Polychronicon Ranulphi Higden maonachi Cestrensis; together with the English translations of John Trevisa and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth century.
Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364., Trevisa, John, tr. d. 1402., Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491., Malverne, John, d 1415?, Babington, Churchill, ed. 1821-1889,, Lumby, J. Rawson ed. (Joseph Rawson), 1831-1895.

Capitulum decimum.

THARE beenge of lxxti yere in age gate Aaram, Nachor, and Abraham; whiche Abraham was borne in the xliijti yere Page  287, vol.2 of Ninus kynge of Assiria, cc.xcij. yere after the grete floode, after Iosephus. ℞. Beholde in the vjthe chapitre afore of the nowmbre of the yeres of the secunde age. Genesis. Aaram gate Loth, Saray, and Melcha, but Aaram diede afore Thare his fader, in the cite of men of Caldea, where|fore hit doth appere that Ninus diede in the xjthe yere of Abraham. Petrus, capitulo sexagesimo. The wife of whom, Semiramis by name, did wedde here awne son, that sche myȝhte reigne, whom sche hade by Ninus here howsebonde, hauenge a childe by here son, whiche did ampliate Babilony. Thare hauenge not powere to suffre iniuryes doen to hym as for fire to be worschippede in Caldea, where he peres|chede, Aaram his firste son wente furthe with Abraham and Nachor, and with the meyne other seruauntes of Aaram, to Carra in Mesopotamia, whiche diede there, cc. and v. yere complete. Thare ded, Abraham wente from Carra to Sichem, and afterwarde to Pentapolis, fixenge his tabernacle betwene Bethel and Hay. After that for hungre he wente in to Egipte, taking Saray with hym, sayenge here to be his sustyr. Iosephus, libro primo, capitulo septimo. Abraham, erudite Page  289, vol.2 firste amonge men in Caldea, goenge in to Egipte tawȝhte theyme arismetrik and geometry, and also astrology, not knowen amonge theyme afore that tyme. Genesis. Abra|ham, made ryche, returnede to the place of the firste taber|nacle; whiche taryenge þer, a debate was movede betwene his schepardes and the schepardes of Loth, wente from Loth vn to the vale of Mambra nye to Hebron. Petrus, capitulo 42o. Hebron other Chebron is a cite other wise callede Cariatarbe whiche is diriviede of Cariat, that is a cite, and tarbe, that is iiij.; for the iiij. grete patriarkes were beryede there, Adam, Abraham, Ysaac and Iacob. ℞. But Ioseph was buriede in Sichimis, nye to the mownte of Effraym, as hit is schewede in libro Iosue, ultimo capi|tulo. Genesis. When Abraham hade returnede from the seete of iiij. kynges he ȝafe the xthe parte of his goodes to Melchisedech kynge of Salem, metenge hym, whiche offrede to hym brede and wyne. Hieronymus in Epistola ad Evangelum; et Petrus, capitulo quadragesimo secundo. Hit is redde that tithes were ȝiffen firste by Abraham, but firste getten frutes were ȝiffen firste of Abel. Men of Hebrewe afferme Melchisedech to haue be the firste son of Sem, the firste son of Noe, and to have lyvede vn to Page  291, vol.2 Ysaac, and alle the firste geten childer from Noe vn to Aaron to haue be prestes, whiche blessede the peple in festes, and in oblaciones; to whom the firste geten thynges were ȝiffen, whom Esau solde to Iacob his brother. From whiche victory of Abraham, somme men say the yere of Iubile to haue taken originalle, for that remission of captif men; for Iobel is callede remission other begynnenge, where|fore the yere of Iubile is ordeynede in the lti yere. Other elles Abraham, experte in astronomy, knowenge by the planetes the intemperaunce of wedre eleuate and depres|sede to returne to temperaunce at the lti yere, folowede in erthe that he vnderstode by the disposicion of bodies supra|celestialle. Petrus 53o capitulo. Abraham gate Ismael of Agar seruaunte, whiche Ismael was circumsisede in the xiijthe yere of his age, whiche rite men of Araby kepe vn to this tyme, the auctor of whom Ismael was. Genesis. Whiche, made an archer, gate of his wife of Egipte xij. Page  293, vol.2 dukes and gouernoures of peple, callenge theyme Saracenes, as commenge of Sara, but in trawthe thei awe to be namede raþer Agarenes, of Agar moder of Ismael, other elles Ismaelites after Ismael, as Madianites were namede of Madian. ℞. God commaundede to Abraham the vse of circumcision, and to his sede, wyllenge to make a distinccion, as by a carecte, betwene his peple and other naciones. Petrus, 47o capitulo. And for cause that the name of Abraham was chaungede in the circumcision, þerfore men of Hebrewe name theire childer in the viijthe day, when the childer be circumcisede. And iiij. names be pronunciate in the olde testamente, that is to say, Ismael, Ysaac, Sampson, and Iosias, and ij. oonly in the newe testamente, Iohn Baptiste and Criste. ℞. Whiche thynge is a specialle schewenge of a singuler merite and vertu, as hit is redde in the life of Seynte Remigius. Genesis. Sodoma was destroyede that yere, and Loth delyuerede; and salvede, goenge in to Segor, a litel cite nye to the hille, drunke þro wyne gate of his elder doȝhter Moab, of whom Moabites come. Of Sodoma, whiche is callede the dedde see, loke in the firste boke, capitulo 14o.