The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Stallworth's other letters (Nos. 330 and 331) to Sir W. Stonor were written in 1483; but in that year the first of May was on a Thursday, so that the date of this letter is more probably 1482. "My lord" is John Russell, bishop of Lincoln. Stallworth was afterwards sub-dean of Lincoln, and pre|bendary of St. Stephen, Westminster; he died in 1511 (will ap. P.C.C., 21 Fetiplace). As to Christopher Holand, see No. 283. From A.C., xlvi, 208.

Worchypfull Syr, with dewe recomendacions and acordyng I recom|mend me unto you, prayng you to have me excusyd of my commyng: for withowt dowt I hadde purposyd to have bene with you þis nyght. A kynsman of myne and felowe of Mertyne college, I trust to God schall be þe proctor, and hathe send for me in suche wysse as withowte I be with hym þis night he is lykley to be distrenyd, suche labor ther is ageyne hym: I trust he shall do you servyce herafter. Syr, also ac|cordyng to your plesur I send for Wiliam Walche to þe intent to have dronkyn wyth hym, and he wass not in Thame. My lord send me wrytyng þat he hadde abyld Christofore Holand in þat rowmythe by þe labor of you, I am content, and ye for to have þe delyng betwyx W. Walche and hym. Notwithstandyng my lorde send me word þat he hadde takyne hym a byll of his awne hand. I askyd Christofor, but I cowthe nott se it. Syr, my lord wyld þat Christofor shold answer hym at thys tyme for hys payment, and þat mony þat W. Walche hathe re|ceyvyd Christofor to have it. As for þe rentalls and oþer evydence hadde by Wylyam Walche, ȝe kanne have þe delyveraunce of þem to Christofore: for my lord profytt better þen I wer with you: and in þe balywyke of Dorchester my lord send me word þat ȝe hade spok to hym þer for, and he wyll contynue it to he, ȝe and I spek to gydyr þer inne: I trust ȝe schalbe plesyde. And wher ye wyld me to be frend to Christofore Holand, I schalbe redy to fullfyll þat commaundement. Syr, also I undyrstand þat my lord wyld þat a copy of þe vicaries land in Dorchester schold be hadde to þe beholve of Rychard Idley, and þe Page  145, vol. 2 fyne reservyde to you and me: so I have wrytyng: it wer ryght wel done an end to be hadd in þis mater: it is lytyll valewe and mykyll mony spend þerinne. I schal schewe þe presedent of iij. li. vj. s. viij. d. fyne in þe same land. On Thorsday I most be at Thame Abby, and so depart to Bukden: yf ye schall please any thyng þat I may do by þat tyme or after I schalbe redy. I beseke ye also þat I may have your mynd and speke with Christofore Holand and [sic] Thame on Thorsday: for þen I must send to my lord of theys thynges and other, howe þat I doo in thys countre and in theys maters. I ame ryght sory þat I may not speke with you or ye departe: but I trust to Jhesu to avate on you at Nottyngham with my servyce: who ever have you in hys blyssyd kepeng. At Dorchester in gret hast þe fyrst day of May by þe hand of youre servant

Simon Stallworthe.

To the Ryght worchypfull and my god maister Syr Wylyam Stonore, knyght for þe body, be thys delyverde in godly haste &c.