Robert of Brunne's "Handlyng synne".
Mannyng, Robert, fl. 1288-1338., William, de Wadington, 13th cent., Furnivall, Frederick James, 1825-1910.
Page  386

That þou falle nat yn wanhope.

Haue no wanhope, for no maner of kas;
Be nat lyke Kaym ne Iudas.
Þe werst þarfore, y wylle fyrst grope,
Þat man kalle 'wanhope:'
Al tymes ys God more*. ['more' omitted.] wroþer with þys
Þan with any oþer þyng*. [synne.] þat ys;
Þyr ys no synne þat men of rede,
Só moche withseyþ þe godhede;
For wanhope wenyþ þat þe foly
Be more þan*. [þan ys.] Goddës mercy;
And ȝyf þou wene þat synne be more,
Þou wenest þat þe godhede, so moche ne wore,
Ne had so mochë myȝt hym ynne,
Þat hyt myȝt fórȝyue alle þy synne.
Se how wanhope, man wyl shende
Aȝens þe godhede with-outyn ende!
Hyt ys no wundyr, þogh he be wroþe;
Hyt aȝenseyþ hys myȝt & hys*. ['hys' omitted.] mercy boþe.
Swych shryfte madë wreched Kaym,
whan he hadde hys broþer slayn;
'Of God,' he seyd, 'he was nat wurþy,
For hys grete synne, to haue mercy.'
For hys wanhope, þat foule glotoun,
God ȝaue hym hys malysun;
And alle þo, þat trowe synne may be
Morë þan Goddës pyte. [folio 82a]
And swych shryftë, made Iudas;
He shrouë hym of hys trespas,
He hadde grete sorowe and contrycyun
Þat he ded hys lorde tresun;
Þer-of he repented hym so gretly,
he ȝede and hyng hym self ful hy;
He shroue hym with grete répentaunce, Page  387
But of Goddys mercy he hadde none affy|aunce.
Here mowe ȝe se, þat shryfte and sorowe
Alle only may no man borowe,
But he haue gode hope, whan he ys shryue,
Þat hys synne shal be forȝyue:
Þys shal ȝe beleue, with-outë nay,
Þat, God wyl forȝyue, and may.
An holy man þys samë spelleþ
Þat of Iudas wanhope telleþ,
'For hys wanhope, God wroþer was,
Þan for hys tresun or ouþer trespas;
Hys wanhope toke he more to grefe,
Þan hys takyng, as a þefe.'
Ihesu, ful of mercy mylde,
Fro wanhope vs allë shylde,
And graunte vs alle swych 1hope & sted|fast1*. [[1_1 overline: leave out stedfast]] trouþe
þat þy mercy on vs haue rouþe!