The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.

323. STONOR v. MARMION 20 DEC. 1482

Apart from its genealogical details the interest of this document consists chiefly in its relation to Ancient Deeds, C. 2747 and C. 2320—see p. 175 below. The original is only a rough draft. The dispute seems to have originated in the purchase by Sir William Stonor (in 1479) from Peter Mar|myon of the manor of Beamys with manors, lands, and tenements in Shenyng|feld, Swalowefeld, Farley, Sydenham, Tronkewell, Foxhill, and Sheperygge in Berks. and Wilts, and of the manor of Nustelyngis in Hampshire. Part of the consideration was the grant by Stonor of an annual rent of 5 marks for life from Horton to Eleanor, wife of Peter Marmyon. There were similar grants of 100s. to Robert, and of 40s. each to John and Peter, sons of Peter Mar|myon (see Ch. Misc., 37, ix, 40). The "Requests" here given come from Ch. Misc., 37, v, 13.

Thes byn the requestys of Syr Wylliam Stonore, K., made unto Peter Marmyun the Elder of Tame in the Countie of Oxford, be the advyse Page  154, vol. 2 of the counsell of the seyd Syr W. of and ffor the performyng of serten agrementes betwene the seyd partes of and apon the party of the seyd Peryk to be fulfyl and performyd as aperyth by the tendyor of a re|conysaunce made by the seyde Peryk unto the forseyd Syr W. S. afore oure soveren lord the Kyng in hys chauncery the xx day of Desemb. the yere of hys reyne the xxij.

First the forseyde Syr Wylliam by the advyse of hys counsell requeryth the forseyde Perkin Marmiun that he hym selfe come and cause his wyfe and hys sunys Robard Marmyun and Jon Marmyun to come afore my lord Bryan, chefe jeuge of the comon place, and by fore the seyde lord Bryan that he and hys wyffe and hys ij sunys aforesayde do make and every of them do make a seure and a sufficient knowlege in lawe by fyne for the surcese of all the londes foulowyng to the forseyd Sir W. Stonore and hys asynys for ever, and over that the seyd Syr W. S. by the advyse of his counsell requeryth the forseyde Perkin Marmyun to move and cause every person that ben or were infeffyd to the behofe of Pers Marmyun or of Robard his eldyst sun or of Jhon hys sun that they and every of them come afore my lord Bryan Chefe jeuge of the comon place and that every of them make a sewre and a suffycent knowlege in law by fyne to the behofe and surte of me Syr W. S. of thys londes and of the parsell of them.