The English register of Oseney abbey
Clark, Andrew, 1856-1922.

[XXVI. Of Lodewell]


Reference to no. 21.

*. ['Nota' in margin.]HIT is to Be i-myndyd that we have the tithis in ledewell of þe ȝifte of Robert Doylly, as it is i-schewed In the grete charter of þe same, þe which is Abofe In the title 'How that þe church of Seynte George was i-ȝeve to þe chanons of Oseneye.'

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1257(?). Registra|tion of an inquiry held 1257(?), June 11, as to the tithe of the demesne lands in Ledwell, of which Oseney claimed ⅔rds and conceded the other ⅓rd to the rector of Wootton, by sworn witnesses, before the neighbours, resulting in the defining of the portions from which Oseney took tithe, viz. of 37½ acres in the West field, and of 40 acres in the East field. Dated at Oseney 1257(?), Aug. 31.

*. ['Wotton & ledewell' in margin.]KNOWE all men þis present letters to see or to hire that where thabbot and Couent of Oseney have i-take pesibly in the parisch of Wotton, fro the tyme of þe which is no mynde, ij. parties of tithes comyng forth of þo Demayne of ledewell of þe honowr of Walyngforde and longyng to þe church of Seynte George In the castell of oxonford, and the person of Wotton the thirde parte of the tithis of þe saide Demayne had i-take, naþeles, ouerþat*. ['ex (h)abundanti.'] and to more surtye, an Inquisicion was i-made, in the Day of Bartholomew þepostle, In the ȝere of owr lorde*. [1257 in the Latin.] Mo CC lxvijo, vppon the forsaide tithis By feithfull men i-swore, that is to say, Petur gigur, Water fiȝt Gilbert, John ffiȝt Rey|nolde, Geffray ffiȝt John William*. ['filium Iohannis le Wal.'], Henry*. ['Herueum.'] ffiȝt William, þe which (an othe i-made) saide,—afore ffrere Robert Vel*. ['le Bel.'], chanon of oseney; Hymbert of the towre, servaunte of master Artolde, thenne person of the church of Wotton; John, lorde of ledewell; Robert of Wotton; John Ermyne; Henry Ermyne; Thomas of ffulwell; John, chapeleyne of Glymton; Jordan, clerke; and oþer,—that thabbot and Couent of Oseney tooke of oolde tyme ij. parties of tithis comyng forth of þe londes vndurwrite, that is to say,

In the Westfelde of ledewell, In þe sowthe parte of the lordes garden of vij. acris þe which Ben i-called Wrighedelonde, Also of ij. acris [in] Hangenlonde, Also [of] ij. Acris In myddil|furlonge next of the Grene, [folio 38a] Also of j. acre the which is i-called þe smocacre In the Sowth parte of þe lordys gardyne, Also of iij. acris In langelonde, Item of ij. acris By longe mede, Also of iij. acris at Almyvede*. ['Aluyvedene.'] Item of ij. acris In litelledene ffurlong, Also of iiij. acris In Rammedenysheued, Also of iij. acris and an dj. In longe Rammesden, Also of ij. acris In Byke Weyffurlonge In þe Est parte, Also of iij. acris In litelleden In the Est parte, Also of iij. Acris In the Crofte of Petur gigur:

In the Este felde, of all þe Crofte of Henry, Holdyng*. ['de tota crofta Henrici continente tres acras.'] iij. acris, Also of all þe pece þe which Is i-called ley pecche con|teynyng iij. acris (owte*. ['excepta una acra.'] j. acre By aylerychesmede), Also of ij. acris withoute þe lordes Berne In the North parte, Also Page  141 of v. acris In longe crofte, Also of ij. acris at þe Gore Above litelmede, Also of ix. acris In hanghendelonde, Also of j. acre þe which is i-called Meyshendelonde*. [Meysheuedlonde.], Also of iij. acres þe which Ben i-called þe Goore, Also of iij. acris strecchyng þem-selfe to Rammeswelle, Also of vj. acris In the telth þe which Is i-called fyfyerde, Also of ij. acris Above Mapeldoor Welle Hulle, Also of ij. acris In Grene Diche ffurlonge.

And that þe saide Inquisicion may come to perpetuell mynde thabbot of Oseney and master artolde þen person of Wotton to this writyng, In-to þe maner of A charter i-made, þer seeles i-put to, of þe which oone partie abidithe to þabbot and Couent of Oseney And a-noþer partie to þe saide Artold. This writyng was made at Oseney In the Vigile of Seynte Gile Abbot In the ȝere of owr lorde aforenamyd.