The English register of Oseney abbey
Clark, Andrew, 1856-1922.

[XXIV. Of Sandford]


Reference to no. 139(?).

HIT is to Be i-know that we have j. Dwellyng and j. acre of londe in þe towne & ffelde of Saunford of þe ȝifte of Munckes of Colchester as it is opyn By the composicion Bitwene theme and vs, as hit is i-schewed In the title of þe 'grete Barton.'


About 1250? Grant to Oseney, by John (? II) of St. John, of a messu|age, 2 curti|lages, and a dovehouse, subject to 3s. quit|rent to his manor.

KNOWE tho that Be present and to Be that I, John of Seynte John, ȝafe, grauntid, and confermed with this present charter, to god And to þe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney and to þe chanons þere seruyng god, that mese at Sanforde that is nexte to þe church towarde þe sowth, with þe curtilage that Page  136 is towarde þe sowth, [and] with þe curtilage that is towarde þe Est By the Coluerhowse, and with þe same Coluerhowse: to Be holde and to Be had, to þe same chanons for Euer, of me and myne heyres, ffrely quietly pesibly and hooly, ȝeldyng þerof ȝerely In ij. termes of the ȝere iij. s. (that is to say, at þe ffest of Seynte Miȝghell, xviij d.; and in þe Annunciacion of Saynte Marie, xviij. d.) for all seculer seruice, exaccion, and Demaunde, to me or to my heyres perteynyng. And I and myne heyres schall warantiȝe the saide Mese to þe saide chanons for Euer agaynste all men. And in-to witnesse, et cetera.

[166.] A charter Agaynste Walter, Vicar of Sanforde, of þe mese & curtilage.

About 1260. Grant by Oseney, to Walter, vicar of Sandford St. Martin, of life-rent of nos. 164 and 165, quit-rent to be either 5s., or 3s., with gift of a lamprey on eve of Palm|Sunday, and, at his death, a heriot.

KNOWE all men that in this maner hit was A-cordid Bitwene Richard*. [Probably Richard of Apletre, abbot 1254-68.] Abbot of Oseney and þe Couent of þe same place of þe oone partie, and Sir Water Vicar of Saunford of þe oþer, þat is to say, þat þe saide Abbot and couent toke and lete to þe forsaide Water, alonly to his wife*. [Read 'life'; 'tantum ad vitam suam.'], ij.*. ['quaedam messuagia.'] meses at Saunforde, with þer pertinences, þe which ij. mesys*. ['qu[a]e quidem messuagia.'] ben nexte i-Joyned to þe howses þe which to þe Vicarage of Saunforde perteynen of þe Sowth partye, with þe curtilage þe which is towarde þe sowth, and with þe curtilage þe which is towarde þe Est abowte þe Coluerhowse, and with þe same Coluerhowse, with all his oþer pertinences, for v. s. ȝerely, or for iij. s. and j. lam|prey, to þe saide Abbot and Couent and to þere successours ȝerely to Be paide (þat is to say, at þe Annunciacion of Seynte Marie, xviij. d.; and in the Vigill of palmes, j. lamprey or ij. s.; and at þe ffest of Seynte Mighell, xviij. d.) for all seruice, sauyng naþeles to saide Abbot and Couent and to þere successours þe Best best*. ['best'= beast.] of the foresaide Water whenne he in-to deth passith. In-to witnesse, et cetera.

[167.] Dedicacion of the chapell of Saunford.

1273, June 20. Dedication of Sandford St. Martin chapel by the de|puty of the diocesan: indulgence to worship|pers on the anni|versary.

[folio 37a] REYNOLDE, By the grace of god Bisshop of Clone*. [i.e. Cloyne: see no. 129. The English cuts down the deed. In the Latin, 'the chapel of St. Martin of Sanford' is said to be 'subject to the parish church of Great Barton.'], et cetera, In the stede of þe worschipfull ffadur lorde Richard, Bisshop of Page  137 lincoln, In the xij. kk. of Julie In the ȝere of oure lorde Ml CC Lxxiij., halowed the Chapell of Saunforde and the high auter, In the Bisshoprich of lincoln, In the stede of þe worschip|full ffadur lorde Richard, Bisshop of lincoln; and By his auctorite, trustyng of þe mercy of all-myȝghty god and of seynte marie Euer virgyne and meritis of saynte martine and of all sayntys, to all very contrite pepull and confessid þe which þe Above-saide chapell Euery ȝere in þe saide Daye and þorowgh þe Vtas for cause of Deuocion wille visite hit, or*. [This clause is a paraphrase: see the Latin formula in no. 129.] oony goodes or goode dedis of charite [shall do there], xl. daies of penaunce to þem enioyned relesid. In-to witnesse, et cetera.