The English register of Oseney abbey
Clark, Andrew, 1856-1922.

[XV. Of Handborough]

[83.] A charter of quene Adelide of Hanborowgh.

About 1140. Grant to Oseney, by queen|dowager Alice, of a hide, with manorial privileges and juris|diction.

ADELIDE*. [Adelicia of Louvaine, second wife of Henry I (died 1135), died 1151.], By þe grace of god, quene of Inglonde, to Archie|bisshops Bisshops and Abbotes Erlys Barons and Vicountes, and Page  79 to all true men of holy church helth. Knowe ye that I Adelide, Dowghter of Godfray Duke of loreyne*. ['Lotharingie.'], þe which was wife of þe moste noble Kyng Henry of Inglonde and Duke of Nor|mandye, haue i-grauntid and i-ȝeve to þe church of Seynt Marye in Oseneye, j. hide of londe þe which lieth at Hanborowgh and longeth to Saunton*. ['Stanton' in the Latin, i.e. Stan|ton Harcourt.] my maner, for þe Remedye of þe Sowle of þe mooste noble Kyng Henry of Inglond my lorde and my helth and*. ['et parentum suorum et meorum.'] of kynnesfolkes of his and Myne and for þe Sowles of all cristen men dede. Wherfore I will and praye þat well and in peece & worschipfully [folio 20b] þe forsaide londe þe forsaide church holde, as my lorde Henry Kyng of Inglond euer best and moste honestly in his lordeship helde and aftur to me in þe same lordeship ȝafe and grauntid to me, that is to say, in woode and In playne, In medes and ffedynges, in waters weyes and In patthis, and in all oþer places, with sock and sack, tol and team, and Infangenthef, and all oþer customs and fredoms, as I held hit best while hit was in my lordeship. Witnesse: Symon, Bisshop of Wircetur, et cetera.


Reference to no. 61, &c.

A*. [Marginal note: 'Nota.'] confirmacion of Moolde themperice of þe Same after þe forme of quene Adelide; and so after, a confirmacion of Kyng Henry, and a-noþer of Kyng John, worde by worde in substaunce. This charter and tweyne afore been fully write above in þe title of 'Aldewere.'

[85.] A confirmacion of Kyng Henry*. [i.e. Henry III: see note 5, p. 36.] iiij. þe soone of Kyng John of þe same and of oþer thynges.

1231, July 14. Confirma|tion to Oseney, by Henry III, of queen Alice's gift (no. 83); and of ex|changes of 18s. and 6s. rent|charges in Bensington for lands in Holcombe and War|borough.

HENRY, By þe grace of god Kyng of Inglonde lorde of Irelond Duke of Normandye and of Gyen and Erle of Aungie, to Archie|bisshops Bisshops Abbotes Priores Erles Barons Justices Vicountes Prouestes Mynsters and to all Baylyfs and his true men helth. Knowe ȝe vs, for god sake and for þe helth of our sowle and of þe sowles of owr aunceturs and heyres, to haue i-ȝelded, haue i-grauntid, and with this owr charter haue i-confermed, for vs and owre heyres, to thabbot and Couent of Seynte Marye of Oseney and to here successours, in-to ffre almes pure and per|petuell, Page  80 þe yifte and graunte þe which Adelide or Alice sumtyme quene of Inglonde maade, to god and to þe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney and to þe chanons þere seruyng god, [of] j. hide of londe þe which heth at Hanborowgh*. [Name noted in the margin.] By the Brygge of Bladon. we haue i-ȝelde also, and haue i-grauntid, and with this owr charter confermyd, for vs and owr heyres, to þe forsaide Abbot and Couent and to here successours, in-to ffre pure and perpetuell almes, þe londe of Holcumbe*. [Name noted in the margin.] þe which Geffrey of Iuory*. [In error for 'luoy.'] assined to them for xviij. s. þe which þey oftyd ȝerely to haue in Hensynton*. [In error for 'Bensington.'], with þe londe of Wareborowgh*. [Name noted in the margin.] þe which þe same Geffrey assyned to þem for vj. s. Wherefore we will and surely charge þat þe forsaide chanons and þere successours haue and holde, in-to free pure and perpetuell almys, þe for|saide hide of londe þe which lieth at Hanborowgh, and þe forsaide londe of Holcumbe, with þe forsaide londe of Ware|borowgh, well and in pece, frely and quietly and holy, as þe charter of þe forsaide Geffrey and þe confirmacion of Kyng Henry owr Beelesire, þe which þey haue þerof, resonably wit|nessen. These witnesses, et cetera.

