The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


As this letter relates to the estates of Agnes Stonor the date must be in 1480. John Speke was her cousin, and was clearly steward of some of her manors. As to Worthe, see the two previous letters. Richard Germyn, the writer, was a merchant at Exeter, and had been bailiff of the city (see Early Chancery Proceedings, 64/1042). From A.C., xlvi, 160.

Right Wurshipfull and Onerable Maister, y comaund me unto you. And where as ye wrete unto me to deliver youre letters in to the Gentilmen that thei be derected unto in Devonshire and Cornwale unto a trust a man, I shalle so deliver hem that youre wille and intent shal be ffulfilled. And as yet Worthe hath not entred nor noght he shalle. Moreover, y late wrote you a letter and send him by oon John Symon, which gave you the orenges and marmelate at Exeter: which letter was delivered unto Lannos, skynner, in asmoche as ye be not at London. Y trust ye have him. Also ye wrete unto me to have youre plate, which is with Maister John at Wille: at your letteris deliverans he was not at home, but before Midsomer y schal bringe hit to London pakked in the carior's pakke of Exeter: so bi the grace of God y schal deliver you me seilf. And accordinge to your letter y shal promyse to content him at Midsomer quarter of your Rentes. Furthermore, I have moved Speke, that ye comaundede me to reseve l. s. for this Ester rent, he sayinge this wordes: that ye at your departinge promysed him to sende your letter for his discharge under seale, or els he to pay no mony. So of him can y have no mony. Moreover he saith, that he Page  106, vol. 2 can holde no Courte at Wonford in to the tyme ye su a Travers.*. [A Travers was a denial of a fact alleged. A Travers of an Office was made to prove that an inquisition of lands or goods was defective.] And y teld hym so ye have done, and offered to have delivered him the writte which ye delivered me. At Tawnton on Saturday after Assen|cion day in hast,

Youre servant, Richard Germyn.

To my right wurshipfull and onerable Maister, Syr William Stonore, knyght, be this delivered.