The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.
Page  134, vol. 2


John Shynner was a Modbury man (see list in No. 71) who, as these letters show, received the living of Penton Mewsey from Sir William Stonor. Some light is thrown on this letter by Early Chancery Proceedings, 40/227, where Robert Shynner, the younger, shows that his father, Robert Shynner, the elder, was seised in his demesne as of fee of 3 messuages and 2 acres of land in "Mychell Modbury," and enfeoffed John Rous, John Legh, Walter Torryng, and William Stenlake to the entent that after his death they should make an estate to the petitioner; Legh, Torryng, and Stenlake had done so, but Rous refused, and Shynner therefore prayed for a writ of sub pœna. These proceedings took place between 1467 and 1472. John Shyn|ner was apparently another son of Robert Shynner, the elder. Cristina, widow of Robert Shynner, and John Shynner, as executors of Robert Shyn|ner, sued Richard Fortescue of Valepitte in Michaelmas Term, 1478, for 8 marks (Placita de Banco, Roll 868, m. 96). John Shynner of Modbury, chaplain, had a suit for debt with Robert Tolloke (Early Chancery Pro|ceedings, 66/86, date 1475-80). This letter is probably rather earlier than No. 301, in which case it may perhaps belong to 1481. Shynner in some places wrote "d" (meaning ð) for "th". From A.C., xlvi, 202.

Ryȝth reverent and worcheppell Mayster, I recommende me on to yowr Maysterchepp allso hertely as I can and may: prayeng yowr Maysterchepp to gete me a subpena for John Rowse, apon þat he was ynfefyet yn treste to follfyll my fader ys wyll, and John Leghe and Water Torryng, þe weche John Leghe and Water Torryng be þe partyd of þis worll, and so John Rowse is alyve, and y deser he scholde folfyll my fader ys wyll. And yn þe reverans of God laboryd ye to be scherve: for hyt ys a presentabell offise, þe worcheppefollyst yn þe scher have ben schervys and yet theye hope to be: and Wylyam Fowell sayde to me þat Syr Thomas Selynger hopyt to be scherve þis yer: and Wylyam Fowell sayd hyt wer all so convenyant and presentabell to yow as to hym, and sayd hyt well be worth to yow a C. nobelys abow all costys and awayll mene hoder man onder yow: and yef ye be scherve I beseche yow that John Tollocke may be creyer of þe schere, and he shall plese yow also largely as heny hoder schall, þe weche John Tol|locke ys my soster sone. And I have send on to yowr Maysterchepp for my wrethe of subpena by the berer of thys byll ij. s. vj. d. And yet Page  135, vol. 2 yn þe reverens of God remembret yowr sylve to labor to be scherve: for hyt well gete yow a quayntens, and hyt ys beter to goveryn then to be goveryed. No mor on to yowr Maysterchepp at þis tyme, but Jhesu preserve yow ever. Amen. I-wrethen at Modbere on Synt Luke ys yeve.

By your aune Syr John Schynner, parson of Penyton.

To my Rygth reverend Mayster and pattron, Syr Wiliam Stonor, knygh.