The Middle English charters of Christ ...
Spalding, Mary Caroline, 1877-
Page  16


Carta redempcionis [folio 53a]
Wotyth now all that ben here
And after schal be leue and dere
That I ihesu of nazareth
For loue of man hath suffred dede
Vp-on a cros with woundys fiue
whilis I was man in herthe alyue
I haue ȝeuyn and made a graunt
to alle that askyn repentant
Heuene blis witowtyn endyng
As longe as I am there hire kyng
Kepe I nomore for alle myn smerte
But the loue man of thyn herte
And that thu be in charite
And loue thi neythburgh*. [The transcript reads thincyth burgh.] as I do the
This is the rente that thow schalt ȝeue me
as to the scheef lorde of the fee
yff ther be ony man that can say now
that I haue not deyd for mannys prow
rather than man schul ben lorne
ȝit wold I efft be alle to torn
wetenesse the day turnyd into the nygh
and the sunne that lost hise lygh
wetenesse the erthe that than dede qwake
and the stonys that al to brake
wetenesse the veyl that dede riue
and men that roos from deth to lyue
Wetenesse myn modyr and seynt John
and other that were ther mony on*. [Ms. monyon.]
In the wetenesse of the qwyche thyng
Myne owne sele ther-to I hyng
And for the more sekernesse
The wounde in my syde the seel it is
This was ȝowyn at Caluerye
The fyrste day of the gret mercy