The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The reference to the Almshouse seems to show that this belongs to the same year as Nos. 284 and 289; moreover, it could hardly have been written in April, 1480, which is the only other possible year. "My lord Markas" is the Marquis of Dorset, who had lands in Devonshire; Agnes Stonor's land at Clyst was held of him. The vacancy in the Chantry may be the one referred to in Nos. 279 and 291. Thomas Haiward was bailiff at Wolveston, see No. 272. From A.C., xlvi, 161.

Right Wurshipfull and Onerable Maister, y comaund me unto you with alle suche servyse as y can or may. Please your maistership have enknowliche here y sende the copy of a writte, which is agayn you at the Kinge is sute in Devonshire uppon the Deum claus. extr.,*. [sc. Diem clausit extremum.] which was Page  120, vol. 2 taken before the Escaetour. As the writte maketh menshion, see ye the meane to have hit oute of the Chekour, for ye go to a grete mersement; and more ye had, and y had not sarched therfore. Also I moved you at my last being at Stonore that my lord Markas his officer hath dis|trayned your tenaunt at Clist, and clemyth a mersshe, the third ffote in alle the said mersshe, where as he nor noon of his ancetours oute of tyme that no mynde is never had: and y teld you that y had apoynted with Broun his auditour, that the seid mersshe shuld ly voyde and not to be ocupyed in to the tyme that my lorde and ye hadde spoken together: hit wer wel doon that ye moved my lord of, and to cause him to write a letter unto Thomas Hexte, his stuard, so that your londe may be sette. Ther is oon John Wyndbow, which is my lord is tenant, and holdith moche lond of you, he clemyth this londe, sayng that hit shuld be longing to his place whiche he holdith of my lorde, and he is causer of alle this. Ye comaundid me that y shuld warne him oute of alle suche londes as he holdith of you: and so have y doon: have ye this mater in remembrauns. Furthermore y send you worde by Thomas Mathu, that ther was a almeshous fallen, which shuld be youre geft: y hure no more synne of. And so stont hit own-gevyn as yet. And now a nother also, what ye wille shal be doon there in: hit wer wel doon that ye wrote a letter unto M. Speke ther of. Youre Maistership gave unto me the next avoydens of oon pore man, and ye remember, in your stode at Stonore before your cosyn, Walter Elmys: in lasse then ye wrete unto the seid M. Speke, he will noon admytte. Moreover, your chauntry prest of Ermyngton is admytted into the seid your chantre: y made his presentacion, and my lorde is officers admitted him. And ye be the grettist man with my lord, and in his consaite: because of your hors geven and your attendauns unto him at London, that he may do and al his men ye may have: his servantes reportith of you that ye be the courtys knyght, that ever thei sawe, where of y am glad. Also ye wrote a letter unto me that y schuld content M. Speke, xx. li., wherof y have contented him on this quarter rent of Cristismas xvj. li. iij. s. iiij. d., as y shal shew you at my nexte comyng ever passed off my resaite, and as I bede Thomas Mathu to infurme you. The re|menaunt he shal have this quarter of Ester rentes, and then he is content. And as to your tenaunts in Cornwale, thei be as trew unto you as y can understond as any tenauntes that ye have. And as to John Meger, he wille com and speke with you at suche tyme as y come, and that shal be, by the grace of God, before Wytsunday, and bringe his Obligacion. And as to youre wode there, Thomas Haiward wolle geve you xx. li., save Page  121, vol. 2 ye shall cope hit at youre cost: or els he to cope hit and to pay you xvij. li. And no peny more wol he geve. Yet ye muste geve him daies of payment, Mighelmas next comyng x. li., and the next Mighelmas after the remenaunt. And yef hit leke you that he shal have hit at this price, ye must wrete your letter to him, so that he may fille hit before holy Rode day now comyng, or els he can not fille hit alle this yere. And as for your whete there, y have made Thomas Haiward to sille hit to your most advaile, of which ye shal have enknowlich, when y come. Also your place at Clist is in divers places owver heled: wher ye wol that y shalle set workmen uppon hit or no, y wold have enknowlich. There after your comaundement will y do. Richard Wideslade willith me to pay him this quarter v. li, which he saith hit is youre covenaunt: and he wolle deliver me your Obligacion of so moche mony: and he desirith xij. s. iiij. d. for his fee at Wulston: wher ye will y shal pay him or no, y wold have enknowliche fro you, or els he shal noon have. ij lettres have y wreten unto you synne the first weke of Clene laynte: and yet had y never answer not letter fro you. For goddis sake remember ye to move my lord Markas ffor this your mersshe, so that he may directe his letter unto Thomas Hext or unto Speke, for he is my lord is Resever late made by the deth of Geffrey Bedwelle. No more to you at this tyme, but alle myghty God be ever youre gode spede. At Exeter un the vije day of April.

your Servaunt Richard Germyn.

To the right wurshipfull and Onerable Maister, Sir William Stonore, knyghte, be this delivered.