The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


From the reference to the King's going northwards, the date would seem to be May, 1482. Edward went to Fotheringhay about the end of May in that year (Ramsay, Lancaster and York, ii, 443). The intended date given in this letter is Whit-Tuesday, i.e. 28 May. The probable date for the letter itself is therefore Saturday, 11 May. As to the Worthe lawsuit, see Nos. 266-8, and 272. There is no reference to it in the "De Banco" Rolls for Easter and Trinity terms, 1482.*. [Nor in the corresponding Rolls for 1480 or 1481.] There is, however, a record in Easter term of a successful suit brought by Worthe against Humphrey Veysy claiming messuages and lands in Crowthorne and Kynecote Hille, as heir of Agnes, daughter of John Wynnard; these lands had descended to her from John and Agnes Bevyle (Placita de Banco, Roll 880, mm. 447, 448; see also Coram Rege, Rolls 868, m. 141, and 869, m. 98; Trinity and Michaelmas terms, 1478, as to Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Worth, and Agnes, wife of John Wydeslade, heiresses of Humphrey Bevyle). In Trinity term, 1482, Sir Page  146, vol. 2 William Stonor had suits against Henry Felowe of Huchynden, Oxfordshire, and John Barell of Princes Risborough for trespass, and against Robert Emond of Hembury also for trespass (Placita de Banco, Roll 881, mm. 71, 197). His "mater anendes the Qwene" is explained by a suit which was pending against him for payment of 1000 marks under a bond dated 20th February, 1477 (id. Roll 881, m. 431). This suit which was already threatened in 1481 (id. Roll 877, m. 26) was then postponed to Michaelmas and finally to Hilary Term, 1483, see also Nos. 319 and 320. Sir Thomas Bryan was Chief Justice of the Common Pleas from 1471 to 1500. From A.C., xlvi, 218.

Right worshipfull Maister, I recommaunde me unto you. Syr, as for yowr gret mater afore my lord Bryan the waraunt is in; I have geten hit in. Syr, Worthe is here nowe and the Justices have graunt him his reddicion; bot your counsell sayen hit is no gret hurt for you, for and he enter by his awne auctorite ye may put him owte and take ye the profetes of the land. And gif he enter by auctorite of the Sheref by a writ, is called habere facias sesinam, ye most suffer the Sherefs Officers to enter by vertu of the writ or waraunt, and as sone as thai ben gone enter ye ageyn and take the profetez. Syr, as for all your other accions I shall take as gud hede þerto as I can for every ayeynest the terme And sum fals pacche will be don, the which shal not be to my power, with goddes grace. Syr, ther is an accion nowe newe taken ayeynest you in Hampshire at the sute of on Agnes Foster, wydowe; but is trespas. Syr, as for wyne I have sent you by John Somer, to be deliveret to John Baker a Henley, ij hogges hedes of Claret wyne, a hogges hed of red wyne, a hogges hede of white wyne. And as for spices I spake to Maister Russh; hee (sic) thai loke for a gale comys nowe in, as he sais, and then he will by be gret, and then ye shall have with him as moche as ye will: bot he will lay down now no money for noon. And as for candell, we can have non such as ye send fore, as Taylboys can tell your Maistership. And as for fyssh, I can none by withoute money. And rysshes and sope I have send you by John Somers barge, the which wilbe at Henley opon Sonday or Monday at the forthest. Syr, this day messyngers go into every shire with commissions and writtes of proclamacions, that every man that hase endented to go with the Kyng to be redy with in xiiij dayes. Syr, the Kyng departes northe|wardes opon Twesday in Whitsonday weke. And therefore Maister Russh counseles you in any wise ye to be here Monday all day to labour to my lord Markas as for your mater anendes the Qwene and divers other causes, the which he will enfourme you of at your comyng. And Page  147, vol. 2 allmighty Jhesu have you in kepyng. Writen this Saterday. And as for the joyner your werk wilnot be redy bot ayeynest midsomer.

Your owne servaunt H. Unton.

To my worshipful Maister Syr William Stonor, knyght for þe body.