The Stonor letters and papers, 1290-1483; ed. for the Royal historical society, from the origial documents in the Public record office, by Charles Lethbridge Kingsford.
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge, editor. 1862-1926.


Annys or Agnes Wydeslade, daughter of John Wynnard of Wolveston, Cornwall, and of Hatherleigh, Devon, and widow of John Wydeslade, the younger, was Stonor's second wife. John Wynnard died in 1468, having ap|pointed Richard Wydeslade as one of his executors and trustee for his daughter. John Wydeslade, the younger, was apparently a son of Richard, who seems to have been alive at the date of this letter (see Wynnard's will, P.C.C., 25 Godyn, and Early Chancery Proceedings, 10/257, date 1467 to 1472. Since Elizabeth Stonor died about the end of 1479, and Agnes was married before May, 1480, this letter must have been written early in the latter year. From A.C., xlvi, 222.

Right worshipfull Maister, y hertly comaund me unto you with alle suche servise as y can or may: thonking you of youre kyndnesse shewed unto me, so pore a woman as y am, and unto your Maystershyp own|deserved: desyring to hire of youre welfare, the which y pray alle mighty Godde to preserve you to youre most pleasure and hertis desire. Please you to have enknowliche of my power welfare: at the making of this my letter y was in gode hele, and y trust in God within short space to be beter: for now y am at my liberte, wherof I thanke you, in my own hous at Exeter. The ffesisicion wolle do his cunnyng uppon me, but undertake me he wol not, nor never did noon in his liff. Cumfort in Page  101, vol. 2 hym I fynde, and in my mynde y thinke he wolle do me gode. Further|more the deling of my ffader in law ye shal have enknowliche by a bille, which Thomas Mathu shal deliver you. A very yeynd*. [Sc. "end".] betwyn hym and me wolle not be had into the tyme of youre comyng, which y trust wolle not be longe. Me thinkith a M. yere gon that y hurd any tidinges fro you. And in gode feith ye may sey unto me that y am own-kynde that y wrote nor send unto you synnes youre last being at Wideslade. The cause is, for myn excuse is y have be in helle, where y had litel cumfort, but as sone as y cam to Exeter then was y yn heven: and be cause that y am now in joy y do send you this letter. Maister, hit is so that the ffesicion is in hondes with me, and he desirith to have me in cure iij monythis, for which cause I pray you remember your Worship and my poor Queste. And as y amend y shal put you in knowlich by the grace of Jhesu, who kepe you.

ffrom your tru lover Annys Wydeslade.

To his right worshipfull Maister Syr William Stonore, Knyght, be this delivered.