[86.] A Jugement i-made afore þe Justices of owr lorde Kyng Henry*. [Marginal note: 'Henry 3.'] þe sone of Kyng John of þe londe of Hanborowgh.

1248, Nov. 7. Henry III having claimed for the Crown the hide (in no. 83), Oseney pro|duced its title-deeds (nos. 83, 61, &c.) and the confirma|tion (no. 85), and was confirmed in posses|sion.

HIT is to be Remembrid that in þe ȝere of Kyng Henry þe soon of Kyng John xxxiij., þe next saturday afore þe fest of Seynt Martyn, afore Jeremye Kacston, Henry of Breton*. [Bretton (or Bracton).], and Henry de la Mare, Justices sittyng in þe stede of owre lord þe Kyng, Hit was I-Jugged for þabbot of Osneye of A plowe of londe with þe pertinences In Hanborowgh;

vppon þe which owre lorde Kyng impletid hym in his courte by breve 'precipe,' of þe which such was þe tenour, Henry By the grace of god Kyng of Inglonde, et cetera. to þe schereref of oxon|forde-shire he[l]th. Commaunde thabbot of Oseney that he ȝelde to vs a plowe of londe with þe pertinences In Hanborowgh, and*. ['et nisi fecerit, summone eum.'] but he do, sumne hym by a goode sumnyng that he be afore vs fro þe day of Seynt Myȝghell in-to þe xv. Dayes to Page  81 schewe whye he schall not Doo hit; and haue þu þis brefe. [folio 21a] Myne owne selfe witnesse, et cetera.

that þe same Abbot, By þe charter of Adelide or Alis sum|tyme quene of Inglonde, and By þe charter of Moolde themperice, and By confirmacion of Kyng Henry, and by confirmacion of Kyng John, And By charter of Kyng Henry nowe reynyng (by the which þe same Kyng to þabbot and chanons of Oseney þe same londe with þe pertinences ȝeldyng*. [Read 'yelded': 'reddidit.'] as his ryȝght) full ryȝght hath in þe same, & hath and holdeth in-to ffree and perpetuell almes, after þe tenour of þe charters aforesaide, as*. ['sicut est in seisina.'] hit is in þe sesynyng; and that Adam Berners, chanon, attor|neye of þe same Abbot, yed with-owte daye. These þynges were i-doo of þassent of owr lorde Kyng selfe, of þe counsell of his counsellers þen beyng present with owr lorde Kynge, that is to say, John Maunsell; Robert passell; Raph ffiȝt Nicholl; Bertram of Orrell; Peter chaceporter, Kynges tresorer; Edwarde of Westmynyster, chaunceler of þe Checurr; And hit is to be i-Mynded that owr lorde Kyng apered by his attorneye, laurence of Beoc*. ['Broc.'], to here þe Juggement, þe which also abode In þe mercy of Kyng.

[87.] A charter agaynste John of Hanborowgh and William of Seynte Eweyne of þe Shepehowse.

About 1240. Contro|versy be|tween Oseney, and two inhabitants of Hand|borough, about a sheep|house, and pasture|rights, ended by Oseney giving half|an-acre in exchange for land beside the sheep|house; undertak|ing not to send an excessive number of beasts to common pasture; and paying 13s. 4d., and 6s. 8d.

