þe dye?"
She saide: "fulle vnhappy mane!
Of Criste þis grace resceyuede haue I".
"Do haue hire vp anone in hye
In depe prisone!" quad Vrbane thane,
"Hire hede shalle ofe fulle sekyrly
To morne, ife I be lyuand mane".
Yit ife he saide alle in play,
Yite saide he sothe, þat cursyd wighte:
For he was dede, or it was daie,
Ande Cristyne lyuede, þat maydene brighte.
Thus he thrette hire ouer nyghte
Thate she shulde one þe morne alway;
Yit was he dede for alle his myghte,
Ande Cristyne lyuede a merye maye.
Thane came Dyons with euylle spede
Tho make an ende ofe þat virgyne:*. [tho st. to. Ms. anende.]
For he ordeynde as hote as glede
A grete vesselle of hyrne fyne
Fulle ofe oile, pyche & rosyne —
It wellede so hote: alle mene myght drede;
And þerin caste thei faire Cristyne.
But she lay stille & toke none hede.
Foure mene rokede hire to & froo,
To make hire payne more violente,
Ande als, for Cristyne shulde also
The soner be to pouder brente.
Ther she laye als innocente
In credylle rokkede, þat felyde no wo.
She thankede gode: she was not shente
With tourmentynge that thei couthe doo.
She saide: "I thankyt þe, heuyne kynge,*. [Ms. thankyd st. thanke, oder st. thank yt?]
That þou has ordeynde thus for me:
As twys borne childe þat were righte yonge,*. [yonge st. yynge.]
Twys in credelle rokkede to be".
Dyons lokyde one hire & see
How that she lay & felt nothinge:
For sorow & care so wrothe was he,
He thoughte he wolde him selfe hynge.
Ther saide Dyons to Cristyne thoo:
"Sene thies tormentes greues not the,
Thaie are oure goddes þat help þe soo,
For thei wolde þou conuertyde shulde be.
Therfore, Cristyne, goo with me,
Forthink þat þou has done heme too!
For thei wolle have ofe þe pete
Ande mercy, ife þou thus wille doo".
She saide: "Dyons, þe devels owne sone!
Thi tormentes truly drede I noghte.
Ande syne þou haue thus begone,
Let noghte, to þi malice be wroghte
Or þou me to dethe haue broughte.
Vrbane & þou togedire shalle wone
In dyrnesse grete & sorow vnesoughte,
Ande bothe togedir to drynke of a towne".*. [towne st. tonne.]
Thane Dyons: "kytt of hire tresse,*. [bad fehlt?]
Let noght if hire here be brighte,
Ande shaue hire hede, yit neuer þe lesse
Do nakyne hire in alle mene sighte;
Thoroughte oute alle þe cite lede þat wyghte,
To Apolyne, late hyme redresse:
So grete, l wote, is his myghte,
He may amende hire wikkedenesse".
Thai lede hire forthe in þat araye
Thoroughte oute þe cete longe & wyde.
Whene wyfs & wemene se that may
That alle was bare, both wombe & syde —
She had no clothe, hire with to hyde:
Therfore one Dyons alle criede thei:
"Vengeaunce, Dyons, one þe betyde!
Thou dos alle womene shame this daie". Page  188
Whene she was broughte, that maydyne free,
To Apolyne, sche saide fulle sone:
"In Cristis name y commaunde the:
In poudire thou falle downe anone".
Apolyne felle þer downe one þe stone
In poudire, þer alle mene myghte see.
Thoroughte this miracle, whane it was donne,
Thre thowsande sarȝyns conuerted she.
Whane Dyons herde that ite was soo,
Thate Cristyne hade Apolyne schente:
For ferde his herte ite braste in too.
Thus Dyons diede, & neuer repente.
Suche grace gode to Cristyne sente
That she ofe peyne felte no woo;
Bothe hire enmys now ere thei wente,
Thei may no more do hire too.
Vrbane & Dyons are now paste,
Of Cristyne haue thei no more myghte.
Thane come þe thirde schrew at þe laste:
Julyane, wele y wote, he highte.
Thus begane þate curside wighte:
He bade his mene do ordene faste
An ovene als hote as fiere so brighte,
Ande þerin Cristyne shulde thei caste.
Whene ite was hote — it shone as shene
As any fiere that euer myghte be —,
Thane Julyane saide, þat was so keene:
"Do put hire inne anone, late see!"
Thei caste hire inne withoute pete.
Thei wende thei shulde hire neuer haue sene;
But of that hete no more felte she
Thane sche in a bathe hade beene.
Fyve daies togedire, daie be daie,
Sche welkide þerin to & froo;
She songe þer as a mery maye,
Aungels ande she togedire also.
Alle that Juliane dide hire to
Ofe grete tormentes & paynes alway,
She feled no greuaunce ne no wo,
For alle turnyde hire to aungels playe.
Whene Julyane herde ite greuede hire noghte,
But thate sche songe with aungels brighte:
He wende by wychecrafte þat sche hade wrouthe —
He hade no grace to know the righte.
But sone he callede anoþer wighte —
To slee Cristyne was his thoughte —
I haue herde telle: Marces he highte.
Ande sexte serpens he withe hyme broughte.
