The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.

44. J. HURLEGH TO THOMAS STONOR 28 SEPTEMBER [1424 or earlier]

The writer, who was clearly connected with Salisbury, is probably the John Hurlegh, who was prebendary of Ramsbury in 1414, Warden of the Hospital of St. Nicholas, Salisbury, from 1418-20, and rector of Kingston Deverell; he died in 1425 (Wordsworth, Cartulary of St. Nicholas Hospital, p. 211; for another reference to him see Cal. Pat. Rolls, Henry VI, i, 234). Golafre, Warfield and Hurlegh were three of Stonor's feoffees of Ermington (see p. 36 below). Warfield was also Stonor's receiver (see No. 41). A Nicholas Cassy of Gloucester occurs in 1427-29, and a John Cassy of Gloucester in 1434 (Cal. Pat. Rolls, Henry VI, i, 376, 515; ii, 372). William Alisaundre of Page  35, vol. 1 Wilts. occurs in 1423-34 (ibid., i, 571; ii, 219, 343). This letter may possibly have some connexion with the presentation of one John Hurle to Bourton in Hemmersh, diocese of Worcester, in 1421 (ibid., Henry V, ii, 399). From A.C., xlvi, 44.

Wurshipfull Sire and maistre, I recommande me to ȝow; and do ȝow to wite þat I am enfourmed þat Osebarn and Cassy have pursued a new writ of quare impedit aȝeyns J. Golafre, J. Warfeld, and þe incumbent, and þoghten, as I suppose, to have hade a pryve recovere: for as Gyles, our attorne of þe chapitre, told me, þat þe processe is at distresse now retournable at þe oeptes or þe quinzisme, I [? know]not qwether. I seend syr John to Gloucestre to þe under-shirreve to have hade a copie: and he said to hym, "kame none write": and so and I suppose þe retourne be pryvele made at London: here is koynt craft. William Alisandre semes most bost and wurship, for all syde þat þai be onsward at þis terme. And if I may ride for þe crikke, I shall kome to ȝow, praing with all myn hert þat ȝe wold be þer &c. Also I send ȝow a copie of þe letters of Institucion and Induccion at þe kynges presentacion &c., praing hertely þat ȝe will vouchesave to konnen with ȝore counseill: for I suppose þai be now at more laiser þen at London &c. Also, Wurschipfull Syr, Cassy hase disabeied þe Juggement of Wilcotes: I send ȝow a copie þerof, and of þe endenture made, þe obligacions be in mennes hondes þ . . . . .*. [There is a hole in the MS.] dar not delyver ham for hym: I seend ȝow a copie of ham. And truly I wold full fayn þat he were chawfed. Man of lawe say here þat þe parson, my cosyn, and ȝore bedeman, has his accion as for his reparacions, and þe payne of þe obligacion shuld I have: for truly þat was þe entent, þat if my cosyn hat disabeied þe juggement I had forfaited myn obligacion. And me semes þat he shuld be in þe same caas to me. He settes noȝght be noman. And þerfore truly, syr, I wold the poure parson hade resonable reparacion after þe juggement, and þe avantage of þe obligacion stonde in gover|nance of ȝow and ȝore frendes &c. I pray ȝow lette all be seen with gode avys, as my holly trust is in ȝow. Also, syr, I send John to Mr. Gilbert for þe sale of þe land, and he sais Lang, the corser, has been with hym, and if hit shuld be soold be parcelles he wold undertake of vj C. markes and moore &c. And he sais my lord of Duresme has write to hym for a cosyn of his, Mr. J. Fytan. And I shall be at London now at þis terme for finale sale þerof, I suppose. And Mr. G. says, if he may for his foote, he will also. And see ȝe what is best Page  36, vol. 1 for ȝore entent, and I shall help faithfully as mycull as in me is. And I beseche ȝow seend me som wurd be þe brynger of ȝore will and avys. Also I have be sore diseised in my bakke, and elles I shuld have spoke with ȝow er þis: for certeyn þer was never matier þat I þoght so mycull apon &c. T. Halling told me he wold speke with ȝow. And I pray Gode kepe ȝowe in hele of body and sowle with encresce of wur|ship. Writen at Sarum apon þe seynt Michell even,

ȝore prest, J. Hurlegh.

Venerabili viro Thome Stonore, armigero, domino suo speciali.