Three Middle-English versions of the Rule of St. Benet and two contemporary rituals for the ordination of nuns.
Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino., Kock, Ernst A. (Ernst Albin), 1864-1943.


In quibus horis reficiantur.

Of time of mete now es to lere,
In times & sesons of þe ȝere.
Fro pas right vnto witsunnday
At þe sext our ete sal þai,
Þe whilk es midday for to mene,
And sine sal þai soupe bedene.
Page  96 [folio 102b] In somer, fro witsunday be past,
Wedinsday & friday sal þai fast,
Bot if þai oþer swink or swete
In hay or corn with trauel grete.
And if þai non slike trauel done,
On þos days sal þai fast to none.
And on oþer days, als I air saide,
At mydday sal þer mete be graide.
Bot al þis salbe purued playn
At þe ordinance of þer souerayn.
What seson so scho putes þam to,
With-outin groching sal þai do.
Fro time þat december be-gin
Vntil clene lentyn cum in,
At hi none sal þai ete;
Þer lesons sal þai not for-gete.
In lentyn sal non to mete gang,
Or efter þe our of euyn-sang;
And al seruys þan sal þai sai
Efter mete bi light of day,
So þat al be*. [MS. albe.] rewlid right
At wend to bede bi dais lyght.