An English chronicle of the reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI written before the year 1471; with an appendix, containing the 18th and 19th years of Richard II and the Parliament at Bury St. Edmund's, 25th Henry VI and supplementary additions from the Cotton. ms. chronicle called "Eulogium." Edited by John Silvester Davies.
Davies, John Silvester, ed. 1829 or 30-1909,
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[19th year of Richard II]

xix ȝere. Item, in anno Ml.CCC. nonogesimo vjo, and in the regne*. [A.D. 1396.] of kyng Rychard the xix ȝere, the pope wroot downe to the kyng aȝeyne the lordes, to haue hem proclamed as traytours to holy churche; and that the kyng schold be faverable to the prelates, as beschopes, abbotus, pryours, and to alle the trewe mynystris of the churche; and tho cursed Lollardes that wolde not renounce and leue hure false openyones, the kyng to geve hem the lawe as longed to suche mysbeleuers and eretykes. Also alle tho that haad purchased off the pope or of ony of his mynystris ony fredome, as chappellanes, honoris, or any capasite, the pope annulled hem, bothe of his owne tyme and also of his prodesessous (sic), vnto the tyme that he were bettur avysed.

And in this same ȝere, sire John, duke of Lancastre, to whome*. [A.D. 1395] the kyng had ȝeue the Duche of Gyene, for the wheche he spent goode innumerable to gete the goode wylle of the peple of that countrey; and, when the seyde duke stoode in gode conseyte of the peple, the kyng sent for hym to come to hym into Englonde. And he come home anon aftur Cristemasse to the maner off Langeley, wher the kyng haad holde his Cristemasse; and he was reseyued wurthyly and wyrschypeffully by countynaunce out|warde, but ther was but lytylle loue withinne forth, as hit was seyde.

And anon aftur, the duke partyd fro the kyng, and rode to*. [A.D. 1396.] Lyncolle, wher Kateryne Swynfordes abydyng was as at that tyme. And aftur the utas of xij day, the duke wedded the seyde Kateryne; the wheche weddyng caused mony a monnus wonderyng, for, as hit was seyde, he haad holde heere longe before.

And in this same ȝere, the ambassitours of Englonde and Fraunce metten togedere, and spaken for a pees betwene Englonde and Fraunce, be the assent of bothe the kynges: and apoyntement was made that bothe the kynges schulde mete oppon a serteyne grounde beȝonde Calyce; and so they dede, and ther were pyȝt bothe ther tentes ful ryally. But or they come togedere for to trete togedere, ther was an oth taken on bothe partyes, wheche oth sueth here Page  115 folewyng wreten in Lateyne. The fyrste that swere was the kyng*. [A.D. 1396.] of Fraunce as thus:—

"Nos Carolus Rex Francie juramus in verbo regali super Evan|gelia, pro nobis et omnibus nobis subjectis, amicis, et affinitate con|junctis, et benevolentibus, quod non faciemus nec paciemur fieri, per nos nec per supra nominatos, dampnum, inpeticionem, molestiam, arestacionem, nec disturbacionem, ullo modo per tempus nostre convencionis, nec per octo dies ante convencionem et septem dies sequentes, nostro dicto filio Regi Anglie, nec alicui de suis subjectis, amicis, affinibus, nec benevolis, ante dictum tempus. Et si casu alico, insolencia vel litigia per aliquem de nostris supradictis, quod absit, emercerit (sic), nos promittimus verbo regali et per securitatem predictam, quod faciemus hec debite emendari, et sine dilacione refor|mari. Et juramus ulterius, super securitate predicta, quod si aliquis vel aliqui de quolicunque (sic) statu vel condicione extiterint (sic), voluerit vel voluerint contraire dicte nostre securitati, nos erimus in auxilium nostri predicti filii, pro nostro posse, ad resistendum malicie malefactorum predictorum, et conservandum nostrum dictum filium et suos, per modum quem nos et nostri scimus, et ad tenendum omnia et prosequendum sine fraude vel malo ingenio; et ad hoc juramus et promittimus sicut supra."

Idem juramentum edidit Rychardus Rex Anglorum.

And forthwith the xxvj day of the moneth of Octobre suyng, the kyng of Englonde, Rychard the Secounde, roode fro Calyce to the castelle of Gynes warde. And with hym roode the duke of Barrye, the wheche duke was sent frome the Frensche party to Calyce, to receyue the oth of the kyng [of] Englonde, and the surete for the peple of Fraunce.