Marces crafte forsothe was this,
That he couthe charme his serpens so:
What beste hyme liste to do mys,
Anone to dethe thei wolde ite do.
Now are theie put seint Cristyne to.
She hathe no drede ofe theyme Iwysse.
Bute loke vpone theme who thei goo:
Abowte hire neke ther playinge is.
For swette hire neke was wondre wete:*. [too = two.]
Too wormes lykkyde ite clene away;
Too wente downe vneto hire fete:
Thai lykkyde theme clene, & þer thei lay;
At hire pappis too honge to playe,
As thei wolde soke that maydyne swete.
To do hire harme no myghte hade thei.
This saw Julyane, þer he seete.
Julyane saide to Marces thane:
"Thou saide þi bestis wolde slee hire sone:
Make thame to smyte hire, if þou cane!
þou wote wille yit thei haue note done".*. [wille st. welle.]
Marces beganne his charme anone,
To make thame byȝte thate blissede wo|mane.
Bute thei lefte Cristyne euerychone,
Ande slow hyme thate the charme begane,
Seinte Cristyne lokede who Marces lay
That schulde haue made the wormes to byȝte: Page  189
She bade the serpens voyde awaye
In to deserte, nomane to smyte;
She bade Marces ryse vp tyte:
Ande he stode vp before that may.
Thane Juliane hade so grete dispyte:
Hyme thought his herte schulde breste þat day.
Hire paps were als rounde ywys(s)e
As an appille, thate growes in felde:
Thai kitte theme of — þe more dole is,
Whene she was twelue yere of elde.
The mylke stremyde oute, alle mene be|helde,
Ande some were sory that se this;
Bute Juliane wolde hyme neuer yelde
Ne neuer ones forthinke his mys.
Seint Cristyne saide: "with herte & thoughte
I thanke (the), gode in mageste,*. [vor gode fehlt the.]
Ofe alle that þou has for me wroughte,
To make mene knowe þe myghte ofe the.
In alle my peynes þou has kepte me,
That fiere ne watire greuyde me noȝte.
Therefor me thinke righte longe to þe,
To thi faire blisse, thate I were broughte".
Juliane wondrede who she myghte
In hire grete tormentes jangille so.
Therefore he bade a wykkyde wighte:
"Kytte oute hire tonge: it dos me woo".
Ande whane hire tonge lay at hire too,
She spake als wele, þat maydyne brighte,
As neuer ite hade be kytte hire froo.
Thei herde ande seye, alle mene, with sighte.
She toke hire tonge vpe, where ite lay,
Ande euene sche caste it at Juliane eye,
That aftire neuermore alway
One thate syde myghte he noȝt see.
For she hyme hite, softely smylide she;
He for wrethe lyste nothinge playe;
He saide: "vengeaunce come one the!
Thou arte a wyche, y dare wele say".
With his one eye he lokyde asyde
Ande thus he spake þe tonge vneto:
"Whiles þou waste in hire mouthe so wyde,
Thane withe þi wordes thou wroughte me woo;
Thi stroke greues me more þane soo,
For ite hathe made myne eye out glyde;
Thi wordis as wynde flyede too & froo,
Bute strokes are sore ande euylle to byde".
Fore ire & wrethe he was so woo:
He wiste in worlde whate he do myghte;
Bute thre arraws he shette hire to.
Ande too ageyne hire herte theie lyghte,
The thirde hite in hire syde fulle righte.
Bute whene Cristyne was smytene so,
Hire soule wente vp to heuene so brighte,
Where she shalle feele of peynes no moo.
Hire bodye lyethe in stronge castylle—
Ande Bulstene, seith the boke, it highte—
Where many seke mene haue hade hele
Ande blynde also haue hade here sighte.
Truly y trowe: ife any wighte
Praye hertely to that damesele,
She wille hyme helpe withe alle hire myghte,
Ife theire desire be goode & leele.
Seinte Cristyne, helpe thoroughte thi prayere
Thate we may fare þe better for the
Thate hathe bene longe in prisone here,
The Ile of Mane of þat stronge cuntre.*. [Ms. man.]
Sire Thomas Brawchaump, ane erle was he,
In Warwike-shire was his powere,
Now is he of so poure degre:
He hathe no mane saue one squiere.
Where are his knyghtes þat withe hyme yede
Whane he was in prosperite?
Where are the squiers now at nede,
That sumtyme thoughte þei wolde note flee? Page  190
Of yomene hade he grete plente,
Thate he was wonte to clothe & feede:
Nowe is þer none of þe mene
Thate ous dare se, þer lorde, fore drede.
In prisone site þer lorde alone,
Ofe his mene he hath no moo —
Bute Willam Parys, be seint Johne!
That withe his wille wolle noȝt hime fro.
He made this lyfe in ynglishe soo,
As he satte in prisone of stone,
Euer as he myghte tent þerto
Whane he had his lordes seruice done.
Jhesu Criste, goddeste sone of myghte,
As þou come downe to mende oure mysse
Ande in a clene virgyne þou lyghte,
Marie, þat now thi modire is:
Thou graunte alle grace þat hath herde this,
In heuene of the to haue a sighte,
To se the sitte there in thi blisse
Withe seint Cristyne, þi maydyne brighte!
Explicit vita sancte Cristine virginis