The English works of Wyclif hitherto unprinted.Edited by F. D. Matthew.
Wycliffe, John, d. 1384., Matthew, Frederic David, 1838-1918.

Capitulum 4m.

[B]vt siþ*. [omitted CC.] philosopheres seyn þat contraries han oon lore, feiþ and hope techen vs to knowe contraries of hem. ffeiþ haþ in fidelite contrarie to him, and hope haþ desperacion as his contrarie. and as feiþ is ground of alle oþur vertues, so in-fidelite is ground of alle oþur synnes. ¶ and herfor*. [[John xvi. 8.]] seiþ crist þat god schal reproue þe worlde first of þis synne, for it groundiþ alle oþere. *. [Q inserts for.]wan-hope of men is a greet synne, for noman is dampned wiþ-outen þis wanhope. for he þat lastiþ in þis*. [hys Q.] synne to his lyues ende, and haþe no sorowe Page  351 of hijs synne ne hope to haue forȝyu[n]es, he synneþ aȝen þe holy goost; þat neuer schal be forȝifen him, noþer in þis worlde ne in þe toþur, as crist him silf seiþ. and many þer*. [[Matt. xii. 31.]] ben þat synnen in þis synne longe bifore þei dien. ¶ but þanne it lastiþ euere, as eche man þat god knowiþ to be dampned in helle, beriþ euere-lastinge synne aȝen þe holy gost; for as þe holy gost is þe laste persone of god, after whom comeþ noon oþur, so it is of þis synne. ffor no [page 126] man may synne after þis last*. [omitted Q.] synne. ¶ and so by two weyes fallen men in despeyre. 1o. Sum for þei trowen not in þe mercy of god; & þes ben cayms childire & seyn her synne is more þan her dissert is to serue blis or ellis goddis mercy. 2o. and sum synnen in dispeyre aȝenus riȝtwisnes*. [riȝtfulnesse CC.] of god; as þes þat seyn in her lif: "late me synne ynowe, for god wole neuere lese þat he haþ*. [omitted Q.] dere bouȝt." and so alle þat schul ben dampned ben euere more in synnyng aȝen þe holy gost, & euere in despeyringe. ¶ as if a man drof continuely in-to þe erþe a stake, til he were in dispeire þat he myȝt drawe it vp. þe stake is þe synne hardud in mannus hert; þe malle þat he driueþ it wiþ is newe rehersynge of synne; and suche at þe ende of her lif lacken power & grace to trist in helpe of þer god and hope to be sauyd.