Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Capitulum tricesimum septimum.

A GRETE discorde sprong betwene kynge Henry and gen|tyllmen of Ynglonde of certeyne constitucions, ordeynede in the parliamente at Oxenforde, not observede by the kynge: the [folio 381a] Page  249, vol.8 seide gentillemen toke the bischop off Herforde, the prior of Wenlok, and oþer prelates of aliauntes, abowte the feste of seynte Iohn Baptist, and put þeim in sure kepynge, and chased from Ynglonde oþer men nye to the kynge, the goodes of whom thei occupiede. But at the laste the kynge and the barons put theyme as unto the seide articles in the ordinaunce of the kynge of Fraunce, whiche reprovede alle the articles. Never|theles the seide gentilmen despised his iuggement, and con|tynuede in the thynges begunne. Abowte this tyme, in the day folowynge the feste ad Vincula sancti Petri, a Cristen childe, Hewe by name, as of viij. yere in age, was crucifiede of the Iewes at Lincolne. Firste the tunge of that childe was putte thro his teithe, after that the interialle partes of his body were extracte, puttynge hurdes or the residu of line in his wombe, and prikkede thro alle the body with nalles, neldes, and pynnes. To whiche dede horrible as a multitude of Iewes infinite were gedrede from alle the cites and borowes of Yng|londe, and from behynde see also: and so mony of theyme were drawen, and mony were hongede. The noble men of Ynglonde whiche sustenede the foreseide constitucions, mette at Lewes in Sowthesex, ȝafe a soore batelle to the kynge, and toke hym with Ricardus duke of Cornewaile his broþer and Edwarde the firste sonne of þe kynge, and mony oþer noblemen; and Page  251, vol.8 so thei compellede the kynge to the observaunce of the seide constitucions. But the seide gentillemen kepede Edwarde son to the kynge in prison at Herforde by viij. monethes, whiche escapede from kepynge in the vigile of the Trinite folowynge by helpe of Roger Mortymare. For the seide Edwarde hade licence to ryde a stede for cause of solace, and so he escapede to the mownte of Dunemore, where he see the baneres of Roger Mortymare displayede. And after that, abowte ad Vincula sancti Petri, a soore batelle was hade at Evisham, betwene the kynge and the barons, where ryhteuous Symon erle of Leicestre diede by the subtile subtraccion of the erle of Gloucestre, whiche was on his parte afore. Of whiche Symon mony men reherse that he schewede mony miracles after his dethe, whiche peple durste not expresse for drede of the kynge. After that [folio 381b] knyȝhtes of the seide Symon Mowntefort kepede the castelle of Conilworthe ageyne the hoste of alle Ynglonde by halfe a yere. Clement the iiijthe did succede pope Urban as iiij. yere Page  253, vol.8 after the dethe of whom the seete of the pope was vacante iij. yere and ij. monethes. Octobonus, a legate of the pope, come abowte this tyme into Ynglonde, ordeynynge mony thynges to the utilite of the churche; by cownsayle of whom kynge Hen|ricus grawntede to men that hade loste theire enheritaunce by rysynge ageyne hym, that thei myȝhte redeme theire londes, the erle of Derby and Robert Ferrarius excepte, whiche men hade vexede hym soore. Neverthelesse the seide erle trowblede the kynge in the yere folowynge, but he was taken at Chestrefelde, and put from his enheritaunce tylle his heirs, or oon of þeym, scholde pay to the kynge in oon day 1ti M. li. Octobonus the legate denowncede men of London and of Chichestre to be Page  255, vol.8 excommunicate in the cownsaile of Clement þe pope to whom he ioynede the enterdite of Cristianite. That doen he sus|pende the bischoppes of London and of Chichestre untille that thei were absolvede by the pope; wherefore men of London segede the bischop in the towre or legate,*. [Sic in MS.] untylle that mony bischoppes come in armoure and brouȝhte hym furthe. The soldan of Babilony wastede Armeny in this yere, and destroyede the noble cite of Antiochia, sleenge the peple inhabitynge hit. Kynge Henricus taryede with his hoste at Stratforde, with owte London, untylle that pease was reformede betwene hym and his barons. Octobonus the legate departede from Yng|londe with grete treasure, and Edwarde, the eldeste sonne of the kynge was merkede with the crosse, and Clement þe pope diede. The translacion of seynte Edwarde, kynge and con|fessoure, was hade and made in this yere, in the iiijthe idus of October, under kynge Henricus; and þe xxti peny of laymen Page  257, vol.8 was ȝiffen to the kynge, and the xthe peny thro alle the clergy. Edwarde son of the kynge, takynge his wife with hym, wente to the Holy Londe in this yere. Gregory the xthe succedid pope Clemente iiij. yere, whiche kepede a solenne cownsaile at Lug|dune for the utilite of the Holy Londe, whom he intendede to visitte in his awne person, in whiche cownsayle þe messangers [folio 382a] of þe Grekes and of the Tartarous were; and the men of Grece promysede to returne to the unyte of the feithe, and the Tartarous were baptisede, in whiche cownsaile vj. C. bischoppes were, and a M. prelates. Where a noble, a notable decrete was ordeyned, that alle persons of the churche and governoures scholde be prestes from that tyme, and that men scholde not ȝiffe tythes after theire pleasure, as thei usede afore, but unto theire moder churche. Also he condempnede pluralites of benefices with cure, and approbate certeyne of the ordres of beggers, as freres Precheours and Minors; and some he suffrede, Page  259, vol.8 as the Carmelytes and Austyns; and somme he reprobate, as frers Saccines, namede of penaunce or of grene vale. Kynge Henricus diede in this yere in the feste of seynte Edmunde Pontiniacense, and as men suppose he diede by his merite in that feste, for he vexede the seide bischop oftetymes un|ryȝhteousely in his lyfe; after that he hade reignede lv. yere. Also Bonefacius archebischop of Cawnterbery dedde in this yere, Ricardus prior of Cawnterbery was electe into arche|bischop; but þe pope made voide that eleccion, and made Robert Culwarby metropolitan, doctor of divinite of þe ordre of frere Precheours. And Lodowicus kynge of Fraunce wente soone after to the Holy Londe, with his ij. sonnes, and with the kynge of Navarria, and mony other prelates; but the seide kynge of Fraunce laborynge in extreme infirmite abowte the costes of the Holy Londe, the hoste whiche was of ijc M. Cristen peple was dispersede, for the legate of the pope, whiche was govenoure of the pilgremes in the Holy Londe, and the kynge of Fraunce Page  261, vol.8 diede þer bothe. The kynge of Fraunce preide afore his dethe in this wyse: "O Lorde, ȝiffe to us grace that we may despise the prosperites of the worlde, and that we drede not eny adversite in hit." Also he prayede for the hoste of Cristen peple, seyenge: "O goode Lorde, be unto thy peple a keper . and a protector:" that doen, he seide, "O Lorde, I schalle entre into thy holy hows."