BE hit i-knowe to all men that whenne, bytwene John of Hanborowgh and William of Seynte Eweyne of þe oon partie, and John*. [Probably John Leche, abbot 1235-49.] Abbot and Couent of Oseney of þe oþer partie, was i-meved a controuersye vppon a Shepehowse of þe same chanons at Hanborowgh (þe which*. ['quam dicebat idem Iohannes levatam [esse] ad nocumentum liberi tenementi sui.'] þe same [John] saide hit leuyed to nothyng of his ffree tenement), and vppon ouerchargyng of pasture in þe same towne: at þe laste, by counsell of worthy men, all þe strifes i-meved restid in-to this maner,

that is to say, þat þe forsaide John all his quarell, that he had, or myȝght haue, by þe occasion of þe saide shepehowse, to þe saide chanons, for hym and his heyres for Euer, remittyng*. [Read 'remitted,' 'remisit': 'or re|leased' is the translator's usual alternative addition.]Page  82 or relesid by a chaunge*. [i.e. exchange: 'per escambium.'] i-maade Bytwene parties, þat is to say, that þe said Abbot and Couent, for a Butte*. [MS. has 'for A But a Butte.'] of londe of þe same John by þe which þe seide Shepehowse whas i-sett, þey ȝafe to hym and to his heyres, in-to a perpetuell Escaunge, dj. acre, that is to say, In telth þe which is i-callid longelonde by a|noþer dj. Acre of þe same chanons.

The forsaide also John and William þe accion vppon þe ouer|chargyng vppon þe pasture i-meved relesed, so (that is to say) þat þe saide Abbot and Couent to þe saide John & William grauntid that [they*. [i.e. (the Abbot & convent) 'contra egem terre non super(h)onerabunt.']] þe pasture of þe feldes of Haneborowgh agaynste þe lawe shall not ouer-charge hit, so þat naþeles þe same chanons haue ffree goyng*. ['accessum et regressum ad communes pasturas suas extrinsecas ad omnia averia sua et pecora.'] away to here commune pastures owtewarde to all here bestes and Bestialles withoute lett of John and William and þere heyres; and for this graunte, Eschaunge, and relese, þey ȝafe to þe saide John j. Marke and to þe saide William dj. marke. In-to witnysse of þe which thyng to this present writyng þey put to þere seeles: These wittenesses, et cetera.

[88.] A charter of Willyam of Seynte Eweyen of þe londe in þe felde of Hanborowgh and of þe mede of Cumede.

About 1270. Grant to Oseney, by William of St. Ewen, of land and meadow, subject to IIs. 3d. quit-rent to the chief lords.

KNOWE they that be now and to be that I William of Seynte Eweyne, soone and heyr of William of Seynte Eweyn, ȝafe, grauntid, and with this present charter confermed, to god and to þe church of Seynte Marye of Oseney and to William Abbot and to þe chanons þere seruyng god and for Euer to serue, that telth in þe ffelde of Hanborowgh þe which is i-callid þe Breche, with hayis and his oþer pertinences, and a Mede þe which is i|callid Cumede, with þe pertinences, [folio 21b] þe which Water of New fforest sumtyme helde; and vj. acris in le Brech, with hayis and his oþer pertinences, þe which lien by þe londe of [Adam] de la Dunhalle of þe Est partie; and þat telth In þe Brech, with hayes and his oþer pertinences, þe which lieth by Hugh of Blowende of þe weste partie In þe same ffelde: to be had and to be holde, to þe forsaide church and Chanons, of me and of my heyres, In-to ffre and perpetuell almes, al so much as longeth Page  83 to me and to my heyres, ȝeldyng þerof ȝerely for me and my heyres to þe heyres of Water of Newe fforest xj. s. iij. d. (that is to say, at þe ffest of Seynte Myȝhell v. s. and at þe ffest of Seynte John þe Baptiste vj. s. iij. d.) for all thyng þe which of þat londe or for þat londe may*. ['exigi potest vel poterit.'] or shall mowe to be axid for Euer. And I William and my heyres or myne assines all þe forsaide thynges to þe forsaide church and Chanons agaynste all cristen men and Juys as our pure almes shall warantiȝe, & of all maner Sutes of Courte and fforeyne seruice shall aquite and defende, outetake þe xj. s. iij. d. þe which þe saide chanons shall aquite as hit is afore i-saide. And þat this my yifte, graunte, and of my charter confirmacion, be sure and stable for Euer, to this wrytyng I haue i-put my seele. These witnesse, et cetera.