The English works of Wyclif hitherto unprinted.Edited by F. D. Matthew.
Wycliffe, John, d. 1384., Matthew, Frederic David, 1838-1918.

Capitulum 9m.*. [In AA the numbering of this chapter is omitted, so that all which follow it are numbered one less than they should be.]

Also many prestis vnwisly taken a wow of chastite & defoulen wyues, widewis & maydens; For þei taken presthod for to lyuen esely & fare wel, & take no reward to here heiȝe hoot complexon, but norischen it in welfare of mete & drynk of þe beste & riche cloþis & softe beddis, & traueilen not, & ben ȝonge & idel & liȝt chered & wordid & han*. [omitted X.] daliaunce wiþ nyce wommen; & alle þis bryngeþ many brondis of lecherie; & siþ seynt poul chastised his flesch wiþ so gret*. [1 Cor. ix. 27.] traueile & peyne & abstynence, & ȝit vnneþis myȝte he ouercome lustis of lecherie, hou may þes ȝonge foolis clene be*. [2 Cor. xii. 7.] kept fro þis synne wiþ þis*. [omitted X.] lusty lif & idel & daliaunce of wommen.