The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  42, vol. 1


There is no indication of date in this letter, nor is the name of the person to whom it was written given. But the writer is probably the John Hampne who was bailiff at Horton in 1419-20 (Ministers Accounts, 1250/2, see vol. ii, p. 179). It must therefore have been addressed to the first Thomas Stonor. With this the reference to John Martyn agrees, for there was a John Martyn on the commission of peace for Kent from 1413-36. In any case it would have been difficult to assign the letter to the time of the second Thomas Stonor; for Alice Drayton owned Horton till her death in October, 1468, and John Forth was bailiff in October, 1469 (see No. 101). The letter is now separated from the Stonor papers, to which it no doubt belongs, and is in A.C., li, 63.

To my Worshipful lord. I recomaunde me to ȝow with alle my herte. I beseche ȝow þat ȝe wille þenke on my lord of Caunterbery, for me feryþ sore of hym. Als I beseche ȝow, ȝif ȝe mow naȝt tary, þat ȝe wolde speke with John Martyn þat he myȝt be mene betwene my lord of Caunterbery and ȝow þat it myȝt be concevyd forþ in þe best maner for ȝour profyt and worshyp. Also I beseche ȝow þat ȝe willyn speke to John Martyn as towchyng þe mater of Chertone þat he wolde take non distresse, and þat it myth be conceyved in leyser unto þe tyme þat ȝe and John Martyn mowe speke to-kedyr ate ȝour bothe esement. Also I wold fayn wete what ȝe wyllyn do with Mannemede, for it must be ordeynyd for for ȝour owne profyt. Also I beseche ȝow with alle my herte þat ȝe willen leve word atte ȝour ynne of alle þese materys I wrete in a scrowe: and I sshal sende þedir a Saterday next comyng. I beseche ȝow þat ȝe wil tary þe lenger for þese maters aforeseyd, and I sshal helpe to bere sum of þe costes. Almythy God have ȝow ever in his kepyng body and soule.

Be John Hamme ȝoure pouer servaunt.

No endorsement.