The Middle English charters of Christ ...
Spalding, Mary Caroline, 1877-
Page  14

[ADD. 5465]*. [Reprint from the text printed by B. Fehr in Herrig's Archiv, CVI. 69-70.] [folio 119a]

Be hit knowyn to all that byn here
and to all that here afftir to me shalbe leffe and dere
That Jhesus off nazareth
for thi loue man haue suffired deth
Vppon the crosse with woundis smert
In hed in fete in handis in hart
an for I wolde haue thyne herytage agayne
Therfor I suffyrd all this payne.
A man I haue gevyn and made a graunt [folio 120a]
to the end and thou wilt be repentaunt
heuyn bliss thyne eritage withoute endyng
as long as I am lord and kyng
not covetyng mor for all my smert
but a louyng and a contrite hart
and that þou be In charite
loue þi neyboure as I loue the
I loue the this þat I axe of the
that am the cheffe lord of the fee
Be it knowyn [etc. ut supra] [folio 121a]
If any man will say here agayne
that I suffird not for the this payne
Yet man that þou sholdest not be lorne
In the awter I am offerd my fader beforne
witness the day turnyd to nyȝth
witness the sonne that lost his lyȝth
wittness the vale that then did ryve
witness the bodies þat rose from deth to lyve
Be it knowyn [etc. ut supra] [folio 122a]
wittness the erthe that did quake
wittness stonys that all to brake
witness mari wittness seynt John
and othir wittness many one
In to witness of which thyng
my nowne seale ther to I hyng
and man for the more sykyrnesse
The wounde in myn harte þe seale it is
I gevyn vpon the mownt of caluary
the grete daye of mannys mercy*. [Be it knowen to all (etc. ut supra).]