The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The date of this letter cannot be earlier than 1478, since Stonor is a knight. It must be earlier than No. 299 where it is implied that Sandes and Stonor were well acquainted. Probably the date is 1478-80. But the date of No. 299 itself cannot be fixed, so it is convenient to place both letters here with the other two letters of John Shynner, the vicar of Penton Mewsey Sandes had a place at East Cholderton near Andover and Penton Mewsey (Leland, Itinerary, ii, 7). The original is in Ancient Correspondence, lx, 1.; it is slightly damaged on the right-hand side. It seems to be holograph.

Ryght Wurshypful and trusty Cosyn, y commende me unto yow yn as hartly wyse as y can and as a Jantylman not gretly acqueyntdyd with yow, trustyng yn tyme to come to be better acqueyntyd with yow. Syr, yf hyt please yow, y undyrstonde ye have a ffermer atte Penyton Meyse, the whyche as y undyrstonde for hys wylfull dysposycon and neglygent rewle yn the same bothe ayenst the welfare of yowre modyr and yowr heraftyr, ffor as y bothe her and yn parte know he ys a troubelusse ffelow not only with yowr tenauntes but as well with othyr Jentylmenys tenauntes yn lyke wyse: and so be thys meanysse he getyth hym selfe but lytyll love amonge them. And as y undyrstonde sumtyme as y walke yn my recreacon y may see that yn yowr wodys he hathe made grete waste and destruccon, the whych shuld cause a grete displeasour to me yf hyt were y-doo yn my wodys as hyt ys yn yowre, as ye may have larger undyrstondyng of thys yn yowr next comyng unto the contre: where upon yf hyt please yow, yf case be that ye have made no graunte of the sayde ferme, suche favour as ye may y wul pray yow to shwe the . . . man, the whych comyth with yowr Chapleyn, parson and Curate of the sayde Penyton, and y truste he shall deserve hyt . . . to yow aftyr hys power so that he may have your goode mastyrshyppe: and as for hys trouth and suche covenauntes as [he shall] make with yow, and Page  133, vol. 2 ye desyre me, y dare be bownde for hym for hys trouthe and for suche covenauntes that he makyth [y will] fynde suffycyent suerte by syde to perfourme yn hys behalfe. And upon thys y have desyryd yowr parson to ryde to y[ow with] hym to keve yow ynformacon of hym what he ys. And as he knowyth ryght well he ys for yow and such a man [as] shall please yowe and all yowr tenauntes and odyr also, of whose comyng y wot well they wyll be ryth glad.*. [Sandes continued "of hys comyng," but crossed these three words out.] And Jhesus preserve yow bothe body and sowle. I-wrote at Andever on Corpus cristy day, hastie,

W. Sandes knyght.

To my Ryght trusty and welbelovyd Cosyn Sir William Stonor thys letter be delyveryd.