The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Since Frende was still bailiff in Dec., 1465—see p. 79 below—the year is probably 1466. From the reference to Plympton and Trematon Courts it would seem likely to be of about the same date as the Articles—No. 79. Thomas Stonor was apparently in London in May, 1466—see pp. 79, 80; but the date may possibly be 1467. For Yeme as bailiff, see further No. 126. For Thomas Horne, see Nos. 64 and 82; and for Menwynnek, see No. 126. From A.C., xlvi, 86.

Rygth Reverent Mayster, y recomand me unto yowe, desyryng to here of yower wellefare and prosperyte of body and sawle, besekyng Almyȝthy Jhesu preservy hit unto his plesure and to yower worly wor|schyppe and herte ys desyre. Furdermore, as for the accion of sewryte of pese, the wycche Thomas Horne hathe ayenst me, y have aperyd therto and have y-putte yn iij seuryteys, John Kyrton ys on, John Frende of Seynte Jely's parysche ys the secunde, and a cosyn of myn ys the thirde. And y hadde myche labur to gete me a weye. Fuder|more, Walter Frende recomandes hym to yower good maisterchyppe, and he wolle pray yowe to sende hym worde wher to Mylle of Ermyngton schall be y-koweryn with stone or strawe, and wher he schall ordeyne any haye ayenst yower comyng. Y wold have come home to your maisterchyppe, but y have y-taryd vij dayys yn London apon you: for the osteler tellyd me that ye wolde have y-be ther atte the Page  78, vol. 1 begynnyng of the terme. All so y have y-bofte me a hors atte London, for y loste my hors ful falsly and untreuly apon the waye, as I tryste to Godde to enforme yower maysterchyppe and ever y may speke with yowe. And y have y-spende mycche mony to gete me awaye fro the Marschall ys warde: for y was comyttyd ynto his warde, but yette y thanke Godde and ffrende men for. All so Ric. Fortescu ffaryth ffowle with Walter Frende and me, and layyth his men yn awayte to murder me when y was laste atte Ermyngton atte Corte: and all ys for by cawse y wolde notte suffry hym to have his yntente at Plympton Corte: but y tryste he schal never have non yntente ayenste them that he sewyth ther. And as for the Corte of Tremeton, y have mycche laburr ther; but yette y have notte geffe no ple ther, for he ys asoynyd ij tymys a rewe yn his oune pleynte. And that sawe y never yn no place but ther: but that ys Menwynnycke, a felow of Corte of his, ys doyng, the whycche ys Steward ther. No more to yowe atte thys tyme. And Jhesu preservy yow yn his blessyd kepyng, Amen. Y-wrytyn atte Lon|don on Seynte Barnebe y Evyn yn all haste.

By yower pore servant John Yeme.

To my Reverent Mayster Thomas Stonor, Esquyer, thys letter be y-dylyveryd in all haste.