Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Cm 20m.

After Benet, the xx Joon was pope ix ȝere. Also this ȝere Marianus the Scot was y-bore, by his trauail that*. [þys, γ.; this, Cx.] cro|nyk is mych*. [much enhaunced, Cx.] y-hiȝt. Mar'. The men of Northwey, Nore|ganes, forsoke efte her holy kyng Olavus for his symplenesse, and toke Canutus in his stede; and he was cursedlich sleyn the ferthe*. [fourth, Cx.] ȝere after. Robert kyng of Fraunce is ded, his sone Hugus*. [Hugh, Cx.] was kyng after hym Also that ȝere Canutus went out of Denmarch to Rome, and ȝaf large ȝiftes to Seynte Petre, and made there the scole of Saxons fre of al maner tribute, and ȝaf large almes and grete in his commyng aȝen Page  517, vol.7 toward Englond, and payde grete raunsome for*. [raunson vor, γ.] passage of pilgrimes in many places, and purchased that the weyes were opened that were closed, and procred*. [procrede, γ.; procured, Cx.] the pope to relesche*. [relese, γ.; relece, Cx.] the pris and the payment that primates of his kyngdom were wont to ȝeve and pay for to have the pal. Of alle these dedes thei sent a lettre to the lordes of Englond and chargide hem that thei schuld tofore his commyng amende alle trespaces and defautes. After Joon, the ix. Benet was pope eiȝt ȝere. but this Benet was put out of the poperich, and another that het Silvestre was put in his stede. But this Silvestre was put*. [ypot, γ.] out, and this Benet was restored aȝen. But ȝitt this Benet was efte put out aȝen, and Joon the archpretour of Seynt Joones place, that hatt ante portam Latinam, was made pope. Inner more this Joon is cleped the sixte Gregorye. This Benet for he was boystous of lettrure, whanne he had the poperiche, he ordeyned another pope for*. [to do, add. γ.] the office of holy chirche. That maner of doyng displesed many men. Therfore the thridde was brouȝt ynne, that schuld do the office for hem bothe. And so oon strof aȝenus tweyne, and tweyne aȝenus oon for the poperich. Then Henry the emperor, that had wedded Conradus*. [Canrodus, γ.] douȝter, and was his successour, put out these popes and brouȝt yn by strenthe the bischop of Ramberge that was cleped the secunde Clement. Of hym this Henry was crowned. Also this Henry compelled the Romayns to swere*. [swerye, γ.] that thei schuld never chese pope with out his assent. But this Benet after his deth, apperede to a man, in the liknesse of a wunder schape beest, with an asses tayl, and a beres heed, and seyde that he appered so riȝt as he was while he was alyve. This ȝere deyde Robart duke of Normandy in pil|grimage. After hym his ȝong sone William was duke, of the which William it is seide toforhond. Mar'. This ȝere Canutus, a litel tofor he deyde, made oon Suanus kyng of the Noreganes, this Suanus was y-holde the sone of Canutus and of Elgiva of*. [of] om. γ.] Hamptoun. Som men seyede that this Elgiva myȝt conceyve no childe by the kyng and therfore heo*. [she, Cx.] toke that Suanus whanne he was newe bore of a prestes*. [prustes, γ.] wif, and leyde hir silf doun as it were a*. [α] in, Cx.] child bedde and child by hir, and bigiled kyng Canutus and brouȝt hym in witt that it was sothe. Canutus made his owne sone and Emme sone Hardecnutus kyng over the Danes. Kyng Canutus deyde at Septoun, that is Schaftesbury, and was buryed at Page  518, vol.7 Winchestre in the olde abbey. Henr'. libro 6o. Me spekith of thre grete dedes that he dide. The first that he maryed his douȝter to the emperor Conradus. The secunde that he went noblich to Rome and cam aȝen and brouȝt with hym a grete deel of owre Lordes cros. The thridde that he sett his seete on the see stronde while the see was flowing*. [vlowyng, γ.] and comaunded and het the see that he schuld nouȝt come up*. [vp] om. Cx.] uppon his lond, that the see schuld nouȝt wett his lordes clothes. But the see cam up as hit was wont*. [as a was ywond, γ.] by his owne kynd and wett the kynges thyes. Thanne the kyng start*. [strat, γ.] awey and seide: Alle men schal wite and knowe that the power and myȝt of kynges is vayn and vanyte, and that noon is worthi to have the name of kyng, but he that hath al thinge suget*. [subjette, Cx.] to his lawes. And this kyng Canutus bare never crowne on his hed after that tyme, but he sett the crown on*. [oppon, γ.] the crucifixes heed at Wynchestre. Whanne Canutus was ded thanne was made grete strif at Oxenford who schuld be kyng and his successor. For Leofricus, consul of Chestre, and other lordes of the northside of Temse, and the Londoneres also, toke Harold Harefote,*. [Harald Harevot, γ.] that was holde the sone of Canutus and of Elgiva Hamptoun, and made hym kyng, thouȝ Godwyn made hym bisy for Canutus. Mar'. Som men seide*. [sayen, Cx.] that this Harold Harefote was a souters sone, and falslich anone as he was y-bore ybrouȝt to the bedde of this*. [þues, γ.] Elgiva, and leyde by hir as thouȝ heo had y-bore hym, and brouȝt hym forth, riȝt as Suanus was leyde by hir somtyme. But Harold was made kyng and by-nam*. [toke fro, Cx.] Emma al the kynges riches and put hir out of Englond, but the erle of Flaundres feng*. [vyng, γ.] hir worschipfulich and dide hir grete favour. Ethelnotus archbishop of Caunterbury deyde, and sevene dayes after hym deyde Ethelricus bischop of Winchestre. He had bisilich prayed God that he hym silf schuld nouȝt long lyve*. [lybbe, γ.] after Ethelnotus. Thanne Edsius, Haraldes prest,*. [prust, γ, et infra; chapelayn, Cx.] was made arch|bischop of Caunturbury, and Stigandus, kyng Haraldes other prest, was made bischop of Winchestre. There after he toke the see of Caunterbury wrongfullich after Edsius. This Harald deyde at Londoun after the ferthe ȝere of his kyngdom, and was buryed at Winchestre. Whanne he was ded, the lordes of the lond sente for Hardecnutus, kyng of Denmarch, that woned thanne in Flaundres with his moder.