The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


The prescriptions were most probably intended for the second Lady Stonor, and the year will then be 1480. In printing the prescriptions it has seemed best to mark the expansions by the use of italic letters; "ana" represents the Greek [gap: 1] (to the amount of), which is still used in modern prescriptions in the form āā.; "epatice" is either the common liverwort or the hepatica; "olorum" is presumably an error for "oleorum"; "cicomorum" means wild figs; "manus Christi" is apparently a drug, but does not seem to be identifiable; "acedule" is also obscure. "℞," of course, stands for "Recipe".

William Goldwyn, in his will dated 2 June, 1482 (P.C.C., 5 Logge), de|scribes himself as "maister of art and Bacheller of fesyk"; he directed that he should be buried in the Chapel of the Hospital of St. Thomas Acon, to which he bequeathed all his "books of fesyk to be chayned in the common Library for evermore". John Berell, "apotecary," was one of his executors. The will was proved on 8 June, 1482. John Berell, grocer, occurs in 1473 and 1487, and John Berell, junior, apothecary, in 1472 (Letter Book, L. 103, 113, 244). See also vol. i, p. xlv above. From A.C., xlvi, 261.

Page  108, vol. 2

℞. Sirroporum rosarum, epatice, mirtillorum, ana[ounce]iij. endiuie, compot. berberis, ana[ounce]iiij. aquarum pocculatarum de stipitibus rosarum, plantaginis, mirtillorum, acedule, ana[ounce]ij. absinthii, foliorum quercus, ana[ounce]jss. endiuie [ounce]iiij. commisceantur.

℞. olorum rosarum, masticis, absinthii, Cicomorum, ana[ounce]jss. mirtini [ounce]. aceti [dram]j. commisceantur.

℞. masticis [ounce]j. puluerizetur subtiliter et ponatur in cophino paupiri mundissimi.

℞. manus christi [ounce]ij.

Syr, I recommende me unto yow, prayng yow as hertely as I may þat ye have over syȝthe in þe servyng of þys byll, as my truste ys in yow: for þys ys for a specyall Mastres of myn. And with þe grace of God hit schall not be longe or I see yow. And þen I purpose for to tary with yow. Wrytyn at Stoner þe xij day of June.

Mr. W. Goldwyn.

To John Byrell þe eldur, Poticary, Duellyng in Bucklers Bury, be þys byll delyverde.