Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.
Page  17, vol.3

Capitulum 30m.

ROBOAS, the son of Salomon, reignede on ij. tribes, on Iuda and Beniamyn, xviij. yere, after Iosephus, libro octavo, capitulo 5to, and after oþer men by xvij. yere; whiche des|pisede the cownselle of olde men, and drawede to yonge men. In whiche tyme Ieroboam, son of Nabath, reignede in Samaria, on x. tribes of Israel, xvij. yere. After Iose|phus, libro octavo, capitulo 7o., he reignede xxijti yere. Whiche made ij. calfes of golde, to be honorede of his peple, in Dan and in Bethel, leste the herte of his peple scholde be conuertede to his lorde Roboas, if the peple did ascende to Ierusalem to do sacrifice, and so he was cause of ido|latrye in Israel. Petrus; et Iosephus, libro octavo, capituloPage  19, vol.3quinto. Susac, kynge of Egipte, spoylede the scheldes of golde whom Salomon putte in Ierusalem, for whom Roboas putte scheldes of brasse; whiche goenge from that place made Siria subiecte to hym. Abias, the son of Roboas, and*. [Abias.] iiijthe kynge of Iuda, reignede iij. yere, that is to say, ij. yere and the thrydde parte of the thrydde yere, whiche Page  21, vol.3 ouercome Ieroboas, for cause he belevede in God, fiȝhtenge ageynes hym, lti ml. men sleyne. Asa, the ryȝhteuous man,*. [Asa.] and son of Abias, reignede xlj. yere; whiche destroyede ydoles, makenge clene the temple; and didde slee the kynge of Ethiop; whiche dyede at the laste thro disease in his [folio 115a] feete, whiche thynge happede, as men say, for cause he putte the feete of a prophete in a streyte place, in that he reprovede hym. Nadab, the son of Ieroboam, reignede*. [Nabab.] on Israel ij. yere, that is to say, oon yere and parte of that other yere; whom Basa did slee, and reignede for hym xxiiij. yere. Kynge Asa hirede Benedab, kynge of Siria, that he scholde lette that kynge Basa, whiche dide edifie that cite callede Rama, beenge from Ierusalem xlti for|longes, soe that noo man myȝhte goe furthe. Whiche Basa did sle the prophete Iheu, in whiche tyme Iheu, Ananias, and Azarias propheciede in Israel. Egiptus Siluius, the vijthe kyng of Latynes, reignede xxiiij. yere. Brutus, callede viride scutum, firste son of Ebrancus, reignede on the Britones xij. yere. Capis Siluius, the viijthe kynge of the Latynes, Page  23, vol.3 reignede xxviij. yere, whiche made a cite callede Capua.*. [Nadab.] Hela, the son of Basa, reignede on Israel ij. yere, that is to say, oon yere and parte of that other yere folowenge. In whiche yere Zamri sleenge Hela, reignede for hym vij. daies. Petrus. Whiche dedde, the peple was diuidede, oon parte folowede Zamri, that other parte folowede Tebni. This contencion indurede iij. yere and moore, for Zamri began to reigne in Israel in þe xxjti yere of Asa kynge of Iuda, reignenge with Tebni iiij. yere. But Tebni reignede allon after that in Israel viij. yere, soe that he reignede in alle xij. yere. Leil, the son off Brutus, callede viride scutum, other grene schelde, reignede on the Britones xxv. yere. Acab, the son of Zamri, reignede on Israel xxij. yere, the wife of whom was callede Ihesabel. Iosophat, the ryȝhteuous man, and son of Asa, reignede on Iuda xxv. yere. In the tyme of whom Micheas, Helias, and Abdias did prophecy. Ruthudibras, the son of Leil, reignede on the Britones xxxix. yere, whiche made thre nowble cites, Page  25, vol.3 Caunterbery, Wynton, and Septon. Carpentus Siluius, the ixthe kynge of Latynes, reignede xiij. yere. Ochosias, the*. [Ochosie.] son of Achab, reignede on Israel ij. yere, whiche hade noo son; whom Ioram his broþer succedede viij. yere. Ioram,*. [Ioram.] [folio 115b] the son of Iosophath, kynge of Iuda, reignede viij. yere. In the whiche yere Edom returnede, in that he wolde not be vnder Iuda, and made a kynge to theyme. Helyas was rapte in this tyme. Tiberus Siluius, the son of Carpentus, reignede amonge the Latynes viij. yere, of whom the water callede Tiberis toke name, callede afore Albula. Azarias*. [Azarias.] other Achasias, son of Ioram, reignede on Iuda oon yere. Mathewe th'Euangeliste puttethe not hym, and Ioas his son, and Amazias the son of his doȝhter in the genealogye of Criste, for the wickede life of theyme. Iheu, anoyntede of the childe of Heliseus, did slee Achasias kynge of Iuda, and Ioram kynge of Israel, and Iesabel his moder, and lxxti sonnes of Achab, and xlij. brether of Azarias kynge of Page  27, vol.3 Iuda, and alle the prestes of Baal, whiche reignede xxviij.*. [Azarius.] yere. Athalia, the moder of Azarias, doȝter to Achab, reignede in Israel viij. yere, whiche didde slee all the bloode of Ioram, Ioas the son of Azarias excepte, whom the suster of Achasia, whiche was the wife of Ioiada the preste, noryschede priuely by vj. yere. Agrippa Siluius, the xjthe kynge of the Latynes, reignede xx. yere. Ioas, the son of Achasia, reignede on Iuda xlti yere, whiche renewede the temple. Bladud, the son of Ruthudibras, reignede on þe Britones xxti yere, whiche, after Gaufridus and Alfridus, made by nigromancy that cite of Caerbadon, now callede Bathe, in whom he made hoote bathes. Ioa|chas, the son of Iheu, reignede on Israel xvij. yere, in the tyme of whom Heliseus the prophete diede, and was beriede at Sebasten, callede now Samaria. Oon of the calfes of golde that Iheroboam made loede scharpely in the natiuite of Heliseus, borne in Galgal. In whiche yere a priste of Page  29, vol.3 Ierusalem seide, "A prophete is borne now in Israel, that schalle destroy suche ydoles and similachres." And Zacha|rias, the son of Ioiada byschop, was stonede of kynge Ioas betwene the temple and the awter, whom oure Lorde callethe [folio 116a] in his gospelle the son of Barachias, that is to say, of blessede God. Leir, the son of Bladud, reignede on the Britones lx. yere, whiche made Leircestre, on the water of Sore, whiche gate iij. doȝhters, after the story of Britones.*. [[Leicestre was made.]] Ioas, the son of Ioachas, kynge, reigned on Israel xvij. yere. Aremulus Siluius, the xijthe kynge of Latines, reign|ede amonge theyme xix. yere.