Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Laus summo Regi.

Kynge William Conqueroure.
This myȝhty William duke of Normandy,
As bookes olde makethe mencion,
By iuste title and by his chevalrye
Made kynge by conqueste of Brutes Albyon,
Put Harolde owte of possession,
Bare his crowne fulle oon and twenty yere;
Buryede at Cane, thus seithe the croniclere.
Kynge Willyam Rufus.
Nexte in ordre by succession,
Wyllyam Rufus his sonne nexte crownede kynge,
Whiche to Godward hade litell devocion;
Destroyede churches of newe and olde byldynge
To make a foreste pleasaunte for huntynge.
Fouretene yere bare he his crowne in dede;
Beryede at Wynchestre in cronicle ye may rede. Page  519, vol.8
Kynge Henry the Firste. [folio 447a]
His brother nexte, callede the firste Henry,
Was at London crownede, as y fynde;
Whos broþer Roberte duke of Normandy
Gan hym werre, the cronicle makeþ ende;
Reconsilede alle rancoure sette behynde.
Thre and thretty yere, as recordethe wrytynge,
Reignede fully, and buryede at Rydynge.
Kynge Stephen.
Hys cosyn Stephen, when Henry was dedde,
Towarde Englonde gan crosse his sayle.
The archebischop sette on his hedde
A ryche crowne, beynge of his cownsayle.
XIX. yere with sorowe and grete travayle
He bare his crowne, but hade noo reste;
At Faversham lythe buryede in a cheste.
Kynge Henry the Secund.
Henry the secunde, sonne of the empresse,
Was crownede nexte; a manly knyȝhte,
As bookes olde pleynly expresse.
That same Henry by froward myȝhte
Did sle seynte Thomas for the churche ryȝhte.
Yeres xxxvti reignede, as hit is made mynde;
At Fonte Ebrard lythe buryede, as y fynde.
Kynge Richard þe Firste.
Richard his sonne nexte by succession,
Firste of that name, stronge, hardy, and notable,
Was crownede kynge, callede Cour de Lyon.
With Saresones hedes servede at his table.
Sleyne at Galyarde, with dethe full lamentable.
The space he reignede fulle of x. yere.
His herte buryede at Roone at þe highe awtere.
Kynge Iohn. [folio 447b]
Nexte kynge Richard reignede his brother Ion.
After soone entrede into Fraunce.
Loste alle Angeye and Normandy anon,
This londe entertyted by his misgovernaunce.
And alle this putte in remembraunce,
Xviij. yere kynge of this region;
Lyethe at Worcestre, and dyde on poyson. Page  520, vol.8
Kynge Henry the Thrydde.
Henry the thrydde, his sonne of ix. yere age,
Was at Gloucestre crownede, as y rede.
Longe werre hade he with his baronage;
Gretely delytede in almes dede.
Sex and fyfty yere reignede he in dede;
Buryede at Westmynstre by recorde of wrytynge,
The day of seynte Edward, maide martir and kynge.
Kynge Edwarde the Firste.
The firste Edwarde with the shankes longe,
Was after crownede, that was so goode a knyȝhte;
Wan Scotlonde, magre the Scottes stronge,
And Wales also, despite of alle theire myȝhte.
Durynge his lyfe mayntenede trawþe and ryȝhte.
Xxxvti yere he was here kynge;
Lyethe at Westmynstre with owte lesynge.
Kynge Edward the Secunde. [folio 448a]
Edward hys sonne, callede of Carnarvan,
Succedid after; to make his aliaunce,
As the cronicle welle reherse can,
Wedded Isabell, doȝter of the kynge of Fraunce.
On Thomas of Lancastre he toke vengeaunce.
Xix. yere helde he the regalye;
Buryede at Gloucestre, as bookes specifye.
Kynge Edward the thrydde.
The thrydde Edward borne at Wyndeshore,
Whiche in knyȝhtehode hadde so grete pryse;
Enheritore of Fraunce, withowte moore,
Bare in his armes quarterlette thre floure de lyse,
And he gate Caleys by his prudence devyse.
Reignede in Englonde lijti yere;
Lyethe at Westmynstre, suche is the croniclere.
Kinge Richard þe Secunde.
Sonne of prince Edwarde, Richarde kynge þe secounde,
In whos tyme was peas and grete plente;
Wedded qwene Anne of Beme, as hit is founde,
And after Isabell of Fraunce, who luste to se,
Xxijti yere reignede he harde.
At Langeley buryede firste, so stode þe cas,
After to Westmynstre his body caryede was. Page  521, vol.8
Kynge Henry the iiijthe. [folio 448b]
Henry the iiijthe, crownede in certeyne,
A famose knyȝhte and of grete semelynesse,
From his exile when he come home ageyne,
Travaylede after with werre and grete sekenesse;
Xiiij. yere reignede he in sothenesse;
Buryede at Cawnterbery, in that holy place:
God for his mercy do his sawle goode grace.
Kynge Henry the vthe.
The fifthe Henry, of knyȝhtehode the lodesterre,
Wyse and fulle manly, pleynly to termyne,
Ryȝhte fortunate provede in alle maner werre,
Grete experte in merciable disciplyne,
Worthy to stonde amonge the worthy nyne;
Reignede ix. yere and halfe, who luste have rewarde;
Buryede at Westmynstre, not ferre from seynte Edwarde.
Kynge Henry the Sixte.
The sixte Henry brouȝte furthe in alle vertu,
By iuste titull borne to enheritaunce,
Afore provided by Criste Iesu
To were ij. crownes of Ynglonde and of Fraunce,
To whom Gode hathe ȝiffe sovereigne sufficiaunce
With vertuous life, and chose hym to his knyȝhte,
Longe to reioyce and reigne here in his ryȝhte.