The Middle English charters of Christ ...
Spalding, Mary Caroline, 1877-
Page  15


Wette ye All that bene here [folio 109]
And here-Aftre that shal be lefe & dere
That I Ihesus of Naȝareth
ffor the loue of man haue suffred deth
A-pone A crosse wyth woundys fyve [folio 109b]
Whyle þat I was in yerth man A-lyve
That I haue yeve & made A graunte
To All tho þat wyll Aske it repentaunte
Heuene blys wythoute yendeynge
As longe I Am in heuene reynynge
Kepe I no more for All my smerte
But tru loue of þe man with All thyne herte
And þat þou be in full charite
And loue thy neighbour As I do the
Thys is the rent þat þou shalt yelde vnto me
As to þe cheffe lorde of þe fee
And yf Any mane sey vnto þe nowe
That I haue not dyed for manis prowe
Rather þen man shuld be for-lorne
Yet yeft-sones wold I be All to-torne
In wittenesse of þe daye þat turned to nyght
And of the sone þat wythdrewe hys lyght
In wyttenesse of þe yerth þat þen dyd quake
And of þe harde stones þat All to-brake
In wyttenesse of þe viele þat þen dyd reve
And of men þat rose from deth to lyue
In wyttenesse of mary my moder & of seynt Iohne
And of odre þat ther were meny one
In wyttenesse of the whych thynge
Myne owne selfe therto I hynge [folio 110]
And All-so for þe more sekernesse
The wounde in my syde þe seale it ys
Thys was graunted At Caluarye
The fyrste daye of þe grete mercy
xiiij M yeres of pardoun
wyth-oute popes twelve
Eche of them .vj. yeres by themselfe
Patriarkes Archebysshopys & bysshopys Also
Mekell pardoun haue graunted therto
The some of þe indulgence rekene or þou gois
Is xxtivj M. yeres xxxti yeres & vj days