The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Probably earlier than No. 326 and therefore some time in 1482, perhaps 28 Dec. As to Gatton, Stonor's ward, see Nos. 157 and 234. As to Clyffe, lord Cobham and William Swan, see No. 131. From A.C., xlvi, 157.

Master Stonner, afftyr all dew and herts recomendacyon premysyd, serteffyeng yow that I undyrstand hyt hath plesyd yow to send by a servant of yours unto Thomas Hyllys ffor to receyve off hym vj. li. xiij. s. iiij. d. dew unto you, to be payd off and ffor the wardship off Gatton, unto hym by you delyveryd: hyt ys sso that consederyng the gret trobyll, sute, and vexsasyon, that we have by William Swan and the mastyr off Seynt Thomas Spyttyll of London, and Barre, and other ffor the rerage Page  155, vol. 2 off the landes of Clyffe, consernyng to the seyd Gatton, that hyt wuld lyke you to resspyt and fforbere the seyd Thomas Hyll off the payment off the seyd some unto such tyme that we may have help and asystans off you to recover the rerages off them that beffortyme hath ocopyd the seyd landes, acordyng to yure promys: ffor hyt wer no resone that we scowld pay the rentes off that seson that other men dyd ocopy hyt, but ffrome the tyme that we had the ocopasyone we wyll with good wyll answer and pay all that to the same belonggyth: alwey trustyng that ye wyll deffend us agenst the cleyme off the lorde Cobham, the whyche seyeth, that whersoever he ffyndyth the seyd Gatton, that he wyll have hym ffor hys warde and so to cepe hym: the whyche unto us both were to gret a trobbyll and hurt. And also we hope that ye wyll cause Barry to lewe and delyver suche stall off schepe as ther by hym offt to be de|lyvyrd, as I have herd yure sylffe sey that he so schould doo; and therffor acordyng to reson and consyens at the reverens off Gode fforber and suffyr yure dute ffor a seson wythowt dysplesyer: trustyng to almyghte Jhesus that wyth yure help and asystance we schall endevoyre us so to do by verey labor and delygence, as yure ryght and the ryght off other schalbe savyd, and yure dute to be had to yure plesyer, whome you cepe and preserve ffor his gret merci: serteffyeng youe that yure servaunte, the brynger off thys, wyll not be seyd nay gladly to receyve yure dute undyr courteys word and gentyll demenyng, the whyche on my good ffeyth afftyr my reson delyth ryght well and mannerly, lyk a trew servaunt to hys mastyr, and amongges theme that ben worsshypffull, havyng reson wyth them, deservyth lawde and thankes. Wryttyne at Sutton at Hoane, the day afftyr seynt John.

By yowr own alwey Phllp. ffytzLowys.

To my Ryght worschypffull Cossyn, Syr Willm. Stonner, thys be de|lyvyrd.