The Middle English charters of Christ ...
Spalding, Mary Caroline, 1877-

(strap and seal)


factum est cor meum tanquam cera liquesu [sic] Psal 22: 13(?) [cf. Vulg. Psal. 21: 15]

Sealid & deliuered in ye presence of Mary Mother of God, Mary Cleophe, Mary Iacobi, John ye disciple. Ita fidem facimus Matthew, Marke, Luke, Iohn, Notarij publici.

Long[i]nus Centurion

Cor charte appen|sum rosei vice cerne sigilli spretâ morte, tui solus id egit amor.*. [Harl. 6848, In the attestation, Mary is spelled Marie; some of the words "Sealed and delivered," etc., are missing in the rotograph. CHS appears instead of IHS, and the remainder of the writing on the strap is lack|ing. Chartae appears instead of Charte.]