The romance of Guy of Warwick. The first or 14th-century version.
Zupitza, Julius, ed. 1844-1895.
Page  41
THANNE GUY herde that tyding,
For ioye his herte beganne to spryng;
His loue to hir anone he kaste than,
And in-to the Castell forthwith he cam;
As sone as he might it doo,
To the highe palais he gan goo:
Of oon daie hym thoughte ten,
That he ne might see his lemman.
Whan he him felte hole and suer,
To Courte he gooth with gladde cher;
Full gladde chere they him made,
And thanked god, and were right glade
That Guy was to Courte come: [Caius MS. 107 page 22]
Gladde they were all and some.
Before the Erle tho come Guy,
To him he kneled as to his lorde mighti;
'Sir,' quoth Guy, 'armes y aske the,
Yf y bee worthy accepte to bee;
Yf it bee thy wille that y theim fonge,
And serue the lorde withoute wronge.'