Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Capitulum vicesimum secundum.

IAIR GALATIDES, of the tribe of Manasses, reignede on the peple of Israel xxijti yere, whiche hade xxxti sonnes, whom he made princes of xxxti cites, whom he callede, after his name, Anot Iair, that is to say, þe cites of Iair. ℞. In the thrydde yere of whom, after diuerse men, that cite callede Carthago was edifiede, of whiche mater hit is rehersede afore, Page  397, vol.2 libro jo. Minois, kynge off Egipte, movenge batelle ageyne Dedalus, was sleyne of the sonnes of Cocalus in the xvjthe yere of the reigne of Iair. Isidorus, libro primo. Nicos|trata, the moder of Latinus kynge, founde letters of Latyne. Isidorus, libro nono. The langage of Latyn was departede in to iiij. For the olde tonge or langage of Latyn was in the tyme of Ianus and of Saturnus. And in the tyme of that kynge callede Latinus, and of other kynges of Tuschia, of whiche langage xij. tables were wryten of the lawes of theyme. Also the Romanes vsede that langage whom Plau|tus, Tullius, Virgilius, and Cato vsede; but langage that was mixte encreasede after the increase of thEmpyre. Israel, other the peple of hit, seruede the Philistes xviij. yere after the dethe of Iair, whiche be deputede to the yeres of Iepte folowenge.