Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

De episcopis Norþhumbranis, Capitulum quinquagesimum sextum.

Willelmus de Pontificibus, libro quarto, capitulo secundo. At York was oon see for alle þe prouince of Norþhumberlond. Paulinus hulde first þat see, and was i-ordeyned of þe bisshop*. [So MSS. and Cx.] of Caunterbury, and hylde þat see of Ȝork seuene ȝere. Afterward whan kyng Edwyn was i-slawe, and þinges were destourbed, Paulynus wente þennes by water wey in to Kent, whennes he com first, and toke wiþ hym þe*. [So α. and Cx.; þat, MS.] palle. Wil|lelmus, libro tertio. And so þe bisshopriche of Ȝork*. [So α. and Cx.; York the bis|shopriche, MS.] cesede Page  133, vol.2 þritty ȝere, and þe vse of þe palle secede*. [cesede, α.] þere an hondred and fyue and fifty*. [cxxv. yere, Cx.] ȝere, for to þat Egbert the bisshop, þat was þe kynges broþer of þe lond, recouered it by auctorite of þe pope. ℞. So among,*. [So among] om. Cx.] whan Seint Oswolde regnede, Aidanus,*. [So Cx.; Adrianus, MS.; Aida|nus, α.] a Scot, was bisshop in Brenicia, þat is þe norþ|side of Norþhumberlond; after hym Fynanus;*. [Finianus, Cx.] after hym Salmannus. Willelmus, ubi supra. At þe laste he wente to Scotlonde wiþ grete indingnacioun, for Wilfrede vndertook hym for he hylde vnlawfulliche Esterday; þritty ȝere after þat Paulinus was agoo*. [goon, Cx.; ago, β. The text is a little corrupt, probably ȝork should be added after from, or from cancelled (as in γ.).] from Wilfrede was i-made bisshop of York. Beda, libro quarto. But [while]*. [Added from α.] he dwellede longe in Fraunce aboute his sacrynge, at exitynge of quartadecima|norum, þat were þey þat helde Esterday þe xiiije*. [So Cx.; fourþe, MS. and α.] day of þe mone, Chedde was i-take out of his abbay of Lestynge, and wrongfulliche i-put to*. [in to, Cx.] þe see of York by assent of kyng Oswy. But þre ȝere afterward Theodorus the archebisshop dede hym away, and assignede hym to þe prouince of Mercia, and restored Wilfrede to þe see of York. But afterwarde Wilfrede, bycause of wrethe þat was arered*. [arered] om., Cx.] bytwene hym and kyng Egfred, was i-putte oute of his see by help of Theo|dorus*. [So α. and Cx.; Odorus, MS.] þe archebisshop þat was corupt wiþ som manere mede; Page  135, vol.2 þat was i-doo after þat Wilfrede hadde i-be bisshop of York ten ȝere; þan at þe instaunce of þe kyng Theodorus made Bosam bisshop of York and Cuthbert*. [Cumbert, Cx.] at Hagustalde chirche, and Eata at Lyndefar chirche þat hatte Haly Eland*. [Holy Ylond, Cx.] in þe ryuer of Twede. Aydanus foundede first þat see, and Theo|dorus made Eadhedus*. [So α. and Cx.; Etheldredus, MS.] bisshop of Rypoun þat was i-come aȝen out of Lyndeseie; [whanne]*. [Added from γ.] Wilfrede hadde be abbot of Ripoun. Theodorus sende Trunwynus to þe lond of Pictes in þe endes of Engelond faste by Scotlond in a place þat hatte Candida Casa and Whyterne*. [So α., Cx.; Whitne, MS.] also. Þere Seint Ninian, a Bretoun, was first foundour and doctour; but alle þese sees outake York faillede litell and litel; for þe see of Candida Casa, and þat is Galeway, þat longede þoo to Engelond, durede meny ȝeres vnder ten bisshoppes for to þat he was oute of power [by destroyenge of þe Pictes. Þe sees of Ha|gustald and of Lyndefare was bytymes al oon under nyne bisshopis]*. [Added from α. and Cx.] aboute a foure score ȝere and ten, and durede anon to þe comynge of þe Danes. In þat tym vnder Hungar and Hubba, Ardulf þe bisshop ȝede longe aboute wiþ Seynt Cuthberd his body anon to kyng Alured his tyme, kyng of West Saxon, whan*. [and, Cx.] þe see of Lyndefare was i-sette at Kun|negester,*. [Kunegestre, α. and Cx.]Page  137, vol.2 þat hatte Kunnyngesburgh also; þat place hatte now Vbbeford vppon Twede. At þe laste þe seuenþe ȝere of kyng Egbert, kyng Edgarus sone, þat [see]*. [Added from Cx.] was i-chaunged to Durem, and Seint Cuthbertus body was i-doo þere*. [brought thyder, Cx.] by þe doynge of Edmond the bisshop; and from þat tyme forward þe see þat hatte Haugustald and Lyndefare fayled alle oute.*. [alle oute] vtterly, Cx.] Þe firste kyng Henry þe nynþe ȝere of his regnynge*. [regne, Cx.] made þe newe see at Carlille.*. [So α.; Caerleyl, Cx.; Cornwayle, MS.]