The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


This letter was clearly written shortly before No. 288, and since that letter was written the day after Palm Sunday, the only possible year is 1481. This agrees with the reference to Bradbury, who took over the bond for the Fennes on 7 April, 1481. In 1481 the 13 April was a Friday, which also suits this letter. From A.C., xlvi, 152.

Aftyr all humble recommendacion. I certyfye yow þat Wheteley hath sheywyd to my lord of Gloucester and his Councell your labor in serchyng dyvers townys. And they marveyle that ye have sowth them ther, and say that yf ye wold ye kowde goo thydyr wer they be and fett them. Yf ye have very and trewe word that they be in Centwary, yf ye so certyfye I thinke ye shalbe excusyd. And thus is a sure wey for all partys. As for the copye of the byll, þat is put ayenst yow, I send you the copye thereof. As for youre mater of the grete summe, I pray yow to pondre in youre owne mynde wich of the ij weyys ye lyke best and I shull be glad to performe your entent. Wherefore I pray yow to wryte me certeynly wych of thes ij weyys ye wull take, for in this mater I wull nothyng take apon my sylfe, but wych ye wull have done shall be done: and that I may have redy wrytyng fro yow at furthyst by Sonday none, that I may make a ende on Monday, for then my hors wulbe with me: my howswyffe thouthe never so long after me, and Page  123, vol. 2 lokyth her tyme every day: wherefore I wull no longer tary than Mon|day. As for Bradbury wull delyver yow in on yere for all v yeres in stuffe, yf ye nede, and I kan have no more money of them till ther wrytyng be made uppe: and so I kan not pay Master Powle. And yf ye wull that Bradbury have hit not, I pray yow send all them iij a letter, howe ye fere to dele with them for your jeoparde and theres for fere of þe kyng: wych shall be a excuse for me also. They wull be loth to leve the money I fere me, now they have yt. And yf ye dele not with them, ye must be her in hast to be suerte with that othyr persones and discharge thos othyrs or ye have þe money. I remytte all to your wysdome, and þat I may sone have word fro yow. John Cheynye is owt a hawkyng, as sone as he comyth home I shall delyver yowr letter. The Kyng purposyth to be at W[ynd]sore. In hast as I hope my lady is in good hele, and all yours. No more to yow at this tyme, but almyty Jesu preserve [yow]. At London þe xiij*. [Elmes first wrote "xij"; and then added a third minim making "xijj".] day of Apryll in hast.

Yours to my lytyll powere W. Elmes.

I have delyvered my Lord Chaunceler the money: but I kanne have no letter of hym. He is so bysye with the Kyng. He would have sene my lorde prevy seale letter*. [i.e., a warrant for the great seal] fayne afore.

To my worshipffyll Master Sir W. Stonore, knyth for the Kyngs body.