The early South-English legendary ; or, Lives of saints. I. Ms. Laud, 108, in the Bodleian library. Edited by Carl Horstmann.
Horstmann, Carl, b. 1851.

32 Vita sancte Brigide virginis.

Seinte Bride of heiȝe men : In scotlond heo cam,
Of riche men and of gret power : In lawe of cristindom.
Þis Maide bi-gan wel ȝong : to beo of porture hende;
Þare ne scholde vil dede ne word : neuere fram hire wende.
heo bigan ore louerd crist to serui : in worde and in dede;
Ȝwane hire ȝongue felawes weren atþe pleiȝ : hire oresones heo seide. [folio 94]
¶ hire moder louede hire swiþe wel : þat, þo heo was of elde,
Al hire chese and al hire milk : heo bi-tok hire to welde,
And al þet ȝwijt þat In þe court was : heo scholde ope hire helde,
At a certeyn dai þarof : trewe a-countes ȝelde.
Þat Maide let gaderi swiþe clene : þe Milk ant þe chese,
botere and al þat þarof cam : nolde heo nowiȝt leose :
Ȝwane heo seiȝe anie pouere Men : heo delde it heom wel clene—
hire deierie was euere of chese and botere : bar and swiþe lene.
Ȝwan hire daiȝ was neiȝ i-come : a-countes forto ȝelde,
Of hire moder heo was a-ferd : glad heo was ful selde.
Ȝeorne heo bad ore louerd crist : þat he scholde beo hire red,
he nadde ȝwarof a-countes ȝelde : ase hire moder hadde i-seid.
Þo þe day was i-come : heo nuste ȝware-with hire a-quite,
For þare nas in þe deierie : nouȝt adel of none ȝwite.
Naþeles þe moder eode þudere : to loke hou it ferde :
heo fond ech lome i-heped ful : al a-boue þe brerde,
Of chese and of botere : and of oþur ȝwijte also.
he ne may neuere is ȝwyle leose : þat for þe guode wole ouȝt do.
hit bi-feol þat þis Maydenes frend : nomen heom to rede
Þat heo i-weddet scholde beo. : and heo anon-riȝt heom with-seide.
to þe bischope heo wende a-non : and a-vouwede chastete,
And seide heo nolde neuere man habbe : þe sikerore for-to beo.
For Ioye þat þe bischop hadde of hire : he seide þa[t] he wolde ete,
And alle is Men, a dai with hire : he bad hire maken heore mete.
Þarof was þis Maide glad : and naþeles sore heo hire dradde,
For bote bred and Ale and one kou : non more mete heo nadde. Page  193
heo bi-gan to milken þis cov : and muche milk of hire heo nam*. [MS. mam];
Þe lengore þat heo hire Milkede : þe more milk þare cam :
Þis kov ȝaf so muche Milk : þat þare-mide heo fedde
Þene bischop and alle is Men þat dai : and muche þonk þarof hadde.
¶ hit bi-feol þare-after-ward : þat Maide a-feld wende,
Forto loki to hire schep. : so gret rein ore louerd to eorþe sende
Þat hire cloþes al wete weren. : and a-ȝen hom*. [MS. heom] heo gan gon.
heo wolde hangi hire cloþus forto druye : and heo ne saiȝ nouȝt ȝwaron.
Þe sonne schon In at one hole : and ope þe bem of þe sonne
hire wete cloþes heo heng forto druyȝe : þat þe stremes a-doun ronne.
Museles comen to hire adai : of-hongrede and of-cale,
heo beden hire mete and drinke for godes loue. : he nadde nouȝt a spone-ful ale.
A fat þare stod fol of baþe-water : heo ȝaf it hire blessinge :
Þe beste Ale a-liue it bi-cam : he ȝaf it þe Museles drinke.
A womman cam and bad hire salt : and heo ne hadde non :
With hire blessingue heo turnede to salte : ane wel grete ston.
Þre sike men beden hire guod : ase heo to hire come.
A seluerne coppe heo [heom] ȝaf : and gladliche heo hire nome;
And bi-gunne for-to striui : hov heo hire dele miȝte. [folio 94b]
"Abidez," seide þis Maide : "and ichulle it euene diȝte."
Þis Coppe heo smot aȝen a ston : þat heo to-brak aþre;
Euerech heo ȝaf iliche muche : ase euene ase it miȝte beo.
Þeos miracles, and manie oþure : seinte Bride wrouȝte;
Þe blinde and þe doumbe : to guode hele heom brouȝte.
Þe furste dai of feuerer : hire lijf heo brouȝte to ende.
god us graunti alle forth with hire : te*. [r. to þe] blisse of heuene wende.