The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Since Thomas Stonor, the elder, had not been dead (as it would seem) forty years, this letter cannot be later than 1470, whilst the reference to "your sons" makes it unlikely that it was earlier than 1465. Thomas Hampden's father, John Hampden, was half-brother of the first Thomas Stonor. The writer of the postscript is clearly his wife Margery, daughter of Sir Stephen Popham; when appointing her to be an executor of his will (P.C.C., 27 Logge), Hampden described her as "my wife whom of youth I have know wele con|scienshid, and to me a trew and lovyng wife". From A.C., xlvi, 53.

Ryght worchepefull cossyn, y recommand me unto yow: and y pray yow, asse y may do any theyng to yowr plessur, that ȝe wolle grant me Page  70, vol. 1 the nexte avoydanys that ffallethe yow of any benyffys off yowrys that ys off valew off xx. li., or ȝeffe hyt be better then xx. markes; and y werr be hold unto yow, ȝeffe hyt lyke yow to do sso moche ffor me, and allso ȝe bynde me to do ffor yow yn that that yn me ys: y wysse, Cossyn, y have a beneffysse that ther hathe benne prest ther yn at my unkyll your faderys dessyr and yowrys alle moste theys xl. wynter, and onne I putte yn at yowr dessir my selffe. Y wryte unto yow for a jantylmane, that I darr promysse yow schall do yow tru servysse and plesurr, and he ys a wor|chepeffull man and a well rulede, prayng yow to sende me a answerr by wrytyng. And allmyty God have yow yn ys kepyng, and all yowrys. Y beseche yow thys sympyll byll may recommand me unto my cossyn your wyffe. Y-wrytyn at Hampden onne Newyerys day.

Your cossyn T. Hampden off Hampden. (Postscript in another hand).

Cossyne, I recomaund me untoo yow, and I beche yow of yowre gode cossyne hode yn þe performyng off my husbondes dessyr &c. Cossyne, and ȝe had desyred me or myne soo ofte as I have desyred yow and my cossyns, yowr sones, I wold have sene yow offtener. I wesse, cossyne, het greveth me &c. Ther may no man hold þat woll awaye: and ther for I moste take het as weele as I can, and thenketh thes delyng under wissedome ne kyndnes all thyngys consederbred to be soo strange &c.

To my right worchepefull cossyn, T. Stonore.