The English works of Wyclif hitherto unprinted.Edited by F. D. Matthew.
Wycliffe, John, d. 1384., Matthew, Frederic David, 1838-1918.

Capitulum 7m.

Þes proude possessioners ben þeues & heretikis; for þei comen bi false menys as ypocrisie & lesyngis to þes grete lordischipes & bi colour to spende hem in almes of pore men, but þei wasten hem in glotonye & pompe & pride & worldely gaynesse, as pelure & costelewe*. [costelewo X.] cloþis & proude slitterede squyerys & haukis & hondis & mynstralis & ryche men; & bi colour þat crist was þus worldly lord, þerfore þei schulden haue þus seculer lordischipis bi heritage of crist as his most worþi seruauntis; but crist seiþ in þe gospel of seynt ion*. [John xviii. 36.] þat his kyngdom is not of þis world, & hadde not bi worldly lordischipis where onne to resten his owene hed; þerfore it is heresie to putten þis seculer lordischipe on crist, & herbi disceyuen cristene men in feiþ & worldly goodis, & maken hem to meyntenen clerkis in here*. [his X (corrected by a later hand).] heresie.