The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This would seem to be later than Nos. 63 and 64, and probably of nearly the same date as No. 72. Ugborough is 3 miles N.E. of Ermington, Mod|bury 2 miles S.E. Aveton Giffard and Churchstow are between Modbury and Kingsbridge. Dodbroke is close to Kingsbridge. Holbeton is about 2 miles S.W. of Ermington. The names are written in three columns; the top of the paper above the third column has been cut away, but there is nothing to indicate that any names are missing. From A.C., xlvi, 51.

Willelmus Champernound de Modbury, armiger. Willelmus June, ar|miger. Johannes Shynner, nuper de Modbury, clerk. Willelmus Franke de Modbury, yoman. Willelmus Wyllyng de Ugburgh, yoman. Willel|mus Luysh de Ugburgh, yoman. Thomas Robyn, nuper de Dodbroke, yoman. Rogerus Wyot, nuper de Dodbroke, yoman. Walterus Mathue de Kyngysbrygge, yoman. Johannes Torrynge de Modbury, marchant. Radulphus Gybbe de Modbury, yoman. Robertus Shynner de Modbury, marchant. Henricus Hyne de Modbury, carpenter. Edwardus Pound de Modbury, mercer. Thomas Stenlake de Modbury, yoman. Henricus Lyveger de Modbury, draper. Petrus Carsewyll de Modbury, mercer. Willelmus Kevelyn de Modbury, weever. Henricus Pyers de Modbury, mason. Willelmus Lyveger de Modbury, shyrman. Ricardus Croppyng de Modbury, weever. Ricardus Sperte de Modbury, cordeweener. Adam Lovetorre de Modbury, marchaunt. Johannes Lede de Modbury, mar|chaunt. Johannes Bastard de Modbury, baker. Johannes Crewbere de Modbury, marchaunt. Thomas Hervy de Modbury, tayllour. Johannes Cryspyn de Modbury, fysher. Walterus Lovecrofte de Modbury, weever. Johannes Rouwell de Modbury, cordewayner. Johannes Apeldorn de Modbury, bocher. Johannes Dyver de Modbury, cordewayner. Johannes Rugge de Modbury, wever. Henricus Ryche de Modbury, glover. Thomas Ryche de Modbury, glover. Willelmus Cokke de Modbury, Page  64, vol. 1 cordewayner. Johannes Rouss de Modbury, ffrankelyn. Matillda Legh de Modbury, vidua. Willelmus Adam de Modbury, yoman. Ricardus Leghe de Leghe, bocher. Thomas Veyse de Leghe, bocher. Willelmus Spycer de Aveton Gyffard, yoman. Ricardus Frende, senior, de Ermyng|ton, drover. Johannes Frende de Erm., bocher. Robertus Frende de Erm., toker. Willelmus Forde, senior, de Holbeton, husbondman. Willelmus Forde, junior, de Holbeton, laborer. Henricus Denyell de Aveton Gyffard, taillour. Johannes Corset de Kyngsbrygge, cordewaner. Willelmus Mowne de Modbury, wever. Walterus Frende de Ermyngton, bocher. Willelmus Betyn, nuper de Sadlyngton, yoman. Johannes Rogger de Holbeton, milward. Johannes Huchyn de Erm., toker.*. [The first column ends here.] Johannes Sturne de Modbury, yoman. Johannes Coyte de Modbury, laborer. Johannes Sayer de Modbury, carpenter. Willelmus Rowe de Modbury, grome. Ricardus Marshall de Modbury, yoman. Willelmus Skowte de Modbury, laborer. Johannes Tybbe de Modbury, husbond|man. Johannes Wyse de Modbury, taillour. Willelmus Vygge de Mod|bury, laborer. Thomas Gow de Modbury, laborer. Henricus Skryche de Modbury, smythe. Johannes Hayman de Modbury, carpenter. Willelmus Maddok de Modbury, corveser. Johannes Hyrward de Mod|bury, corveser. Ricardus Cokke de Modbury, tanner. Michael Fawke de Modbury, carpenter. Johannes Cook de M.,*. [From this point the original has only "M.," no doubt for Modbury.] steynour. Willelmus Manevon de M., mason. Rogerus Hayman de M., corveser. Johannes Frode de M., corveser. Johannes Argent de M., wever. Johannes Ryse de M., tanner. Johannes Terry de