The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This account is of sufficient interest to justify a fairly full summary. It is for the year from Michaelmas, 1416, to Michaelmas, 1417, and is written on five skins of parchment. Attached is a small supplementary account of pay|ments, and a well-preserved wooden tally from the bailiff of Wattecombe. The document is now in Ministers Accounts, 1120/15; but, as the office stamp "Chancery" shows, originally formed part of the Stonor Papers.

Compotus Johannis Warefeld, Receptoris Thome de Stonore a festo sancti Michaelis &c.

Stonor. Arrears of Dodecote, £20. 2. 2. Bailiff of Dodecote, £25. 2. 2. Bailiff of Sottewell, £10. Farmer of Bensheves, £12. Farmer of Penyton, £12. Bailiff of Aillesbury, £5. Farmer of Condycote, £3. 6. 8. Bailiff of Bourton, £1. 6. 8. Bailiff of Harnhull, 6s. 8d. Farmer of Hembury, £13. Bailiff of Watlyngton, £12. 6. 9. Robert Charyngworth, farmer of Westminster, 6s. 8d. From the collector of the fifteenth "pro denariis per dominum Regi prestitis," £12. 6. 8. "Rec. de domino pro Willelmo Lyncoln," 13s. 4d. "De Page  30, vol. 1 domino ad solvendum lez Flemynges pro opere de Stonore," £13. 13. 4. Total receipts, £141. 11. 1.

Allowances: to Michael Warwick in full payment for making 200,000 "de Brykes," £40; "ac pro operacione ejusdem materii" £5. 3. 4; for carriage of the "brikes" from Crokkernende to Stonore, £15; to Thomas Tiler "pro antiqua barg. sua," £1. 3. 4; to Thomas Carpenter "pro factura columbarii" 6s. 8d.; to John Penne "pro iiij serris manual. et pro j carect. pro lez Flemyngges 10s.; to Roger Ormesley "pro stipendio suo primi termini," 6s. 8d.; to Drue Wiker for reaping, £1; to Thomas Plomer of Oxford, "pro bargennia facta arte sua super turrim, in parte solucionis xj marc," £4. 13. 4. Total of Allowances, £77. 12. 4½.

Emptiones:—"pro una tabula cum uno pari trestell, pro domino, London," 4s. 6d.; "pro equo griseo domini," £3; "pro ij ciphis argenteis pro domino," £2. 11. 8—total, £10. 13. 2.

Expenses of Receiver:—holding Courts &c, £3. 10. 0; fine for reversion of manor of Borewescote, 12s.; expenses of lord and lady in London, 14s. 9d.; paid to the lord there, 20d.;—total, £5. 19. 5.

Fees, £6. 19. 0.

Other payments: part of debt to Richard Wyot, £40; debt to Edmund Hampden, £20—total, £72. 6. 8.

Livery money to the lord—at London on 8th Oct., £8—total, £58. 8. 4.

Total of allowances, expenses, and liveries, £233. 18. 11½.

A supplementary account shewed: £11 received and outgoings £10. 13. 4.—"pro cariagio domini a Henle usque London" 6s. 8d.—Clear excess £92 1. 2½.

The other four skins are: (2) Reeves accounts: for Cundycote (John Cook), Bourton (Richard Henry), Harnhull (John Ryver), and Hembury (Thomas Saundres). (3) Account of John Kent, collector of rents at Wattecombe, Hoo, Thame and Standelve. (4) Reeves accounts: for Dodecote (Richard Howes), Sottewell (Thomas West), Bensheffes, (Reginald Sheffeld) and Penyton Meysy (John Paty). (5) Account of John Kent, collector of rents at Stonore.