Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.
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THE EIGHTH BOOK OF THE POLYCHRONICON FROM CAXTON.*. [The marginal references are to Walsingham's History so far as there is anything common to the two, and to the Fasciculus Tempo|rum, one of the authorities to which Caxton acknowledges himself in|debted.]

Capitulum quintum.

AFTER kyng Edward the thyrd regned Rychard the second, that was the noble prynce Edwardes sone of Wales; which kyng Rychard was borne at Bourdeux; he was crouned at Westmestre the enleventh yere of his age. In the second yere of his regne the lord Latemer and Syre Rauf Ferys, stryvyng and leyng at debate with Syre Robert Hawle and one Shakleys for the Erle of Dene theyr prysoner, cam in to Westmynstre chirch, and there slough atte hye masse tyme the sayd Hawle, and Shakle was arestyd and putte in the Toure of London. It is sayd that this was done by commaundemente of the duc of Gloucetre, wherfore he cam and was assoylled at Westmynstre, and made greete amendes and gafe grete gyftes and Iewellys therfore to the sayd chirche. Aboute this tyme the fest of the vysytacion of our Lady was bygonne by pope Urban the enleventh, after the forme and also the same pardon that is yeven to the feste of the Sacra|mente, whiche feste is holden the second daye of Juyll. In this tyme the grete maystre of Rhodes entryd in to Turquye with a grete companye, and there by the Grekes that were with the Turkes he was discomfyted and taken, and the remenaunt of his peple deed and taken to fore a castel callid Sayette. In the thyrde yere of his regne cam certayne galeyes of warre oute of Fraunce into dyverse portis of Englond, and robbed, brente, and slue moche peple, in so moche that they cam to Gravysende and brente a grete part of the toune.

In the same yere was ordeyned at a parlement at Westmyn|stre that every man and woman past fourtene yere of age shold paye to the talage four pens, wherfor fyl afterward moch mes|chyef. For in the fourth yere of his regne the comons aroos in dyverse partyes in Englond, and dyde moche harme, and it was callyd the hurlyng tyme. And they of Kente and of Estsex made hem two capytayns callyd Iac Strawe and Watte Tyler. And they assembled on Blacheth, and on Corpus Christi day they cam in to Southwerk, and lete oute all the prysoners of the kynges benche and Marchalsee, and cam in to London and robbed alle the alyens and straungers, and sloughe and made havoke. On the morne after they cam to the Toure of London, where the kynge was presente the same tyme, and toke out the Archebisshop of Caunterbury and the pryour of saynt Iohans and a whyte frere confessour to the kyng, and smote of theyr Page  530, vol.8 hedes atte Tour hyll; thenne come they ageyne to London, and slewe men of lawe and other worthy men in dyverse partyes of the toune. Thenne wente they to the duc of Lancastres place callyd Savoye, and destroyed it doune, and bare awey the goodes that they might fynde, and brente the place; thenne wente they to Westmestre and saynt Martyns the graunt, and delyverd them all oute of sayntuarye that were therynne for ony maner grythe. Thenne cam they to the Temples and to all other Innes of men of lawe, and despoylled and brente theyr bookes. Thenne came they to London ageyne, and toke oute al the prysonners, felons and other, oute of Newgate and both Countours, and de|stroyed theyr bookes. Thenne on the Monday, kyng Rychard sent for the mayr of London, William Walworth, and his alder|men, and they wente to speke and knowe thentencion of thyse rebellous peple. Thenne this Iac Strawe lete make an oye in the felde that all his peple shold come nere and here his crye and wyll. Thenne the lordes, the mayer & aldermen havyng indignacion of his presumpcion and covetyse, and the mayer seenge that he dyd noo reverence to the kynge, starte to hym and slewe the sayd Jac Straw, Capytayne of the Rebellys, and anone his hede was smyten of, and the hede reysed vp that all myght see hit. And forthwith incontynent alle tho Rysers and mysgoverned peple fledde awey. Thenne the kyng forth|with dubbyd the mayer knyght, and fyve of his bretheren Alder|men, that is to saye Syr William Walworth, Mayer, Syre Nychol Brambre, Syr Iohan Phylpot, Syre Nychus Twyford, Syre Ro|bert Laundre, and Syre Robert Gayton. And after this, as they myght take and gete thyse rebellys and mysgoverned people, they henge hem vp by ten, by twelve, twenty, &c. In the fyfth yere was a grete erth quave thurgh oute al the world the one and twentyest day of Maye, of whiche al maner peple was sore aferd. This yere quene Anne cam in to Englond, and was maryed vnto kyng Richard at Westmynstre. In the syxth yere Syre Henry Spencer, bisshop of Norwiche, wente over see with a Croysye in to Flaundres, and gate the townes of Gravenyng, Burburgh, and Dunkyrke. And ther he dyde do lade one and fyfty shippes with pillage and goodes whiche sholde have comen into Englond. But the bisshop lete brenne the shippes with alle the pyllage in the same haven. And he had a grete batayl with the Flemynges at Dunkyrke, and there were slayn an huge multitude of Flemynges. The bisshop with his retenue wente and besyeged Ipre longe tyme, but he couthe not gete it. And by|cause many of his men deyde there of the flux he cam ageyne into Englond.

The same yere was a bataylle done within the kynges palays at Westmynstre, for certayne poyntes of treasoune, bytwene Syre Johan Ansley, knyght, defendaunt, and Garton Squyer, appellaunt, and the defendaunt discomfyted thappellaunt. Page  531, vol.8 Alle this tyme dured the Scysme. For Urban at Rome was chosen Petrus de Thomacellys, and was named Bonefacius Nonus, 13 yere. And after Clemens was chosen in Avynyon Petrus de Luna, whiche was named Benedictus xiij., and he abode pope there two and twenty yere. And after Boneface was Innocencius septimus two yere. And after hym Gre|gorius 12us xij. yere, and after hym Alexander Grecus one yere. And thenne after hym Iohannes visesimus tercius, and thenne at Counseyll of Constance was chosen Martinus quintus: and soo of alle thyse forsayd popes, from Gregorius vndecimus vnto Martinus Quintus, endured the scysme by the space of fourty yere, that it was not knowen who was the very and vndoubted pope.