M., bocher. Willelmus Hempston de M., taillour. Hugo Ryse de M., laborer. Ricardus Rede de M., laborer. Ricardus Mewy de M., taillour. Johannes Smale de M., laborer. Johannes Whyte de M., jowter. Willelmus Cook de M., kerver. Ricardus Hylle de M., corveser. Johannes Roche de M., tayllour. Willelmus Coyte de M., corveser. Johannes Lovecrofte de M., clerke. Ricardus Iwayn de M., laborer. Johannes Skowte de M., corveser. Nicholaus Jay de M., tayllour. Thomas Broun de M., laborer. Wil|lelmus Crokker de M., yoman. Johannes Credon de M., toker. Robertus Covyn de M., laborer. Thomas Hylle de M., bocher. Willelmus Hylle de M., wever. Henricus Bray de M., smythe. Ricardus Bease de M., smythe. Johannes Mewy de M., tayllour. Thomas Leveger de M., yoman. Johannes Whyte de M., corveser. Johannes Pyers de M., cor|veser. Johannes Kevelyn de M., corveser. Willelmus Clerke de M., laborer. Robertus Kelowe de M., glover. Johannes Kelowe de M., Page  65, vol. 1 glover. Johannes Berse, nuper de Plymstoke, yoman. Willelmus Ryder de Leghe, yoman. Henricus Peche de Aveton Gyffard, yoman. Walterus Wakeham de Aveton Gyffard, yoman. Johannes Redhode de Aveton Gyffard, laborer. Thomas Emery de Aveton Gyffard, laborer.*. [The second column ends here.] Stephanus ffelipp de Aveton Gyffard, bocher. David Tope de Aveton Gyffard, husbondman. Willelmus Sheccote, nuper de Ugburgh, yoman. Johannes Richard de Dodbroke, yoman. Jacobus Langmede de Dodbroke, hus|bondman. Johannes Kydeway de Dodbroke, laborer. Robertus Kente de Dodbroke, miller. Johannes Carsewill de Dodbroke, mercer. Johannes Strawe de Dodbroke, cordewaner. Johannes Wynsore de Dodbroke, wever. Ricardus Wynsore de Dodbroke, taillour. Thomas Parker de Dodbroke, crokker. Walterus Wynsore de Dodbroke, wever. Ricardus Tynner de Dodbroke, dyer. Willelmus Webber de Dodbroke, fisher. Ricardus Coshe de Dodbroke, mason. Willelmus Campe de Dodbroke, brewer. Robertus Broke de Southpole, carpenter. Johannes Tayllour de Dodbroke, seman. Willelmus Herward de Dodbroke, tayllour. Johannes Olyver de Dodbroke, laborer. Johannes Groby de Dodbroke, cordwayner. Willelmus Wynde de Staverton, yoman. Ricardus Wakeham de Kyngysbrygge, yoman. Andreas Costard de Kyngysbrygge, yoman. Johannes Corset, junior, de Kyngysbrygge, cordewayner. Johannes Lange, junior, de Kings., tayllour. Henricus Ayshlegh de Dodbroke, mercer. Robertus Dyer de Kyngysbrygge, cor|veser. Johannes Dever de Kyngysbr., bocher. Johannes Pralle de Kyngysbr., bocher. Johannes Mey de Kyngysbr., brewer. Ricardus Bakkelegh de Kyngysbr., smythe. Willelmus Yoman de Kyngysbr., smythe. Thomas Jowde (?) de Aveton Gyffard, seman. Henry Vygge de Aveton Gyffard, seman. Petrus He . . . e de Churstowe, husbond|man. Johannes She . . . e de Churstowe, yoman. Willelmus Davels de Churstowe, bocher. Johannes Milward de Ermyngton carpenter. Thomas Chapelman de Erm., carpenter. Johannes Davy de M., wever. Johannes Thryste de Modbury, laborer.

Right worshipfull and reverent syre, y recommaund me unto you, praying you hertely that ye will fochesafe to holde me escusyd of that y p[ro]mittyd you atte Ermyngton to be with you atte London thys terme: for y am seke, and ly style yn my bede; where y shall leve or day y wete noght, but y sende you yn thys paper the names of all ham that wyll desyre to have a quytans of Richard Fortescu for your mater. No Page  66, vol. 1 more to you atte thys tyme, but the holy Trinite have you yn hys kepynge.

Your servant Jon Frende.

Tradatur Thome Stonor ad signum vocatum Wolsak in Flete strete.