The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This was clearly written to the second Lady Stonor, and no doubt in the same year as No. 285. Agnes Stonor died on 5 May, and can never have received the letter. Her grandfather, William Wynnard, who died in 1447, founded an Almhouse at Exeter for twelve poor men, to be chosen by his heirs. See Records of the City of Exeter, pp. 278-9, Hist. MSS. Comm.; and Oliver, Monasticon Dioc. Exon., p. 404. From A.C., xlvi, 241.

Right Worshipfull and Reverent Madam, I commaund me unto you with alle suche servyse as y can or may. Hit is so that oon of youre poremen is decessed, whiche is Pryns. And ye remember ye graunted syr John Yotte the next avoidens at your departing. He praiyth you to remember hym, that he might have these hous, which was Pryns is hous, as ever he may hereafter do at your comaundment or desire, as ye know right well he hath doon for you herebefore. And now his trust is to be remembred at this tyme according to your promyse at hit (sic) last speking with you. And also my Maister, your husbond that was, granted oon to the Sudden, and another the Old Reynold, which have called upon me to (be)*. ["be" omitted in MS.] admytted in to this said hous: and y have aunswerd them alle that y wolle admitte noon in to the tyme that my Maister and ye send me youre comaundment wham I shalle admitte in. Hit is youres, ye may geve it to wham hit pleasith you. More|over, I hertly pray you, as ever y shal ow you my servyse, to remember my letter which y wrote unto you by Jakys, which oon mater was your Page  125, vol. 2 corne, and the other mater was that my Maister and ye shuld send a man to reseve this Ester Rent of your londes of your Almeshous for the payment of youre poremen and priest, and the geding therof. For I may no longer ocupy hit, nor noght wolle. I must attend my own besenesse, as I wrote unto youre ladiship: he that was my man is fro me, and by any thinge that y know y am xxti li. the worse for him. For which cause y pray you remember ye my lost, and not to awe me your hevy ladiship, as my trust is y have not deserved. And y shal induce him that shal ocupy the rule and gedinge of your almshous so that he shal gede hit beter than ever y ded. And let him com a down so that he may be at Exeter iiij wekes uppon this Ester:*. [Easter Day in 1481 was 22 April.] and to gether uppe the rent to this hous belonging. And y shal · shew hym alle youre londes, so that ye shal know your londes fro myn, by the grace of Jhesu: and preserve me seilf a tru man for alle the report that is made of me unto my Maister, to wham y pray you to comaund me. And of this my letter and of your welfare y wold desire to have sume knowlich: and how ye do in your fesik. And yef ther be any servyse that ye wolle comaund me to do here in your absens or els where, ye shal alway fynde me a redy to do your comaundment, as wel as though y didde ocupy this office under you. Remember ye wel, ye must hastly to admitte a poreman in Pryns is hous withoute any delay, wham hit pleasith you: and to assigne him that shall be Resever to pay this next payment, which wol be within this iij wekes: for y wol pay no mo pay|mentes after these, which is the day of my letter wretinge, the ffurst day of May. And y wold that hit plesed my Maister and you to let Thomas Mathu be Resever of the Almeshous. And Jhesu have you in his keping and send you as gode hele as y wold have my seilf.

Your man Ric. Ger[myn].

To my lady Stonor in hast be this delivered.